Building Lego Shuttle - Part 3

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  • Steve Anderson
    Steve AndersonTime siden

    LOL LIKE XWF, Scott, you lost his subscription.... to bad your one of the very best resources!!!(for the average person)

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson2 timer siden

    POLITICS, in answer to a stream question

  • Alexandre Machado
    Alexandre Machado2 timer siden

    Very good!!!

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan22 timer siden

    Yes, do a Lego hybrid rocket collaboration with Hydraulic Press Channel. Those crazy Finns are awesome! Edit: Awesome build, totally worth 9 hours watching.

  • Mic_Glow
    Mic_GlowDag siden

    I guess Starship is so big you can put a dragon capsule in it as an escape pod. At least until the landing gets 99.99% safe

  • Forest Fifer
    Forest FiferDag siden

    You really need a couple of mods in the live chat if you do more streams, some of the spamming was really annoying.

  • Uncle Duncan's Shack
    Uncle Duncan's ShackDag siden

    Now I have found the perfect background noise to listen to while coding, listening to Scott doing a live stream, or replaying it later. Thanks Scott, was able to sort out the library issue I had with my compiler within hour 1 of the live stream, listening to it today. I had been battling this for weeks, it's a 4 inch touch lcd that fits on to the Arduino Uno as a shield, was beginning to think it has to go in the regret basket. Now I can use it again, thanks mate! Before you know we will be buying you Lego's to build live so we can get through the day. You have started something here, and it get full approval from us here in South Africa. Kind regards to you, family and furs. Duncan

  • SpacialKatana
    SpacialKatanaDag siden

    Trent Reznor - Quake !!

  • Tobias Olsen
    Tobias OlsenDag siden

    LEGO has confirmed that "LEGO bricks" is the correct plural pronounciation in english. So "LEGOS" is technically wrong. Btw love your vids.

  • isaac fox
    isaac foxDag siden

    I got that LEGO set when it came out

  • Sebastian Kumlin
    Sebastian Kumlin2 dager siden

    Got the old one, tried to build it when I was 12, failed a little, will try again soon. Edit: Later, sometime.

  • mighty gonk hughes
    mighty gonk hughes2 dager siden

    Are you going to add the led kit?

  • mighty gonk hughes
    mighty gonk hughes2 dager siden

    It looks like a skoda....

  • Moonshine Electronics
    Moonshine Electronics2 dager siden

    I want to know how the cakes your wife was baking turned out.

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson2 dager siden

    I was watching you stream this while I was making breakfast in Colorado and I thought what the heck can go wrong, lets try your beer coffee drink LOL.

  • Dakota Picou
    Dakota Picou2 dager siden

    wonder if this updated one fits on the stack of the older kit i got.

  • Дима александров
    Дима александров2 dager siden

    Я бы буран собрал

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa2 dager siden

    Part 5 : A heat tile breaks of the left wing...

  • Jam Chaser
    Jam Chaser3 dager siden

    Scott! Can you run some simulations for the Chinese rocket that's coming down? So, currently its orbit apogee is 267.2 km and perigee 162.3km, hitting them roughly every 2h10mins (based on a live tracker stream on youtube) =29HGFep3Zek

  • Michaelecro
    Michaelecro3 dager siden

    Pogchamp and LULW

  • Michaelecro


    3 dager siden


  • Michaelecro


    3 dager siden

    Nice comment

  • matthewabl n
    matthewabl n3 dager siden


  • tpodole
    tpodole3 dager siden

    2:28:14 That... was unexpected thing to mention.

  • frenchiveruti
    frenchiveruti3 dager siden

    Hey Scott, a video on the chinese fuck up would be nice!

    XENONPLASMA3 dager siden

    Perserverance and Ingenuity as a LEGO Technic set!

  • narcisist83
    narcisist833 dager siden

    What's the best way to reach Scott if you have a video idea?

  • Christopher Greeley
    Christopher Greeley3 dager siden

    Will there be another one soon? It would have been fun to tune in :(

  • womble321
    womble3214 dager siden

    Just don't get lego models, lego should be about making your own stuff not someone else's.

  • Petertronic
    Petertronic4 dager siden

    It only has a few more parts than the Saturn V but is 60% more expensive. That sucks, Lego. What is it, a lockdown tax??

  • randomnickify


    3 dager siden

    No, that's normal price for lego set this big, Saturn V was really cheap for some reason, most likely marketing.

  • reasonitout
    reasonitout4 dager siden

    My father. who art where he was before he was born (according to him ...a very practical man) hallowed be his name John, he gave us Space Shuttle Enterprise (Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-101 in his last days at Republic Aviation/Fairchild Hiller Corp at Farmingdale Long Island NY. Official timeline element : 1975 May 25. Vertical stabilizer arrives at Palmdale from Fairchild Republic

  • John Burr
    John Burr4 dager siden

    It is extremely hard for robots to get a perfect count on the tiny pieces, so they allow the error to drift in the direction of too many and nobody complains. After all, it's only pennies worth of manufacturing costs per set and getting the robots that much better would cost millions or possibly billions.

  • John Burr
    John Burr4 dager siden

    Don't worry, Scott, we never saw anything on the last hop either.

  • tpodole
    tpodole4 dager siden

    Congress: "so NASA doesn't need that much money" NASA: "OK... SpaceX, you are the best choice with new budget." also Congress with Blue Origin and Dynetics behind them: "But... But what about jobs and competition?"

  • Learn About Astrology
    Learn About Astrology4 dager siden

    1:07:51 One has deadly spiders & snakes

  • mark sawyer
    mark sawyer4 dager siden

    its working ok

  • Deuce
    Deuce4 dager siden

    I loved your comment about making the world better vs just thinking about how rich you could be. You do have a positive affect on people, I promise you that. Thanks Scott!

  • alex Marshall
    alex Marshall4 dager siden

    Leggo l'Ego...👉👁️👁️👈

  • John Hardy
    John Hardy4 dager siden

    1:20 lol

  • Justin Mayfield
    Justin Mayfield4 dager siden

    Flight of the Conchords are amazing.

  • Lemon Lady
    Lemon Lady4 dager siden

    I watched Shepherd's flight in my 1st grade class. 60 yrs! Feeling old! But not the 1st time, at my age.

  • Anggi Suwandi Sutisna
    Anggi Suwandi Sutisna4 dager siden

    I love how he trying to build this while explaining stuff to us (although some of it are quite dumb lol)

  • Lemon Lady
    Lemon Lady4 dager siden

    At sea, in a marked channel, port (red wine) lights keep on left, green starboard on rt. If you forget, look at plane's lights b/c same.

  • JS13
    JS134 dager siden

    When is the Chinese space junk going to drop on New York ???

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White4 dager siden

    The only thing I'd add about the SpaceX lunar contract - typically those lawsuits/petitions/complaints aren't submitted without the company (or their lobby) getting an indication of at least some minimal support in congress. sometimes, it's a congressperson reaching out to the company to trigger the petition, which then gives the congressperson a platform from which to launch their political agenda (and free tv campaign time). it gets messy... but really, it's all just part of the necessary machine when you're using public money to fund public scientific endeavors. regardless of the sausage making, there's a lot of good that comes from the resulting stew (to mix a bunch of metaphors).

  • Sparky Projects
    Sparky Projects4 dager siden

    I could see you and beian cox in a show (the manley cox show), he can talk about the planets, you can talk about how to get there, survive, and get back, and of course you'd allso have common subjects. we have hardware, software and firmware, so it should be downloading wetware or dumping files, depending on which biofunction it is. ;)

  • John Allison
    John Allison4 dager siden

    As someone from an Ayrshire, coastal town not far from Troon, your accent hasn't changed that much. You still have one habit many Scots have - no hankie with the back of your hand and trouser leg as a substitute for your snotters! Still think you do wonderful and informative videos. Thanks. Never did take to Leggo but great to see an expert at work.

  • David Lynn
    David Lynn4 dager siden

    I truly appreciate your content; but the left coast is not a place I’d live! Thank you for sharing. Blessings 🙏🏼

  • L Dewey MD
    L Dewey MD4 dager siden

    Regarding China's booster: Tom Lehrer - "Once rockets go up, who cares where they come down. That's not my department!", says Wernher von Braun.

  • A Brit
    A Brit4 dager siden

    Drach would have done it in one take. Lovely work, take care :)

  • CrazyChemistPL
    CrazyChemistPL4 dager siden

    Shame a little they didn't manage to engineer wheel bay doors in this scale. Seems like a fairly straightforward thing.

  • Tim Retter
    Tim Retter4 dager siden

    I think Lego is definitely a situation where the sum of the parts are greater than the whole

  • Dreibuchstaben
    Dreibuchstaben4 dager siden

    Hey Scott, just a hint: if you want to put the Hubble into the closed cargo bay you have to remove the rolled panels. Just saw that on one small picture on the box.

  • MrSwimfinz123
    MrSwimfinz1235 dager siden

    Scott..... Many have wondered the following: is Perseverance's microphones able to pick up the audio of Ingenuity's counter-rotating blades? I know on earth tests, Ingenuity's blades are very NOISY! Thank you in advance!

  • Sam van Hoytema
    Sam van Hoytema5 dager siden

    When Scott accidentally activated his Siri, he probably thought "oh, that's Johns code again"

  • MonsterSound
    MonsterSound5 dager siden

    That is a great construction set. Props to you and Lego. 🐟✔ 🟥🍁🟥

  • Petertronic


    4 dager siden

    Overpriced though

  • SLPC
    SLPC5 dager siden

    So glad you were confirming my own thoughts about thunderfoot, still, sad that he is persisting on that stuff.

  • Anthoney King
    Anthoney King5 dager siden

    OMG that really is a Great Lego Model i think the best they Produced so far it looks so good thank you Scott for Building this with us all you Da Man

  • Rizho Revilino
    Rizho Revilino5 dager siden

    I have the set now i just bought it but haven't assembled it yet

  • Waynes butler
    Waynes butler5 dager siden

    An almost perfect set and an amazing bargain considering what you get . Would be nice to get some more modules that Discovery launched other then the Hubble and Ulysees , maybe modules that made up the ISS .

  • htmagic
    htmagic5 dager siden

    I remember when I got to witness the shuttle launch from the Banana River, 6 miles away. The launch was at dawn and so cool! Then we toured the Kennedy Space Center later on that day and watched the crawler crawl back to the VAB. May the 4th be with you and have a magical day! MagicBill

  • Sleepingawake69
    Sleepingawake695 dager siden

    When I was wee lad ( small child ) I had the idea of using a cannon with a cannon ball attached on a "string" to propel a space ship forward as the velocity of the ball would pull the space ship forward . Using this idea of a mass accelerated in free space , a magnetically levitating mass freely "floating" in a cylinder could be made to accelerate by compressed air , electromagnets or even a medieval mechanism to deliver a momentum jolt to a magnetic force that might create forward momentum . The space shuttles interior space could hold such a mechanism with freely floating parts that magnetic fields absorb and repel forces for a frictionless cycle .

  • Johnnyxp64
    Johnnyxp645 dager siden

    if that nose was black would be perfect.

  • P. Patrick Tukkers
    P. Patrick Tukkers5 dager siden

    I'm sorry that I didn't watch your building... ...I was building it myself at the same moment. :-)

  • Allen 0
    Allen 05 dager siden

    Great stuff Scott. Can't wait to watch it. I build basa wood flying models scale rubber free flight.

  • otto von ottsville
    otto von ottsville5 dager siden

    Don't get Legos. No matter what you build it's all covered in lumps.

  • TheArklyte
    TheArklyte5 dager siden

    So, will you use this model to demonstrate Space Shuttle and Buran modification proposals and design variants? Like when Shuttle was enlarged for one more section for example.

  • Storm D
    Storm D5 dager siden

    Disney Star Wars Normies consider May 4th Star Wars day. Real Star Wars fans know it's really May 25th.

  • Neil
    Neil5 dager siden

    Now get the lighting kit!

  • Morgan
    Morgan5 dager siden

    i have the saturn v one!

  • Ward Dejonckheere
    Ward Dejonckheere5 dager siden

    Am i the only one that is watching this for all the interesting talks, rather than the lego build?

  • Frog secretary of swamp
    Frog secretary of swamp5 dager siden

    The manliest man make lego set

  • InventorZahran


    5 dager siden

    Lego is a toy for all ages!

  • tore lie
    tore lie5 dager siden

    Wow,. That was hard work...Thanx for a good «program». I learnt a lot trough the years. Always s pleasure. Keep it up👍 Tore, Norway

  • Duder McDudeface
    Duder McDudeface5 dager siden

    Not complete without the Lego Senate committee telling you that you need to spend 100x the cost of the actual set to build it.

  • Cornelis van der Bent
    Cornelis van der Bent5 dager siden

    Looking forward to your video about the rogue Chinese rocket that's spinning around Earth out of control.

  • InventorZahran


    5 dager siden

    That Chinese booster is not flying safe...

  • replica
    replica5 dager siden

    to collect asteroids before they vanish into the sun is a mission - for a bigger and bigger mars moon for more and more geothermal activity

  • allan churm
    allan churm5 dager siden

    thank you watched it all

  • Bart van der Schoor
    Bart van der Schoor5 dager siden

    Drachinifel is a great channel. For long form technical content I also like "Greg's Airplanes and Automobiles" with hours of in-depth technical talk about aircraft design (mostly WW2).

  • Balázs Bélavári

    Balázs Bélavári

    3 dager siden

    Hmm is it coincidence, the YT algorithm or just shared interests that I also really like Greg’s channel?

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson5 dager siden

    That was awesome thank you so much Scott! As a kid the pre-shuttle images I remember were the ones of the shuttle deploying the Hubble.

  • Nate lee Cross
    Nate lee Cross5 dager siden

    Just don't do NASAs mistake and let Elon "help"

  • Andrew Fecheyr
    Andrew Fecheyr5 dager siden

    "I would love my elevons - cuz that's how I roll" 🤣 2:18:10

  • InventorZahran


    5 dager siden

    As a baseball player, I also love my elevons - cuz that's how I pitch!

  • Starhopper


    5 dager siden


  • Stopper NZ
    Stopper NZ5 dager siden

    Part 4, cat pushes it off edge of table , smashes into a million pieces

  • Friday Californiaa

    Friday Californiaa

    2 dager siden

    « _Columbia. Houston, UHF com check_ »

  • Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs

    3 dager siden

    When I was a kid I had the Airfix Lunar Lander... ...Every time my mother ‘dusted’, a bit would break off ☹️

  • Benjamin Brewer

    Benjamin Brewer

    4 dager siden

    Cat!? That was me and my little brother when we were kids. Dropping each other’s lego masterpieces. “Houston we have a problem, it looks like a sibling rivalry”.

  • Alpha Delta

    Alpha Delta

    4 dager siden

    @InventorZahran 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stopper NZ

    Stopper NZ

    4 dager siden

    Are the 2354 pieces un breakable? don't under estimate cats

  • Mr Wolsy
    Mr Wolsy5 dager siden

    Scott, have you spoken to Fraser Cain lately? His channel is still running? Can only stay 5 min, get well soon.

  • rnedisc
    rnedisc5 dager siden

    Holy shirt! I know what lego set I'm getting next!

  • M
    M5 dager siden

    You are a class act!!

  • M
    M5 dager siden

    You’re accent is becoming more American every week! Where in USA r u?

  • heatshield
    heatshield5 dager siden

    Nice week, man. OH, I mean "Thank gods that's over".

  • M
    M5 dager siden

    Good morning from the UK

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor5 dager siden


  • Starhopper
    Starhopper5 dager siden

    If given the chance, would you actually fly on the shuttle (in its day)

  • Cameron Goddard

    Cameron Goddard

    5 dager siden

    I guess that depends on which shuttle era we're talking about (STS-1-4, pre-Challenger, pre-Columbia and ISS, pre-Columbia post ISS, post-Columbia), with each of those with varying degrees of safety. I think I'd be a lot more hesitant with some of the pre-Challenger ones but yeah It'd be a dream come true.

  • Starhopper
    Starhopper5 dager siden

    Fly safe!

  • Starship SN10
    Starship SN105 dager siden

    Fly safe!

  • Scroopy Noopers
    Scroopy Noopers5 dager siden

    How lore accurate is it tho?

  • Jordan de Graaff
    Jordan de Graaff5 dager siden

    Saw it all the way through to the end! Even when you couldn’t see us!

  • Ink_25
    Ink_255 dager siden

    Awesome :D

  • JomJom_
    JomJom_5 dager siden