Scott Manley

Scott Manley

Scott Manley is someone who fell into youtube because he felt a deep compelling need to teach people orbital mechanics and rocket science so they could play Kerbal Space Program, now, years later the gaming videos are less important and the pure science is the main thrust. My degrees are all in Physics and Astronomy, so much of the rocket science and engineering I've learned is self taught, always learning, always teaching.

I'm not a professional youtuber, I have a day job in software development which means I won't take lame sponsored content, or tell you to sign up for affiliate services to make a quick buck. However lots of generous people have asked to support my hobby via Patreon and I'm grateful to those individuals.

Also occasionally shares cute videos of his kids.

And for everyone asking about the music at the end of my videos


  • Travis Cecil
    Travis Cecil5 timer siden

    A rocket who's engines were wonky, a flight that had to fix itself with maneuvering thrusters, a patented Matt Lowne docking maneuver, a kraken attack...KSP is confirmed real.

  • CraneArmy
    CraneArmy5 timer siden

    _The problems were not immediately problematic_ I'll get back to you.

  • Radoslaw Garbacz
    Radoslaw Garbacz5 timer siden

    Hi, thanks for the excellent report. What is this yellowish-brownish spot on the Nauka module - seems out of place?

  • ole9421
    ole94215 timer siden

    "The Proton rocket is ugly." Excuse me! No, I believe that title belongs to, Bezos and his flying dildo.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray5 timer siden

    Roskosmos looks like Kerbal Space Agency more and more...

  • THX 1138
    THX 11385 timer siden

    It sounds like if they didn't have a progress cargo ship docked at the station, the ISS, not the crew, but the station may have been is some serious danger....If they used Zvezda's to try to null out the rotation until it's propellant ran low. Then switched to the Progress till Nauka ran out of propellant. It would seem if the Progress hadn't been there they would have had to abandon the station once Zvezda's propellant ran low. If Zvezda's propellant then ran out before Nauka's the station would have been left with I'm guessing a pretty strong rotation by the time Nauka's propellant ran out. If this were the case, if ISS was abandoned and rotating at a rate high enough you could not dock with the station. Could the gyros or reaction wheels or whatever you call them, alone stop the rotation once Nauka's propellant ran out? Or would the station be the station potentially FUBAR at that point?

  • paradigm respawn
    paradigm respawn5 timer siden

    Muffin Tops in S.P.A.C.E.

  • banana junior 9000
    banana junior 90005 timer siden

    Can the cerebral amongst us stop using the term "sus", please? I'm looking at you, Scott.

  • Dominic O'Kelly
    Dominic O'Kelly5 timer siden

    The Russians not following Scott’s advice and NOT ‘flying safe’

  • BRSL
    BRSL5 timer siden

    Russia playing real-life KSP bro

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds5 timer siden

    Russia's gotta Russia.

  • theJimTanker
    theJimTanker5 timer siden

    Sounds like they time warped past their maneuver node. And then the Kraken hit after docking. We've all been there.

  • David Ranlet
    David Ranlet5 timer siden

    Scott, incredible video. I spent 10 years working on AE2100-D3 engines for the USAF and consider myself an expert on them. The science here makes me feel like an idiot. Thank you so much for doing the research on this and presenting it in such an awesome way. I could watch this over and over.

  • しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ
    しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ5 timer siden

    fortunately the spin was not similar as the Gemini and Neil Armstrong's historic spin. probably scary enough for them who knows the space stuff and specialists.

  • Will Barnstead
    Will Barnstead5 timer siden

    Everything’s perfectly alright. We’re all fine here now. How are you?

  • Strothy2
    Strothy26 timer siden

    Those Russian played a bit too much kerbal I think...

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell6 timer siden

    Proton is the best heavy launch vehicle on the planet right now.👍✌️🖖 👁️👁️🇺🇸

  • Samuel Churchill
    Samuel Churchill6 timer siden

    Considering the ISS has been in space for over 20 years now, how do they get fuel for the OMS? I’m assuming it’s not a finite reserve? More would be sent up?

  • toadelevator
    toadelevator6 timer siden

    The only thing missing from this analysis is a video of a typical KSP space station in the throes of a supple, alluring, escalating wobble.

  • Matt Bartlett
    Matt Bartlett6 timer siden

    So what you’re basically saying, Scott, is that the ISS suffered a Kraken Attack

  • Yaofu Zhou
    Yaofu Zhou6 timer siden

    What would be the consequences in the longer term with those expended propellant?

  • Jesús Maroto García
    Jesús Maroto García6 timer siden

    Thanks for the info, I was one who thought that the trushters could do structural damage (more in the whole structure that in the locks due to torsion stress, but nice to learn better); I haven't thouhg about resonances 8-O

  • Björn Linde
    Björn Linde6 timer siden

    This leads me to one question: are the russians actually good in anything?

  • Ryan Hardin
    Ryan Hardin6 timer siden

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Not related to this video, but I think the topic of staging/decoupling in rockets would be a really interesting topic to cover. Maybe in the style of the “Kerbal Space Program Doesn’t Teach” videos?

  • Y Qisq
    Y Qisq6 timer siden

    Okay so Scott where did the replaced module land? There was so much fuss about the Chinese one last time.

  • travisehillsjr2
    travisehillsjr26 timer siden

    His “fly safe” felt soo applicable this time 😂

  • redwalsh87
    redwalsh876 timer siden

    Sounds like some Boeing software engineers have been helping out Russia...or vice versa

  • Nekozuki85
    Nekozuki856 timer siden

    Kg is a unit of mass, not force! (Reporting thrust in Kg is a mistake often made by metric system users)

  • Alan Snyder
    Alan Snyder6 timer siden

    The call signs for the Roscosmos Nauka module and the Boeing Starliner should be SUS1 and SUS2 respectively. Good luck to those currently aboard the ISS.

  • Kim Darrow
    Kim Darrow6 timer siden

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  • Kim Darrow
    Kim Darrow6 timer siden

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  • Samuel Fischman
    Samuel Fischman6 timer siden


  • TheSpacecraftX
    TheSpacecraftX6 timer siden

    Who thinks Proton is ugly? It looks like a Thunderbird.

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street6 timer siden

    Thanks for this video! You tell the story of what happened really well. It was like being there.

  • Eldar Shamukhamedov
    Eldar Shamukhamedov6 timer siden

    Roscosmos: "We will build our own station" Uh huh... 🤦‍♀️

  • Keith Kuhn
    Keith Kuhn6 timer siden

    and I don't think the problem is over yet, if the tank that leaked is required to maintain the ISS's orbit

  • thetilo
    thetilo6 timer siden

    wow that sounds like it was a gigantic waste of fuel :-O KSP moment :D Awesome video Scott!

  • Josh
    Josh6 timer siden


  • jbjuggler
    jbjuggler6 timer siden

    Scott, another fine job! It is amazing what is available today if you are interested in space. Thanks for encouraging people to dream!

  • Sak Lou
    Sak Lou6 timer siden

    Hold up didn’t the Russian want nothing to do with iss and only want the Chinese station so

  • Core 395
    Core 3956 timer siden

    I like the Proton...its kinda pretty... Also8:16Why do i like this alignment? There is something to it...

  • Dan Stocks
    Dan Stocks6 timer siden

    I love the smell of Proton’s hypergolics in the morning! And the brown mist it leaves behind 😱

  • Logan Osmolinski
    Logan Osmolinski6 timer siden

    Bibbidi bobbidi boo here's interaction for you

  • JCSkyKnight
    JCSkyKnight6 timer siden

    So I’m going to take a guess here, docking autopilot was still engaged for some reason after the module was attached. Over the course of the orbit the module position / orientation was deemed problematic by the docking system so it tried to back off to a safe distance to try again, not realizing it had already been docked for a time.

    WOJCIECH T6 timer siden

    Big thumbs up for correct nauka pronunciation!

  • Pronto
    Pronto6 timer siden

    Is Charles Simonyi an astronaut? No. However, he was trained by the Russian Federal Space Agency, has been to *orbit* twice and spent a couple weeks on the ISS on each occasion.

  • Jeffrey Bue
    Jeffrey Bue6 timer siden

    As soon as I heard the news about this event I couldn't wait to hear Scott's "take" on it. thank you sir.

  • Kevin Drake
    Kevin Drake6 timer siden

    What do you think would happen if they exploded a module on the space station? Could this be the start of CYBER ATTACK?

  • Ketsueki Kumori
    Ketsueki Kumori6 timer siden

    Scott: I call this "Fat Earth Theory." Flat Earther: Just need to add an L to that and we got a space nerd confirming our flat earth!

  • Myndale
    Myndale6 timer siden

    First thing I thought when I heard this news was "Oh good, another Scott Manley video is imminent!"

  • Knosalit
    Knosalit6 timer siden

    your "fly safe" at the end gave me threat vibes 0-0

  • Kevin Drake
    Kevin Drake6 timer siden

    Why would NASA and the USA allow another vehicle to even get close to the space station? Ok, I forgot who is in charge. Open the borders and the dock gates all are welcome. They call it a mistake that they caused a spin, but I believe they were showing the world that they have control over the USA. They will be flying our planes driving our ships and tanks next. Spinning them all around in circles and all we do is make jokes about it.

  • slopedarmor
    slopedarmor6 timer siden

    starliner cant get a break huh : p

  • Rowan Sabutis
    Rowan Sabutis6 timer siden

    Is nobody going to talk about the thumbnail?

  • StYxXx
    StYxXx6 timer siden

    A decades old erratic acting russian module and Boeing's troubled spacecraft docked to the station at the same time... I'd be nervous as an ISS crew member :D

  • papinbala
    papinbala6 timer siden

    the proton rocket looks cool, why do you say it looks ugly?

  • Richie
    Richie6 timer siden

    Oh no!!!! Just find another one @ Hollywood set, after all its all propaganda

  • Brian Metzker
    Brian Metzker6 timer siden

    Thick Russian Accent: So sorry, Doctor Jones.

  • Tony Maciejko
    Tony Maciejko6 timer siden

    Russian it's BEST ?????

  • Attilio C
    Attilio C6 timer siden

    Its not fat, just big boned!

  • JDP
    JDP6 timer siden

    I'm just glad the people on the space station are ok.

  • db six
    db six6 timer siden

    russian bot reaches destination

  • Logan Osmolinski
    Logan Osmolinski6 timer siden

    bibbidi bobbidi boo here's interaction for you

  • reffoelcnu alouncelal
    reffoelcnu alouncelal6 timer siden

    Could have been a bit embarrassing but they managed to collude in the end ,

  • Lieven Petersen
    Lieven Petersen6 timer siden

    A software issue accidentally enabled SUS

  • greyfade
    greyfade6 timer siden

    Blue Origin and Virgin are sub-orbital. They don't count.

  • Apaiss
    Apaiss6 timer siden

    Thanks for showing my video and recommending my channel! Your video is really cool.

  • mike32277
    mike322776 timer siden

    I say they should just scrap the thing. Tax payer money shouldn't be used to build this fricking thing in the first place. You saw how well the maintenance was on it....Not! Bureaucrats pocketing the money that was suppose to be for repair I'm sure.

  • Jonas Larsson
    Jonas Larsson6 timer siden

    ”Designed by an avid Kerbal Space Program enthusiast”

  • AJ
    AJ6 timer siden

    Breaking news: space station out of control. I know a man who will explain it to me.

  • LordZonaxe
    LordZonaxe6 timer siden

    well do you call passengers on a Airline pilots?

  • Captain_Dorja
    Captain_Dorja6 timer siden

    At least when New Glen flies, and people start making jokes about how Jeff Bezos's first rocket looked like a dick, and his second looked like a lip stick, at least I can point to the British Black Arrow and be like, "Yeah but the Brits beat him to the Lipstick Rocket by about 40 years."

  • ChrisUK27
    ChrisUK276 timer siden

    Just wondering how quickly the Crew Dragon and Soyuz could depart a slowly spinning station and avoid contact with the structure or damage themselves whilst undocking?

  • manicminer
    manicminer6 timer siden

    Proton isn’t ugly, it’s straight out of Thunderbirds!

  • turbonut20v
    turbonut20v7 timer siden

    super glad dragon was at the ready, my heart was racing watching the livestream, i was wanting them to board the capsules just in case

  • Pjuhl
    Pjuhl7 timer siden

    I think an Astronaut is someone specifically trained for space travel. I also think that this term will become redundant if space is colonized on a larger scale. Space travel will be nothing special anymore. You might train people to crew space ships, but that would be quite the everyday people, that man ships here on earth today.

  • Boyfriend
    Boyfriend7 timer siden


  • A.D.H.D
    A.D.H.D7 timer siden