Answering Questions - Episode 1

Vitenskap og teknologi

I asked for questions, now I answer questions.
Obviously, many of these answers can be expanded into full length videos of their own in the future, these answers are mostly what I carry around in my head. I will continue to work my way down the list in coming weeks.
Rotating Detonation Engines:
I think this site is a handy reference for Orbital Mechanics equations for spaceflight.


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    I wonder if Louie is out there in Saturn's rings too...

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    I'm unsubscribing but I want to tell you why. It's not a critique. It's youtube recommendations. They're broken on my Samsung TV. There are a handful of your videos which I've watched many times. They will not leave my recommended list. Day after day, month after month, year after year. I've manually removed them a dozen times yet they persist. My only option is to unsubscribe and actually select "do not recommend channel". I'm very sorry to do it. But youtube is broken and I'm just tired of scrolling through hundreds, even thousands of times. So I'll miss out on future stuff and you'll lose a subscriber. You've got more footing with NOprojects to address this issue. It's not fair that they have billions and billions of videos but can't break out of a broken recommendation system. Really sorry to dump on you but I'm telling all the content creators why I'm unsubscribing in the hope you guys can get them to fix things. Their system is great if you log on occasionally but it's useless and annoying as heck to people using NOprojects daily. Sorry to leave. Bye.

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    You could totally organise a book about orbital mechanics etc.

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    12:54 15 lines of code? :) Is that code public somewhere? :)

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    Pulsars have been catalogged from the space station for deep space navigation for a while.

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    XRS SystemsMåned siden

    Why are we only seeing still images from perseverance rover ??? No real time video footage ??? Bandwidth more than allows for this at 2 Megabits per second ????? No one ever seems to ask this question. ???????????????????

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    That last answer is so so true!! Nobody starts by knowing everything and nobody can ever know everything so what’s important is just to have the love of learning and learning how to learn better

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    Oh, please do a video on Saturn's rings. That planet is full of weird and wonderful astrophysics - and it looks great too.

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    Your an amazing tutor. Please finish that Phd I would love to see where that takes you in life. Thank you for your insights.

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    5:21 . . . check out this guy for info on Interplanetary Super-Highways : Ross Dynamics Lab

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  • Everyday space nerd
    Everyday space nerdMåned siden

    What is a pulsar

  • Everyday space nerd

    Everyday space nerd

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    Anyone wanting to learn orbital mechanics, i'd suggest Kerbal Space Program... Once you "master" that game/simulation, you can dig deeper.

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    I have one question: Could a rocket fly on petrol, or this normal gasoline that cars use?

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    One suggestion is did you know Goonhilly station is one of the reasons why we get such good pictures from spaced plus Newfoundland. Goonhilly as mentioned in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy! Goonhilly is also being used for starlink. Goonhilly now private and not used by BT. Interesting that starlink in such low earth orbit with latency of 40ms as I can remember setting up a test link up and back where due to delay could have my own conversation.

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    “Constant volume expansion”??? Sounds nonsensical. Can you explain further? If a gas is expanding how can it be constant volume?

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    Oh man, a new orbital mechanics series would be AWESOME!!

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    Lot of the point of education, especially at the university level, really is more about teaching you how to learn more about things than actually learning those things. There's just far too much out there to cover.

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    Good stuff Scott. This one line made me laugh. "... four computers, and three of them are different design...". (not the fourth one?)

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

    2 have the same design but different software.

  • Revit Coach
    Revit CoachMåned siden

    Hi Scott, I wonder how far/high Starship could go in test mode... because now is not carring payload (+100.000Kg), could it be enough to test earth-earth travel? could it reach orbit?

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    This was good thanks Scott!

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    Great video format. Feel free to do more. Eg, what your favourite COLOUR of rocket engine... couldn’t resist.

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    The question about Scoot Manley himself should be expanded. So all the original question + and still remain a person who communicates so well and lively. Aren’t people like Scott meant to be all dry dusty and boring?

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    Danielle RileyMåned siden

    5:00 ish. Cycler orbit. If you step back and look at a Cycler ship there are several limitations that are immediately obvious. The ship or hotel as it’s been called is empty, is in space and produces nothing but electricity and is ageing every day. I understand that the Cycler earth to Mars orbit is terribly long as in years and even longer to get back. So a Cycler gives you much much more time in space and more room to sit in while spending all that time. So to ride a Cycler everyone goes on about delta V. Delta V Vs what Delta V is what I ask. You have a massive Cycler in orbit and it’s a very dangerous instantaneous on and off as well. Well the Cycler is bone dry, gasless and food less and personal effect less and equipment less and supply less. So your delta v savings just don’t add up. Maybe that’s why NASA binned this decades when a famous astronaut filed a paper on it. Just think about it. A direct shot every two years is about 6 months max. A Cycler shot is years long. So a direct shot requires the lifting of a smaller ship far less supplies for the trip, far less entertainment stuff due to shorter trip , far less spare parts as short trips have less machine failures AND the same amount of the stuff as in food building supplies and scientific equipment and whatever that you want to take to Mars. A Cycler shot technically requires a a smaller lifting vehicle to reach interplanetary velocity BUT since you have to carry so so so much more food, entertainment, spares, personal stuff, water at launch just to account for the empty Cycler along with the massively longer journey plus all the same stuff that’s for Mars once you arrive. Well your launch from earth and Mars ship which is the same ship anyway is going to have to be as big and MASSIVE as the earth and Mars direct short trip. So same deltaV since the Cycler requires just more of everything to be lifted so a bigger and more massive ship is required. Radiation. I’ll just throw this in sure we will need descent radiation protection to get to and stay on Mars. That’s a given. However interplanetary space has the highest radiation out of earth, transit and Mars. Even with shielding and a direct ship would have the same shielding as a Cycler. So even with all that the Cycler is a years longer trip so just has more radiation exposure. More time is just more exposure. Cyclers. Well he said 7 or 8 was it? So a round trip is 7or 8 years. Everything on that Cycler is outdated in 2 cycles BEING GENEROUS. So your almost launching a new Cycler for every trip or every second trip..... doesn’t sound like your saving and delta V there. Or money. So what percentage of rockets launch to the second the first time? A low percentage. A launch to a Cycler is an instantaneous launch window. There is not another backup window tomorrow. It’s a year away. Well fuck. You might have a couple of seconds leeway as you could carry a little extra fuel to burn longer to try to catch up. However we are talking INTERPLANETARY velocities and rendezvous not orbital. A miss is good as hundreds of thousands of miles. Oh and if you miss well you are in your cut down truck type spaceship with no fuel to get home. Yet another series called Lost In Space. Boeing can build it as they have experience. You could start trying to launch a week ahead and if you get off within one of those 7 attempts then you can slow down a tiny bit and have the Cycler close from behind. You still have a deep space docking attempt which with computers should be fine but is deadly if failed. Can’t dock at the ISS? Just de orbit and land on earth, I bet that here is a settings menus just for that. Break off attempt and return to earth. I bet there would be severity levels as well. Maybe level 1 is burn the jets hard and now now now and stuff the ISS. While level 5 is all calm and phone home and set up the landing area and get the ISS to take the coffee off the ‘percolator’. Nice and easy. So I just don’t see any advantage for a Cycler. Remember what we have. We have NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL that can get us to Mars. However ONE company SpaceX is developing the StarShip and SuperHeavy Booster. So is Boeing who can’t build or program a capsule for LEO building an interplanetary man carrying rocket just because they want to? No no fucking way since there isn’t any cash in it and no juicy contract to scam (see Starliner). So Cycler hotels and Mars 3.0 and all that stuff is just sci-fi artist renderings. Where is the money being spent on it and where is the metal being bent for it? No where. So they don’t exist. They are thought experiments by POOR PEOPLE. Think all you like because it advances our species but not all the way to Mars. The only POSSIBLE and tangible Mars buss right now is the StarShip SuperHeavy Booster combo. So if the StarShip continues along and then right now today any other company (except rocket lab, maybe) decides to build a competitor or synergistic space ship to go along with it... Well then that’s almost point less. Every other space ship developer is so fucking slow and error prone they they will be left behind. Starliner, SLS for example. However the new ULA rocket was 9 or 10 years from inception to a test model for ground equipment and that pretty good.... EXCEPT they used an outside engine and didn’t develop their own so they saved time. And as a commercial company that may have been prudent. So the Cycler is pointless. 2 years to Mars and 5 years home. Fuck right off. Bathe in that radiation bring the coconut oil.

  • Clanner Jake
    Clanner JakeMåned siden

    what scott expected: what's your favorite color? what scott got: '610 nm is objectively the best visible band of radiation: fight me.'

  • Chris Shattock
    Chris ShattockMåned siden

    Re. fuel tanks: Feeds rely upon a constant rate without the potential of intermix with a pressurising gas and all appear to operate on the basis of a constant volume. This is compounded by different orientations of Starship and the need for baffles. Would it not be possible to install an electrically powered 'piston crown' in a fuel tank to constrain fuel volume upon egress? That is, as fuel is used the piston crown would shrink the volume of the occupied space of the fuel tank. Would this also not only mitigate feed problems, 'clean', constant fuel uptake and, regardless of orientation, make it simpler to evaluate of varying centre of gravity during flight?

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    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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    Hi Scott, thanks for the free knowledge. Whenever I get new videos from you I normally wait till I get home, relax in a couch and project it on the big tv. It's how I relax at the end of a long day. Anyway, here's my question/request: Looking at all the 6 wheeled rovers they all seem to have one "axel" and look like they could tip over forward or backward. How does the suspension system work to keep the rover level? Is it an active, or passive system? Could you please make a video about it?

  • PhoolB
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    The hardest thing about Orbital Mechanics is trying to forget all the stuff you thought you knew about orbital mechanics before you really started learning about it. Sort of like calculating the perimiter of an ellipse before you know that there isn't an equation for calculating the perimeter of an ellipse. OK climb aboard and we sorta are going to approximate how to get you to Mars... No need to worry. ;-)

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    The most courageous answer to a question..."I don't know..."

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    Hey Scott, whats your favorite colour!

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    Orbital mechanics, where to start? Kerbal Space Program

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    Mr. Manly, You are outstanding and your Q&A video is outstanding. Keep up the great work and now I have to find you Patreon button.

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    I can definitely confirm that 75% of engineering is knowing where to seek out answers and whether or not you can trust those answers to help solve problems. University was just a lesson in figuring out who actually knows what’s going on haha. Now I’m a jet turbine engineer 😅

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    The audio is too quiet on this video. I can barely hear you.

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    Truthfully, I was expecting about 1 million questions about if he would ever do a season of KSP again. Or, of course, he discarded those.

  • hubert cumberdale
    hubert cumberdale2 måneder siden

    Magnetic orbits!!! In a vacuum with minimal gravity, could you have a magnet orbiting a large iron ball. Or magnet orbiting a magnet or any configuration that might work? As a follow up can the sun create permanent magnets out of iron based asteroids that pass close enough? And if all of the above is a yes, are there examples of this out in the asteroid belts?

  • Релёкс84


    Måned siden

    @hubert cumberdale Magnetism behaves very differently from gravity: while its true that objects with a magnetic moment exert force on each other and on some material with specific properties, its effect is very different: for instance while gravity is always attractive and affects all matter uniformly, magnetism can be attractive, repulsive and even act as a radial force that deviates moving particles. The electrostatic force is comparable to gravity in the case of one charge orbiting around an equal and opposite charge, which creates motion very similar to gravitational orbital motion, and is basically what happens in atoms (with quantum effects making it a bit more of a mess). But magnets are not monopoles, but dipoles, which means they never have a net magnetic "charge", and because of this their potential field is shaped very differently: instead of being a circular funnel centered on them that an object can spin around, it makes awkward bumps that make any attempt at an orbit unstable: while you could theoretically have two magnets orbiting on perfectly circular orbits while facing each other on opposite poles, such a system is not stable and would break away rapidly with the slightest perturbation. Don't get me wrong, magnetism does cause things to attract and form structures, like molecules that are governed by the Van der Waals forces, but it just isn't fit to form orbital motion. As to the asteroid thing, that is so unfathomable I even doubt it's possible even theoretically. An asteorid (and not just any asteroid, but an exceptionally iron rich one) would have to come within 5 solar radii of the Sun long enough for a pocket of liquid iron to form (but somehow not evaporate or disperse, remember asteroids spin and also contain volatile material), then solidify quickly enough that the Sun can give it some magnetic moment, and somehow don't come back to get melted again. Not only is that itself quite far fetched, asteroids don't even get that close to the Sun, because there is no natural mechanism that can bring an asteroid so low and immediately after bring it back up. Comets can get close because they come from absurdly far away, but iron rich asteroids inhabit the asteroid belt where the would need to somehow lose all of their orbital speed, fall straight to the Sun and then get all of its speed back.

  • hubert cumberdale

    hubert cumberdale

    Måned siden

    @Релёкс84 i have a hard time accepting your answer as it provides no proof or even reasons why. Just magnets dont do that. Why? They provide an acceleration towards a specific point. With the proper amount of velocity something should orbit it. Then you dont think asteroids could survive getting close enough to the sun to become magnetic. What makes you say that? Sorry but this appears to be what you believe not what you know to be true.

  • Релёкс84


    2 måneder siden

    The short answer is no, magnets cannot do that at all. And for the sun to magnetize an asteroid it would need to melt its iron first, and I don't think an asteroid could survive passing so close to the sun. The truth is, apart from the Sun, planets and largest moons, no object experiences any significant magnetic phenomenon, because they have no mechanism to build up any magnetic moment.

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    @9:35 GPPS: Galactic Pulsar Positioning Service

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    How does a satellite navigate in space? Well a satellite knows where it is because it knows where it isn't.

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    Scott, here’s my question: why don’t they have a running track on the international space station like they did on Skylab?

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    I’d love an orbital mechanics intro from you, would be really interesting. Your videos are great!

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    @11:00 The answer to where to learn about orbital mechanics should have been "Kerbal Space Program, like all normal people"

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    Can you do a video on the LR87? That'd be pretty fascinating - an engine that supported multiple propellant types

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    1) You did NOT get your start on NOprojects with Kerbal. 2) You completely avoided answering the question, which was, in addition to your personal interests and influences, they asked what you do for a career.

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    So...Cliff Stoll is the real Cliff Stoll, of course, but... would your career kinda sorta make you Cliff Stoll 2.0???

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    Stellar Cartography is a huge PITA! But so necessary...

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    Would you answer more theoretical physics or more just so space/orbital things?

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    Manley, I have a private q and a for you, The astronauts claim they can't see any stars from space that it's all pitch dark, all the photographs of videos shown to us supposedly taken from space never show any stars, the moon the sun or other objects, Scientists tell us that is because you need an atmosphere to see the stars because is the only way that the light coming from the universe can" bounce " and be visible to the human eye, ( or something to that effect). My question to you is, if it's true that we can't see the universe from space how come the Hubble as well as other vehicles traveling in space can see up to the most minute details of the cosmos?

  • Sebastian Rubi

    Sebastian Rubi

    Måned siden

    @Robert Cook no answer huh?

  • Robert Cook

    Robert Cook

    2 måneder siden

    S Rubi The astronauts have seen stars while in space and there are some pics with visible stars though most of the pictures are exposed for the object they are photographing and not stars. You don't need to have an atmosphere to view stars or planets and our atmosphere actually blocks some of the light coming in and disperses some also. I haven't read anywhere that we need an atmosphere to view objects in space and the Hubble has no problem doing that.

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    We can terraforming Mars in very fast . For this we must drag asteroids full of water . We can place an explosive in every asteroid, which will explode when it enters the atmosphere of Mars. In that case, the asteroid will not collide with Mars, but will disintegrate into small pieces of ice and water. And Mars will become habitable much faster than all other methods.

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    The Drydock but it's Scott Manley? I'm sold already.

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    Hi Scott. If I point a telescope at the north star, what angle does it make with the galactic plane?

  • Релёкс84


    2 måneder siden

    The approximate galactic north pole is offset from Earth's north pole by 63° That means Earth is highly inclined compared to the galaxy, and is a bit closer to rolling on its side than it is to lay "flat". Note there is no physical correlation between these two axes of rotation.

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    I have one: In an entirely original IP, what would be an interesting and different space setting? We see a lot of Mars colonies or terraforming, Europa and Titan and other jovian moons, Andromeda galaxy and "other Earth" type settings. What would be a cool environment where narrative could take place that is atypical in science fiction?

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    I think the best person to ask questions concerning Project Apollo is Amy Shira Teitel.

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    I didn't realize that you didn't finish your Ph.D. A university should award you an honorary Ph.D. some day. It would be well-deserved.

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    11:25 when I worked at Apple, I once looked up Scott Manley to see what project he was assigned to, like a complete stalker. 😆 I was curious. Surprisingly it's not rocket related.

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    @Ryan B Yeah I understand that. I'm just sharing what little blips he's mentioned over the years. I mean he said he got started with online mp3 radio so maybe he's still on the music side of Apple's software.

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    @Adam B i know exactly what he does. But I'm not allowed to say it. Lol

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    I believe he's an IOS software engineer but I'm not sure which aspect exactly. Can you imagine working alongside Scott Manley, though? Would be pretty cool.

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    The NICER instrument on the ISS has done a Pulsar Navigation experiment called SEXTANT! Very cool stuff

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    A random physics question of my own. Can you reach the speed of light by gravity alone? Like if you have a massive enough object and enough distance could you get to that speed? Or would you always reach the object before you can get that fast? If the latter is the case what is the limit?

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    I don't think you're going to get any easier questions, Scott. Your channel is all about cool science stuff, so it's attracted an audience that likes to ask hard, specific questions about real things.

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    "Orbital mechanics, where to begin?" Kerbal. Understand that and the *actual* science will feel familiar.

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    14:28 - "A pretty good hit rate" ?!? "Just call Scott Manley" has became a kind of meme among YT space nerds livestreaming SpaceX launches and tests, NASA and JPL events, other launches, when they don't know the answer to some viewer's question.

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    love ya, Scott! I remember being a kid and actually learning things on television, but the History and Learning channels are anything but these days. NOprojects is also full of a lot of garbage these days. Its truly appreciated that we have your channel, and others like Numberphile, 3Blue1Brown, Mathologer and so on to actually help validate the proposed notion that the internet has educational benefits at all. as for the question where to learn Orbital Mechanics...well, right here on your channel! I learned on the basics just from your own Kerbal tutorial videos. all the basics are there!

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