Scott Manley

Scott Manley

Scott Manley is someone who fell into youtube because he felt a deep compelling need to teach people orbital mechanics and rocket science so they could play Kerbal Space Program, now, years later the gaming videos are less important and the pure science is the main thrust. My degrees are all in Physics and Astronomy, so much of the rocket science and engineering I've learned is self taught, always learning, always teaching.

I'm not a professional youtuber, I have a day job in software development which means I won't take lame sponsored content, or tell you to sign up for affiliate services to make a quick buck. However lots of generous people have asked to support my hobby via Patreon and I'm grateful to those individuals.

Also occasionally shares cute videos of his kids.

And for everyone asking about the music at the end of my videos


  • chris schuff
    chris schuff22 minutter siden

    "a new hop" HAHAHAHAH thats great

  • heesoo kim
    heesoo kim25 minutter siden

    You need no thinking out loud, mocked up technology reproduced in China, what do you expect

  • C B
    C B37 minutter siden

    Much ado about nothing. In 60+ years of space exploration and millions of space junks falling from sky including recent SpaceX one over Seattle, there is never any incident that causes any injury to anyone including animals. It is an orchestrated geopolitical stunt by the government and its “patriotic,“ “free” press from left and right. This is not a good sign for humanity.

    OSTRICHMOO246 minutter siden

    Could they not send a smaller ship with more oxygen or the materials to produce more oxygen? You’d think they could get a fast enough orbit to catch up and dock with the stowaway ship.

  • OnigoroshiZero
    OnigoroshiZero58 minutter siden

    Blue Origin is not even in the fight for the lander, their own is a pile of garbage. Dynetics may have been a great choice as a lander, but SpaceX has the whole package. Dynetics will need someone to send it there (SpaceX), SpaceX can do everything themselves. I don't think there is a better choice than SpaceX for the program.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv58 minutter siden

    Manleys Twitter comment: “Flew Safe” cracked me up!

  • 612morrison
    612morrisonTime siden

    Beijing would be a nice place for it to land then the CCP might learn to do things right, things like not cutting corners and then trying to cover it up, not unlike what happened in Wuhan a year and a half ago.

  • SpraYeR Cartman
    SpraYeR CartmanTime siden

    Crashed in Indian ocean. Yawn. So nasa crashes skylab into Australia and no worries, just a pretty light show.

  • Man of Culture
    Man of CultureTime siden

    Space mission planners: yes we will de orbit these stages over the ocean, where it is safe for people since no one lives on the ocean. Mariners: 😐

  • Drew Gooden
    Drew GoodenTime siden

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    Jackson durello55 minutter siden

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    Harry Mc AndersonTime siden

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  • Dew Russell
    Dew RussellTime siden

    I'm happy to hear from another Elizabeth Rodriguez supporter here "2020 was my best year with Mrs. Elizabeth Rodriguez I earned close to £90k

  • Jennifer Vheonix Lund
    Jennifer Vheonix LundTime siden

    I heard that her strategies are really good

  • Kelly Steve
    Kelly SteveTime siden

    @Digïtal perspectives That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mrs. Elizabeth Rodriguez

  • - Qsprey
    - QspreyTime siden

    Do you mean that spaceX used a controlled rocket wreckage to accurately hit the homes in Washington? I think the accusations against China on this matter are absurd. It can do better, and of course colleagues should do the same.

  • Ego Oidios
    Ego OidiosTime siden

    Like it or not, a Starship will be available by 2030 to grab it and bring it back

  • Worf Rozhenko
    Worf RozhenkoTime siden

    "I ain't flyin' in that." Let's call a spade a spade.

  • matchesburn
    matchesburnTime siden

    Only Elon Musk could take a grain silo, slap engines and 1950s style fins on it and somehow actually make it work. I don't know how this madman keeps on succeeding, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Trevor Kolmatycki
    Trevor KolmatyckiTime siden

    They could design and add de-orbit capability to these cores... if they cared to. There is no mechanism to motivate them to do this other than raising a fuss I suppose.

  • Stricker sniper
    Stricker sniperTime siden

    leave it to Russia to fill a rocket with vodka

  • ragntard
    ragntardTime siden

    Spoiler warning . . . . . While going down for the extra air canisters, aren't they dropping down on the wrong side of the module? They seem to go down on the side where the module rotates away from them, wouldn't that negate the spinning effect giving them 1g as they no longer have a floor pushing at them in the right direction. Wouldn't they free float away from it, the rop they drop down wouldn't go straight down but would be dragged after the module. If going down on the opposite side this wouldn't be an issue as the module would push on the astronaut instead? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

  • Napiski
    Napiski2 timer siden

    "I don't know what's wrong with them (China*)" I know: it's China.

  • Rex Shepard
    Rex Shepard2 timer siden


  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv58 minutter siden

    that draws people to SpaceX.

  • Rex Shepard
    Rex Shepard2 timer siden


  • Owen Salisbury
    Owen Salisbury2 timer siden

    Perhaps space x can also build smaller versions off starship if needed.

  • Noobs DeSroobs
    Noobs DeSroobs2 timer siden

    CCP is what is wrong with them. The communist party cares about one thing; themselves. Not the rest of the world, not their own people.

  • James Bovington
    James Bovington2 timer siden

    I thought that this was a joke when I first saw it on CountryFile. This is the most dreadful wicked idea I have ever heard. Has the Scottish government agreed it or is it being forced through by the English Tories?

  • JZ's Best Friend
    JZ's Best Friend2 timer siden

    I still can't understand why the Starship doesn't have some kind of blastshield protecting the bottom plumbing from debris throw around by the Raptors. They're bound to have more damaged tubes and worse.

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson2 timer siden

    LOL LIKE XWF, Scott, you lost his subscription.... to bad your one of the very best resources!!!(for the average person)

  • Deepesh Verma
    Deepesh Verma2 timer siden

    I don't know why but Chinese rocket looks soo Chinese

  • Riley Fenley
    Riley Fenley2 timer siden

    The Chinese government would have to care about about their citizens and everyone else in other parts of the world before they decide to deorbit responsibly. I mean make it at-least look like you are trying to.

  • A Lam
    A Lam2 timer siden

    Next time China try to launch a Long March rocket... just shoot it down with a hypersonic missile before it reach stratosphere.

  • Filip Schils
    Filip Schils2 timer siden

    there is a bbc documentaey on otrag in Zaire

  • Clyde Ng
    Clyde Ng2 timer siden

    You haven't much of heard anything from CNES (France), ESA (European), ISRO (Indian), JAXA (Japan),NASA (united States). Because they all do it the same way. Because it's China it gets reported by the News. @

  • DeusEversor
    DeusEversor2 timer siden

    10:28 that big middle finger there :DDDD

  • Barrie Wright
    Barrie Wright2 timer siden

    Why don't they have a mini nuclear power station attached to give the station the amount of power it needs and for future expansion. But I have just realised if anything goes wrong you could end up eradieating hundreds of thousands of square miles of some one country or cities, looks like nuclear power is only applicable for Mars and the rest of the solar system and and beyond and not low earth orbit.

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson2 timer siden

    POLITICS, in answer to a stream question

  • A1 Champ
    A1 Champ2 timer siden

    They copying everyone lol

  • Alexandre Machado
    Alexandre Machado3 timer siden

    Very good!!!

  • Richard Larssen
    Richard Larssen3 timer siden

    Who's here after Returnal?

  • Massimo Bosco
    Massimo Bosco3 timer siden

    It looks exactly like the Repentaglia IV, the rocket ship from the movie Fascisti su Marte (Fascists on Mars). Grande Barbagli, fiero, italico e precursore dei tempi.

  • violeman
    violeman3 timer siden

    Love the intro!!

  • Easy Eight
    Easy Eight3 timer siden

    I don't know if SN15 can fly again. I've seen close up pictures and that thing is really damaged. Most of the landing legs are crushed, there may be small cracks in the fuselage, and that's not counting the damage to the avionics from the fire.

  • Toast
    Toast3 timer siden

    Perfidious Albion is clearly a thing.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu3 timer siden


  • Cpt Adama
    Cpt Adama3 timer siden

    China doesn't give a sh*t, only if they lose face in their minds or be forced by a UN accord would they do anything about it.

  • Mark zieg
    Mark zieg3 timer siden

    It's going right over my house in northern mi. Or would have

  • Mark zieg
    Mark zieg3 timer siden

    Do you think they're trying to goad the US military into using thier anti Sat technology? Or parasitic satellite tech?

  • Solivagant
    Solivagant3 timer siden

    the Chinese don't care about where their trash goes. they have shown that for decades.

  • CoochieHunter
    CoochieHunter3 timer siden

    Space sweepers will be needed soon

  • Wilh87
    Wilh873 timer siden

    10:51 im sorry, but looked absolutely ridicelous , lmao

  • Jacob Longwell
    Jacob Longwell3 timer siden

    So disappointed to hear it was not going to crash on Mitch McConnell's house.

  • Andrew Kear
    Andrew Kear4 timer siden

    This is what a Jack Welch-type business climate creates.

  • Tony Brantley
    Tony Brantley4 timer siden

    This shit looks so fake !!

  • Michael Mayhem
    Michael Mayhem4 timer siden

    Here's to hoping it lands on the forbidden city

  • Andrew Kear
    Andrew Kear4 timer siden

    Harry Stoncipher really did a number on boeing.

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez4 timer siden

    Thank you Scott, good information about the history of such falling space debris events and the details of the physics of this topic. I didn't know about how many times this has happened before.

  • tym hewett
    tym hewett4 timer siden

    maybe they will learn that water doesn't put out gas fires and get some CO2 on the landing pad. also somebody who,s awake to turn it on.

  • Bulleit up your azz
    Bulleit up your azz4 timer siden

    China = leading the world in disrespect for others

  • Lang Xing
    Lang Xing4 timer siden

    Everyone with basic knowledge of how a booster works would see the fact that western media is simply just trying to smear China with the "crash" thing.

  • X Y Z
    X Y Z4 timer siden

    It was more of "low budget" to use such a space ship design to create artificial gravity; else they have to do fx of the floating actors....

  • KaviGami
    KaviGami4 timer siden

    No one talks about when china drops it own launch rocket on its own people.

  • Robin Burn
    Robin Burn4 timer siden

    It's made in China, I'm surprised it got so high in the first place

  • José García
    José García4 timer siden

    What force makes them fall down the tether? Rotational artificial gravity works because the floor is forced to rotate by the tension of the cable, but with your body floating nothing is pushing you downwards, actually you have to generate a force just to keep attached to the cable that is rotating.

  • José García
    José García3 timer siden

    @Scott Manley don't quite think so, if you manage to hold to it, you would rotate with it, but that's all. The force created by moving in that frame is always inwards and allows to rotate your velocity, not to accelerate.

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley3 timer siden

    Holding on to the tether would push your out

  • Mr. D.D.D
    Mr. D.D.D4 timer siden

    It is so happy to see a professional, famous NOprojectsr talking a modified facts without blush.What Scott Manley and other tubing publicity numbers did not tell you: In the past 20 years, the wreckage of an orbital-class rocket fell on land and was discovered two times in China, three times in France/ESA, three times in Russia, and five times in the United States. In the last five years, China once, Russia once, and the United States twice, the United States accounted for 50% of the world. In 2016, the second level of the Falcon 9 that launched JCSat-16 uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere, and the wreckage was found in Indonesia. At the beginning of last month, another Falcon 9 second-level uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere, and the wreckage was found in the United States. At the same time, inquiring heavens-above shows that there are still 23 second-stage Falcon 9 rockets in orbit and out of control. ​

  • mizzypoo
    mizzypoo2 timer siden

    Bah, minor details Western Medias won't mention, China space debris comes crashing down, hurtling down, its a size & weight of a skyscraper, it will explode into a million pieces..😲 Of course, NASA & SpaceX space junks debris comes gently down, like snow Flakes or like birds feathers fluttering down to earth... 🙄

  • Corey
    Corey4 timer siden

    It's amusing how people call Starship launches "fake," but why in the hell would a company spend soooo much money over a period of years failing over & over publicly if it was fake? They built that entire facility, constantly blow their shit up, and all so they could deliver us a fake product at the end.

  • romas789 omas789
    romas789 omas7894 timer siden

    penius naikintuvus priklijokit greu truks nei stas bibio gabalas ka ce isradinejat

  • romas789 omas789
    romas789 omas7894 timer siden

    puse valados galetu balansuot pakiles nuo zemes 10 metru sitas bibio gabals ar nuleistu pavarges nasa bibi kasa

  • InventorZahran
    InventorZahran4 timer siden

    Scott: "Fly safe." Long March 5B core: "Is that a personal attack?!"

  • ᚼᛖᚨᚦᛁᚢᛚᚣ ᚷᛟᛞ
    ᚼᛖᚨᚦᛁᚢᛚᚣ ᚷᛟᛞ5 timer siden

    Thunderbird are go!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zee
    Zee5 timer siden

    Funding a second competitor as a backup program would be a complete waste of money

  • Hakan Karaağaç
    Hakan Karaağaç5 timer siden

    Movie sucked for me. As a sci fi nerd with basic understanding of space flight, it was horrible. The reasons are obvious as stated in other comments. My question is did they not listen to your consultations, or didn't they consult on parts that bug everyone like not having redundant systems or not tethering in EVA. İm asking in good intentions because i am not considering the possibility that scott was a bad consultant.

  • avoirdupois1
    avoirdupois15 timer siden

    That crawl. Epic.

  • Rodfel Deuxmilleun
    Rodfel Deuxmilleun5 timer siden

    If we weren't in a self declared cold war with China, the western media would not be so interested in a phenomenon that repeat itself every time the US, Russia, France, India, and Japan launch a multi stage rocket into orbit ... Unfortunately, they have enough zombies locked into their corrals, in order to influence the whole world population with regard to their ponzy scheme that will lead them, unmistakenly, toward war with China ... We need a new world order led by the people and not by the elite ...

  • Col SanderYT
    Col SanderYT5 timer siden

    It was made in China that’s why everything falls apart nowadays

  • Stephen Gordon
    Stephen Gordon5 timer siden

    It’s almost like the communist have no regard for human life... or any life for that matter.

  • Award Queue
    Award Queue3 timer siden


  • Award Queue
    Award Queue5 timer siden

    22 tons is the payload(space station)was orbited, the reentry object is an empty rocket vehicle. All of this is Propaganda as usual.

  • mizzypoo
    mizzypoo2 timer siden

    Western Medias are the worst offender, with its BIAS anti China propaganda, Its just racism & Western JEALOUSY of the Rise of another country that not kowtowing to Western ideology..

  • George W.
    George W.5 timer siden

    The problem is with the communist government of China. China’s government is as much a piece of junk as its rockets.

  • Werlock Supreme
    Werlock Supreme5 timer siden

    I mostly wanted to learn orbital mechanics, but the physics textbook i've been using covered the three kepler laws and centrifugal force Thank you Scott Manley. I've wanted to plan out my own moon mission ever since I was in high school.

  • ShamblerDK
    ShamblerDK5 timer siden

    The reason Star Ship is the winner of that competition is definitely because it just looks so much more sexy than anything the other teams have to offer. It's the level of ambition, that draws people to SpaceX.

  • 303smle
    303smle5 timer siden

    Scott an embolism isn’t necessarily painful. I suffered an arterial air embolism while scuba diving, which was diagnosed as being caused by a congenital lung defect. I was blind, my legs and arms were fully paralysed, I had memory loss and I was experiencing seizures. Even though at the time I knew that I was dying, my main thought was at least it was because I was doing something that I enjoyed. I experienced no pain. I was annoyed that I couldn’t control my legs when I went into a fit. But that was about it. Luckily for me the bubble dispersed of its own accord while I was being raced to shore. The doctors told me to never dive again.

  • István Sipos
    István Sipos5 timer siden

    "A New Hop" :- ) that's pure gold, sir

  • pierrebouzin
    pierrebouzin5 timer siden

    that makes all current programs look so boring and unambitious