Scott Manley

Scott Manley

Scott Manley is someone who fell into youtube because he felt a deep compelling need to teach people orbital mechanics and rocket science so they could play Kerbal Space Program, now, years later the gaming videos are less important and the pure science is the main thrust. My degrees are all in Physics and Astronomy, so much of the rocket science and engineering I've learned is self taught, always learning, always teaching.

I'm not a professional youtuber, I have a day job in software development which means I won't take lame sponsored content, or tell you to sign up for affiliate services to make a quick buck. However lots of generous people have asked to support my hobby via Patreon and I'm grateful to those individuals.

Also occasionally shares cute videos of his kids.

And for everyone asking about the music at the end of my videos


  • Jeremy Theimer
    Jeremy Theimer15 timer siden

    are you serious, why do this when you can kill all the robots, they are they ones causing the pollution.

  • RedSkysAreOnFire
    RedSkysAreOnFire15 timer siden

    dinosaurs tried the asteroid moving planet trick and look what happened to them.

  • Marc Herrera
    Marc Herrera15 timer siden

    Mr. Manley you forgot about the "Annihilatrix" which was powerful enough to push the earth closer to the sun fast-tracking humanity towards global warming.

  • Trevor Hunting
    Trevor Hunting15 timer siden


  • Whiteness Envy
    Whiteness Envy15 timer siden

    I wish we would move Venus to Earth's orbit on the opposite side of the sun. Then crash mars into it.

  • The Guy from Saturn
    The Guy from Saturn15 timer siden

    As an alternative/complement to moving earth: starlifting. Buy billions of years of life for the sun, and use the material to build billions of space habitats and power civilisation.

  • Lucky Puck
    Lucky Puck15 timer siden

    Are you guys out of your minds, you don't mess with the program! Back off!

  • Raymond Luxury-Yacht
    Raymond Luxury-Yacht15 timer siden

    Louie Gohmert should be moved to the ministry of silly walks.

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones15 timer siden

    I will never get over how cool it is that we actually send stuff to other planets.

    TANSO YT15 timer siden

    scoot your intro😂 so cool😎😂

  • Steve Schritz
    Steve Schritz15 timer siden

    Here, let’s try this: instead of a giant rocket, how about a very powerful rail gun buried at the equator, pointing straight up. It’s powerful enough to launch a smallish projectile directly out of earths gravity. We fire it once a day back along earth’s orbit so it provides prograde thrust, increasing our orbit.

  • Steve Schritz
    Steve Schritz15 timer siden

    (I have a strong suspicion that if we were able to built such a gun the projectiles would vaporize)

  • bigginsd1
    bigginsd115 timer siden

    The question posited was not could the entirety of human civilisation move the Earth’s orbit further away from the sun. It was could an underfunded US Government department that mostly deals in forestry management move the orbit of the Earth. That is some turbo Trump-style Republican thinking, up there with nuking hurricanes.

  • Goofy Rulez!
    Goofy Rulez!15 timer siden

    We're gonna have a heck of a move when the sun turns into a red giant (I hope a few billion years is long enough for us to figure out how). 😜

  • Ray Tan
    Ray Tan15 timer siden

    i don't think moon tides can help with climate change

  • Purple Two Three
    Purple Two Three15 timer siden

    It seems a consistent flaw with humanity is to grow the scale of our inventions to meet problems created by the increasing scale of humanity. Most of us find it logical to control populations of animal species as their numbers create problems. Yet we refuse to believe there are too many people requiring too much support... ...only a lack of us advancing even more massive plans in order to mitigate the symptoms of this absurdity.

  • Vic Slav
    Vic Slav15 timer siden

    Scott I love your work, but can I make one request? If you can do a video on what most scientists political views are. Capitalism has always been necessary for scientific endeavours. Socialism has always lead to destruction of that nation

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley15 timer siden

    But most nations and more socialist than the USA, so where do you draw the line on what socialism is?

  • King0Mir
    King0Mir15 timer siden

    It really sounds like the more viable solution here is a sunshade. Which is something that's been more often proposed as a way to terraform Venus. Probably built on the moon, by the time that becomes economically possible. But how about we invest in things like carbon capture for now, yes?

  • Les Schorlemer
    Les Schorlemer15 timer siden

    Sorry for the length, but I hope you can see some merit in what I'm about to say, but try not to launch into a reply before reading to the end, despite the fact that there are bound to be some trigger words in it that may make you want to begin replying. Here's how we ultimately fix the climate... The high level bulletpoints are this. 1. Transition all fossil fuel electricity generation over to nuclear, with a smattering of renewables mixed in, but the backbone (baseload) needs to be nuclear. Nuclear is the only energy source capable of effectively supplanting fossil fuels. 2. Transition as much of our transportation as we possibly can over to EVs. The EVs can charge off the abundant energy we get from nuclear. Once we're on that path we need to start thinking about cleaning up the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. 3. Now that fossil fuel use is dropping, and nuclear is coming online, we need to build industrial scale atmospheric CO2 scrubbers. We will use these scrubbers to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere. Now that we've got the CO2 we need to crack the CO2 molecule taking the carbon out and releasing the O2 back into the atmosphere. 4. So now we have a lot of carbon, what to do with it? We can create carbon fiber building materials to lock that carbon up long term. You can sell the material to help offset the cost of operating the scrubbers. 5. So now we're pulling all this CO2 out, but how much CO2 do we need to pull out of the atmosphere? We need to get CO2 levels back down to around 280-300 ppmv. Once we're there, we can shut off the scrubbers, and we're good to go. This is not in doubt, the world will see some amount of ocean level rise in the next century or so while this transition takes place, but once we've got CO2 levels back down to around 280-300 ppmv, what happens? Seems obvious to me that the climate cools, and as the climate cools we will stop seeing ice loss off the Greenland ice sheet, and ice will begin accruing on it again... And the oceans will eventually recede.

  • Noise Tean
    Noise Tean15 timer siden

    I think only realistic approach is to sun-sail either earth or moon.

  • Henry Pu Yi
    Henry Pu Yi15 timer siden

    If the sun expands does the earths orbit necessarily remain unchanged or does the orbit push out?

  • PhoenixFallen
    PhoenixFallen15 timer siden

    While yes, I was going to like this video either way, the intro earned an immediate like!

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma15 timer siden

    Question: can the sun get so big in red giant mode that all the planets fall out of orbit and into it?

  • João de Carvalho
    João de Carvalho15 timer siden

    What about Venus rotation? Is that the reason our twin is so fucked up?

  • FR Rapp
    FR Rapp15 timer siden

    that was what the dinosaurs tried and they forgot they had altered the one that hit the Yucatán :)

  • JamesNoBrakes
    JamesNoBrakes15 timer siden

    Well played.

  • Alexander Sannikov
    Alexander Sannikov15 timer siden

    yes! my favorite intro is finally back!

  • repatch43
    repatch4315 timer siden

    Damn, the sounds of nature in Hawaii, I miss them so much

  • stoogey1
    stoogey115 timer siden

    Why did this video remind me of space:1999

  • Maric
    Maric15 timer siden

    FOOF just does not want to exist, do not use it for anything

  • Keyboard Enthusiast
    Keyboard Enthusiast15 timer siden

    you just need a long enough lever. and a suitable fulcrum. I'd love to see what Archemedes and Rep. Gohmert could come up with.

    REGARD15 timer siden

    Why not modifying the sun make it lose mass maybe

  • Anthony Hitchings
    Anthony Hitchings15 timer siden

    How many Falcon Heavys would it take?

  • Black Terminal
    Black Terminal15 timer siden

    I'm doubtful that if humans were still around we would let our home planet burn up without trying to save it. Also if you could move Venus further out in the solar system it would help cool it enough to potentially teraform it.

  • 吉井雄太朗
    吉井雄太朗15 timer siden

    1: cover the earth with solar panels 2: switch half of them off 3: differential albedo:D

  • 吉井雄太朗
    吉井雄太朗15 timer siden

    Or genetically engineered all plants to be black in the morning and turns white in the afternoon

  • frogstamper
    frogstamper15 timer siden

    A politician from Texas wants to move the name comes to mind, the lame-brain from the plain Louis Gohmert.

  • Railgap Esoterica
    Railgap Esoterica15 timer siden

    it is possible to airdrop things into denied areas... when the airdrops work. But you lose materiel when you do air-drops.

  • spencer Jensen
    spencer Jensen15 timer siden

    Love the aloha Shirt!!

  • Mark Mitzlaff
    Mark Mitzlaff15 timer siden

    If you watch @suspicious0bservers you'd know we would have to move the earth pretty far. It seems the 🌞 likes to micronova about every 12k year's.

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley15 timer siden

    But the human race has been around longer than that.

  • Petteri
    Petteri15 timer siden

    Wait. I never thought of a earthscalator. This needs to be an Isaac Arthur video.

  • chuxmix65
    chuxmix6515 timer siden

    Scott, another unfortunate consequence of just firing a rocket engine from the surface of the Earth would be the rather massive dimple it would make before it sunk into the mantle of our somewhat thicker than Jello planet. If you wanted to move the Earth on less than a generational timescale. Perhaps with some struts? LOL! I'll have to check out the movie you referenced... did they pulse the engine in sync with the Earth's rotation???

  • Tom Cooper
    Tom Cooper15 timer siden

    Simple thing : Call the Voyager they use their tractor beam to move the moon ... (Don't remember which episode that was) lol

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen15 timer siden

    My brain hurts a little now

  • Derrek Van Ee
    Derrek Van Ee15 timer siden

    Scott Manley the manliest star gazer since back when he had hair.

  • Danielle Meyer
    Danielle Meyer15 timer siden

    I have questions. 1. If we move the Earth into a "higher orbit" would we end up with a longer year? or would the change in velocity make up for that? 2. How do we control for eccentricity of orbit? Because: If our orbit became more eccentric, wouldn't we have a shorter summer and longer winter for one half of the planet and the other way around for the other half? If either of those happen (longer year or extra eccentricity) I think we would risk damaging and/or forcing evolutionary changes upon lots of plant and animal life. 3. Would it be just as damaging to our climate to change the orbit as to do nothing? I think the religious folk and environmentalist would both find many reasons to say "No don't change our orbit". With extremists on many sides plotting to undermine the whole thing because of fears of the consequences. (Like in Sagan's Contact) 4. If there is a clear benefit of orbital change, wouldn't it be better to wait until after civilization collapses (but before human extinction) to have a secret 'foundation' orchestrate the eventuality of this orbital change? 5. Can we elect congresspeople (on both sides) that think critically about what they want to say before they say it?

  • Tom Cooper
    Tom Cooper15 timer siden

    There is no such thing called "man made climate change" ... Climate changed all the time, Earth is a nearly closed system. Were 5 minutes on this stupid rocks lifetime ....

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley15 timer siden

    Lol no. You’re repeating a myth sold to the gullible, rather than actual science.

  • Soldier TF2
    Soldier TF216 timer siden

    3:55 kerbal engineering at it’s finest

  • George
    George16 timer siden

    is your shirt suppose to be camouflaged with the trees in the background.

  • Jakob
    Jakob16 timer siden

    what do you expect wasn't it also the USA and Carl Sagan that wanted to bomb the moon and use the aspect of nuking the moon as a freaking morale booster for the average American, so they could feel proud if they could see they were able as a society to get the moon nuked.. It called the A119 project with a relative young Carl Sagan.

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen16 timer siden

    Wait a minute, the sun is warming up? I thought the temperature was creeping up because we are a terrible and wasteful species?

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley16 timer siden

    Both are true. Smart people can hold both concepts in their mind.

  • Peizxcv
    Peizxcv16 timer siden

    Would be very sad if smart human never left Earth

  • Blade of Akire
    Blade of Akire16 timer siden

    Seems like it's more feasible to use geostationary orbital lasers to bore into and heat Mars' core, and get it generating a field, then deliver a bunch of water to Mars and colonise.

  • Blade of Akire
    Blade of Akire16 timer siden

    Or... get the cubieri(?) principle to work and adjust the planet by generating gravitational distortion

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs16 timer siden

    Tell spaceX, blue origin etc to turn all their rockets upside down and light them all at once LOL climate change is a natural process and is behaving the way it always has, no need to do anything except adapt to it the way all life on this planet has.

  • CaLi KrTL
    CaLi KrTL16 timer siden

    OH SCOTT... please don't encourage them! The next thing you know, you're gonna take of from Hawaiian a normal dude and by the time you land, you're gonna shockingly find out that you are super famous FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS 😆🤣 This whole video will be completely taken outta context with wild claims like "HAAA YOU SEE... WHAT THE TEXAS POLITICIAN SAID IS NOT COMPLETELY INSANE OR PROVE MANY OF THESE HACKS ARE UNQUALIFIED FOR THEIR JOB! NOP! NOP! Leading scientists Scott Manley said ITS REALLY NOT DIFFICULT IF WE PUT OUR MINDS TO IT" Boooom case closed! 😆🤣😂

  • Organon
    Organon16 timer siden

    I'm hopping over to Gliese 710 in 1.2 million years anyway.

  • Kieran Becket
    Kieran Becket16 timer siden

    I propose we call it "the Manly Lift".

  • javier olguin
    javier olguin16 timer siden

    Wow, never thought of it this way. You amaze me every time lol thanks for this

  • klu android
    klu android16 timer siden

    If you really want to save earth, remove humans.

  • gecko 1968
    gecko 196816 timer siden

    I've always wondered where that switch was. I knew it had to be close to Al Bean in the right-hand seat but I read somewhere recently that it was 'above his right shoulder' and I thought that doesn't sound right. Looks like it was a lot lower than that...

  • Neil Jopling
    Neil Jopling16 timer siden

    Where’s your coffee Scott?

  • jondorthebrinkinator
    jondorthebrinkinator16 timer siden

    2:33 But how much is that in twinkies? :)

  • Adam Engelhart
    Adam Engelhart16 timer siden

    Any Frisky Dingo alumni in the audience?

  • Eric Martin
    Eric Martin16 timer siden

    A Dynamic Compression Member between the Earth and Jupiter ought to do it... we could build it out of the Moon!

  • EarthKnight
    EarthKnight16 timer siden

    Anyone interested in ideas like this, the 1986 book *Interstellar Migration and the Human Experience* is an excellent collection of papers and essays on subjects like moving the Earth, Starlifting, etc. Math and such included. It's one of those books that should be required reading for anyone interested in stellar level mega-projects.

  • B3tanTyronne
    B3tanTyronne16 timer siden

    Where is Victor Bergman when you want him, as he knows all about how to move the Moon?

  • Rocket Blox
    Rocket Blox16 timer siden

    Or you could move the sun away from the earth, float big ol' reflectors over the sun to make a partial "thruster", and then point it towards earth. Since the orbital period of earth is unique, the other plants won't meaningfully move in their orbits, since the rotational frequency of the earth-following sun thruster needs to match the orbital period of a planet to have a cumulative effect.

  • Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair16 timer siden

    Have you covered the 'Navy UFO Patents' ?

  • Fry
    Fry16 timer siden

    Move Venus and put it at Lagrange Point 3!

  • Weed Man West Vancouver (BC)
    Weed Man West Vancouver (BC)16 timer siden

    Scott, Larry Niven also did a book where moving the Earth is a subplot in a book.

  • finalFlick Videos
    finalFlick Videos16 timer siden

    i love that intro

  • Bill O'Rourke
    Bill O'Rourke16 timer siden

    Will you please do a video on what it would take to capsize the island of Guam?

  • AZOffRoadster
    AZOffRoadster16 timer siden

    How's your asparagus, Louie?

  • Railgap Esoterica
    Railgap Esoterica16 timer siden

    Why couldn't the JCS jave just put their foot down when Donnie said he wanted a new service created and told him, "we already have a Space Command"... oh right, whole new service, branch LOADS of new $$$ in all kinds of ways, forget I asked...

  • joe frank
    joe frank16 timer siden

    Bruh if you move the bong further from the stash pile, weed still be all dust in the wind

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter16 timer siden

    what about installation of a dyson sphere to bleed off the energy and provide it to weights (asteroids) that transfer energy from the outer planets well... I think something coordinated would be a good plan... also need to have it fault tolerant so it fails in a safe manner. Maybe humanity doesn't survive, but our robot minions continue to harvest energy from the sun after we transfer our minds into robot containers? who knows what future technology holds? so maybe we get started on a few ideas and by the time we get a million or two years in the future, we may have to refine or change plans... just as long as we don't make it worse for ourselves... =D

  • Drew Stevenson
    Drew Stevenson16 timer siden

    Asteroid based earth lifting being a threat if civilizations fall is kind of like the issues with nuclear waste storage. How do you make sure that future people who may not speak your language won’t curiously, ignorantly or intentionally dig up radioactive waste since any signs you put up may have faded, crumbled or otherwise been ravaged by time.

  • mmogaddict
    mmogaddict16 timer siden

    Space 1999 :P

  • soos_da boss
    soos_da boss16 timer siden

    Im coming back here when im high

  • NatCav8
    NatCav816 timer siden

    Wouldn't it be more feasible to try a and regenerate Mars magnetic field.

  • James8475
    James847516 timer siden

    To be honest in the long term once we get that dyson swarm starlifting is a much better solution

  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous16 timer siden

    Don't worry, by the time the sun starts expanding by a significant amount, humans will be long, LONG gone.