Building Lego Space Shuttle - Part 1

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  • RedSkysAreOnFire
    RedSkysAreOnFireDag siden

    its 170 quid in the uk.

  • Josh Cheng
    Josh ChengDag siden

    Fly safe o7

  • Felix Warren
    Felix WarrenDag siden

    1:54:50 Epicly great mom joke

  • Jonathan Zimmer
    Jonathan ZimmerDag siden

    He's doing this mellow, yet highly informative Livestream, daughter comes in like "Sup dweebs! Show and tell whut! DOG! CAT!".... *stares at camera like a serial killer*... "We don't space. I rebel." Twas cute, a refreshing addition. Always cool to see our fav Tubers doing their family thing, and get a glimpse behind the camera to see their unedited, unscripted personality... and realize they're like this ALL the TIME!!! :)

  • Boogus Nutsack
    Boogus Nutsack2 dager siden

    Alternate Title: Scott Manley attempting to understand 2021 industry changes.

  • RFC3514
    RFC35143 dager siden

    2:42:55 - Duff.

  • Josh Fenton
    Josh Fenton3 dager siden

    The “pattern in the middle” that you like represents the Center of gravity of the orbiter.

  • Al Mac
    Al Mac4 dager siden

    For Skye - Planet order - many years ago at school in Scotland, we were taught 'Man Very Early Made Jars Serve Useful Needs Period' , although I believe the 'Period' is open to discussion these days.

  • AndyMahnFL411
    AndyMahnFL4114 dager siden

    Just received mine, here in the states - there was no inner box, thus the parts bags for the Hubble telescope and the shuttle were commingled - thus my confusion over dupliclately-numbered parts bags.

  • Tangy Diesel
    Tangy Diesel5 dager siden

    Just a "little" bigger than the lego shuttle kit I put together when I was a kid.

  • NG_Design
    NG_Design5 dager siden

    LEGO MOC Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 Upgrade Tank and Booster Scale 1/70 by NG_Design | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO

  • MAXR R
    MAXR R5 dager siden

    Great job

  • Bryan Gettel
    Bryan Gettel5 dager siden

    Some people call you Maurice.

  • Greg Ewing
    Greg Ewing5 dager siden

    1:21:50 Obviously it's a whip antenna.

  • B H
    B H5 dager siden

    It is one of their better models!

  • gort58
    gort585 dager siden

    It's a fun build. The engineering of the landing gear is very elegant. The most challenging part was getting the stickers for the radiators to go on straight!

  • Knoz
    Knoz5 dager siden

    Scott...dont blame yourself for college burnout. I now work as an educator and postgraduate at my alma mater out of all places and it is only making me hate certain professors even more. Mostly retired, fortunately. It IS possible to teach without being an ass and making exams that have 90% fail rates.....and what shocks me most is how students perform worse if you replace stupid math tasks with comprehension questions. Goes to show how badly previous semesters have already ruined these poor kids....they could know zero math and all the comprehension stuff and would be better engineers in your typical company :(

  • Matt
    Matt5 dager siden

    Finished mine last night! Loved it!

  • Oid Polar
    Oid Polar5 dager siden

    Is this Lego made in China?

  • Mando Rick
    Mando Rick6 dager siden

    Scott, I am a father with two goofy kids and I have to tell you mate, warms the heart.

  • Phil Higgins
    Phil Higgins6 dager siden

    Are you Scottish, or American ?

  • m & m
    m & m6 dager siden

    Well done to Scotty our Scott'sman! 😃 P.S lt's so good to be able to live our lives vicariously through you. Thanks.

  • Celia YAHCCS
    Celia YAHCCS6 dager siden

    Interesting what you said about trying to give Mars a magnetic field. How stable are Mars's Lagrange points ? Wouldn't things get perturbed from them by Jupiter?

  • Celia YAHCCS
    Celia YAHCCS6 dager siden

    Steamed broccoli? I don't know how anyone can enjoy that - it's so hard to chew. I like it cooked enough to be soft. I have gone off broccoli lately - it's been very bitter. Out of season I presume. I tried to grow some once. It needs lots of space and grows quite tall. Not suitable for growing on the ISS. I expect they could grow lettuce, chard and spinach, maybe carrots or spring onions. But chard needs more space if it grows quite big! I think carrots might grow funny shapes if they don't know which way is 'down'.

  • Celia YAHCCS
    Celia YAHCCS6 dager siden

    Love the Lego build videos. The ISS model was so complicated but you made it so quickly and with all the talking at the same time! I'm impressed enough with the HST model! It's a nice relaxing family video too - makes us viewers feel at home too like we're all one big family. How do you make sure the dog and cat don't get to your Lego models and knock them down and 'disassemble' them?

  • ashemgold
    ashemgold6 dager siden

    Just watched the SpaceX crew dragon splashdown. Impressive. Not to be harsh, but it seemed so very calm and, dare I say, easy compared to that last Space Shuttle fiasco.

  • John Routledge
    John Routledge6 dager siden

    Two days to put 99% of the lego kit together, followed by six months to add all the TPS bricks.

  • kmdan
    kmdan6 dager siden

    It is amazing for me, that a guy with this knowledge and skillset (Scott), has a youtubechannel with 1.25 million subscribers, and his family is still totally careless/ignorant about his hobby. :D Not meaning it in a bad way, but it is just amazes me, and can give a good perspective to my girlfriend :D.

  • zlozlozlo
    zlozlozlo6 dager siden

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this set has stickers? I want it, but I'm not buying it if it has stickers.

  • SiggyPony
    SiggyPony6 dager siden

    This is a perfect steam :) excellent to listen to while I tidy my room

  • Dolf Andringa
    Dolf Andringa6 dager siden

    I love it turning into a family stream. A nice change of pace. And Scott doing a serious attempt to keep space talk going.

  • SpacialKatana
    SpacialKatana6 dager siden

    That's the most F's I've seen in a chat , ever. RIP Michael Collins. F

  • David Hedges
    David Hedges6 dager siden

    Chat paid for this model in the first 8 minutes ...

  • Amras the Lucky Woof
    Amras the Lucky Woof6 dager siden

    I've built this thing myself and it was an absolute delight. The orbiter has really clever mechanical systems to move the elevons and landing gear.

  • Casper Hoelgaard Buch
    Casper Hoelgaard Buch6 dager siden

    Solar power plants in orbit is pure idiotic. The earth is heating up, so don't start cathing even more sun energy and beam it to earth. Stupid. Only place it would benefit is at the L1 point, but it probably never will get affordable.

  • Tony McAlinden
    Tony McAlinden7 dager siden

    Missed this live, liked the Burnistoun reference. Eleven will forever be synonymous with both Spinal Tap and "that" lift.

  • Jerome Thiel
    Jerome Thiel7 dager siden

    Out of stock.... Bastards. Lego needs to make more things.

  • Eric Melto
    Eric Melto7 dager siden

    Don’t time lapse. Do a highlight show in a couple weeks. Like. Of course I like a and w root beer. I’d definitely use highly enriched uranium to sustain viability. The coyotes are coming out. Sorry for the noise. You set up in the kitchen. Hey look the landing gear has suspension. Little springy thing.

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith7 dager siden

    Did you honestly just say "punch Nazis", Scott? 🙄

  • Fred Chauvière
    Fred Chauvière7 dager siden

    2:34:28 An apple employee discovering that Catalina broke compatibility with every vintage video games: welcome to out world!

  • Henrik Graversen
    Henrik Graversen7 dager siden

    LEGO means "LEg GOdt", which in Danish means "PLay GOod", so if LEGO was a company from an English spoken country, it would be named PLGO 😊

  • Overopinionated Az'hat
    Overopinionated Az'hat7 dager siden

    Shuttle Enterprise is still my favorite. Enterprise factory rollout day was my birthday.

  • BoNeZ
    BoNeZ7 dager siden

    I find it odd why an adult plays with lego lol

  • Nathan
    Nathan7 dager siden

    We had a cat that followed me home from our bus stop, he'd show up every day for weeks, and one day we decided to keep him, it was clear he was a stray and nobody else was taking care of him. His name was lucky too! :) I loved that cat. He was amazing. He hated my mother with a burning passion though(would death stare at her whenever they crossed paths).

  • marsbar 709
    marsbar 7097 dager siden

    Scott, he'll be coming to pick up MECO in a week or so

  • Hank Scorpio
    Hank Scorpio7 dager siden


  • Stan N Dan Films
    Stan N Dan Films7 dager siden

    Scott is being fed broccoli and good job with I am going to eat it trick

  • Stan N Dan Films
    Stan N Dan Films7 dager siden

    2:14:10 WTH

  • Haukur Runar Sigurdsson
    Haukur Runar Sigurdsson7 dager siden

    What's in the box!

  • feha92
    feha927 dager siden

    Why is part 1 released after part 2?

  • Phil Moore
    Phil Moore7 dager siden

    300p manual - wow

  • SwordQuake
    SwordQuake7 dager siden

    Why does your daughter refer to you and your wife by name?

  • Traianus Imperator
    Traianus Imperator7 dager siden

    Posting Part 2 before Part 1, triggered.

  • harlockmbb
    harlockmbb7 dager siden

    Hope this not fall and brakes into millions of pieces. Is a very realistic Lego.

  • coolmadmike
    coolmadmike7 dager siden

    Wait.... Boy scouts allow girls? I'm done.

  • Graham


    5 dager siden

    Pretty much only the US was still boys only in scouts until very very recently. Most everywhere else has been mixed for decades.

  • G W
    G W7 dager siden

    Wow I’d like that and the Saturn. Pricing is just scandalous though for plastic. I was a technic addict throughout the 80’s and it saddens me that these things have been priced so high now that my family wouldn’t have been able to buy them if I’d been born 30 years later.

  • G W

    G W

    6 dager siden

    I was buying the big sets for £30 in the late 80's which is around £80 now. Not £130 to £200+ However even that would be a narrow minded and extremely foolish way of looking at it, that ignored the bigger picture of most similar items dramatically falling in price. Plastic toys in general have fallen in real terms where as Lego has increased above inflation. Things like video games are also vastly cheaper in real times. Costs of course have risen else where to compensate such as houses outstripping pay every year, smarts phones becoming an necessity etc. Lego has not stayed in line with other similar items. If it had, the Shuttle set would likely be £50. Hornby Railway kit is another example that hasn't fallen in real terms like other items.

  • Tony McAlinden

    Tony McAlinden

    7 dager siden

    I suggest you pop the price of those Technic sets into an inflation calculator then get back to us...

  • Pieter db
    Pieter db7 dager siden

    Live steaming it seems is a big cash cow! I should start live streaming working on my pc, building 3d models in 3ds max, maybe that way I'll get more money from my live stream than my actual contract....

  • Default Name
    Default Name7 dager siden

    How much did that cost ££££

  • SpacialKatana


    6 dager siden

    It's £170 on their site

  • Nestor Scagliotti
    Nestor Scagliotti7 dager siden

    Hi Scott! I really like your videos, thank you so much for making them so interesting. I'll try to grab a Lego set, they look amazing. Cheers!

  • Lewis Patterson
    Lewis Patterson7 dager siden

    Notice how skye keeps calling her dad scott🤣🤣🤣

  • wolvolad25
    wolvolad257 dager siden

    Any idea where i can get this kit

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore7 dager siden

    Hi Scott ..from Glasgow, Scotland

  • Johan
    Johan7 dager siden

    I can only hope ur going to play KSP2. Miss the old days.

  • marsbar 709
    marsbar 7097 dager siden

    STS31 or 125?

  • Sean Botha
    Sean Botha7 dager siden

    Lego removed all firefighter and police from their sets they are a communist organization that want to indoctrinate kids into thinking the police and fire department is BAD!

  • Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant

    6 dager siden

    @Scott Manley Like a great many fools it's likely something picked up from social media and repeated faithfully as true because checking NEVER occurs them. They simply swallow it blind.

  • the bigger cheese

    the bigger cheese

    7 dager siden

    Careful with the redpills, buddy!

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    7 dager siden

    Wow you’re really drinking the kool aid. Meanwhile, in the real world

  • Edward Scrase
    Edward Scrase7 dager siden

    Making mine tomorrow, my partner has a flower set to make too. Lego date = best date

  • Zim Rivas
    Zim Rivas7 dager siden

    Always insane to me that people pay so much for plastic on top of being able to download the directions online and build all the expensive ones yourself with random parts without having to buy the big things but still cool if you like expensive plastic!👍👍👍

  • Eliot Mansfield
    Eliot Mansfield7 dager siden

    I bought one of the knock-off saturn 5’s - they go together but the fit and finish wasn’t very good and my child couldn’t do it - despite using lego for about 10 years

  • phillip panners
    phillip panners8 dager siden

    In the movie. No redundancy. What the heck?

    XENONPLASMA8 dager siden

    Extremely complicated. I have the official STS technical manual and it's surprising how many bits and pieces were put into it!

  • Keegan Penney
    Keegan Penney9 dager siden

    Oh cool! I'm also putting together minis, what a great time tune in

  • Luke Molyneux
    Luke Molyneux9 dager siden

    Whey. Went to Lego land Windsor today!!!

  • Cranky Unicorn
    Cranky Unicorn9 dager siden

    yeah you're an Ahole when you comment some things but no one can be smart in all the spectrum of intelligence

  • Cranky Unicorn

    Cranky Unicorn

    9 dager siden

    thank you for inviting us to your house

  • Cranky Unicorn

    Cranky Unicorn

    9 dager siden

    but you seam to be a great dad so all is forgiven

  • FXP1688
    FXP16889 dager siden

    I already got mine done :D But it took me 5 evenings to finish it.

  • TrueStyle
    TrueStyle9 dager siden

    Hahagha great video! I'm on package 12 on my shuttle lego build, it's been a fun one. Lots of cool designs on this build

  • Anthoney King
    Anthoney King9 dager siden

    OMG Scott I was enjoying your Vlog then you Fam came in and it Suddenly got better as your Daughter was asking so cool Questions its so Great to see your real life there on the VLOG awesome thank you

  • PsychoDad89
    PsychoDad899 dager siden

    Boy 3 hours of scott

  • Urban SpaceXMan
    Urban SpaceXMan9 dager siden

    I have the following LEGO space themed sets: Apollo Saturn V Lunar Lander Women of NASA ISS Shuttle and transporter set Shuttle Discovery and Hubble set Love your videos.

  • Urban SpaceXMan

    Urban SpaceXMan

    5 dager siden

    @Forest Fifer Excellent. Not really into LEGO Technic myself.

  • Forest Fifer

    Forest Fifer

    5 dager siden

    I've got the Lego Technic Mars Exploration Rover (7471). I win...

  • HeyThere !
    HeyThere !9 dager siden

    Scott I just want to say that you have a wonderfully inquisitive, smart and beautiful family. I enjoyed seeing the family man. I have to get the space shuttle! I am a LITTLE disappointed that the ET/boosters weren't part of the design. That would've been expensive tho...

  • Lalo Lele kapo toro
    Lalo Lele kapo toro9 dager siden

    Cool family. LOVE the stream It fell like i was there i enjoy a loot thanks.

  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan9 dager siden

    Recently discovered Drachinifel and got hooked. One hour about ballistic calculations to hit people with a canonball, yes please! Wish a few flat Earthers watched that to realize just how much effort has gone into understanding our sphere-ish rotating world.

  • Alistair Shaw

    Alistair Shaw

    7 dager siden

    Drach is dope

  • allan churm
    allan churm9 dager siden

    this is why i so love this site ..really wonder 1.25 million think the same

  • Ma Mu
    Ma Mu9 dager siden

    Since Scott said he doesn't have a lot of time (because of the many children he has all around the globe, his work and his game addictions....) he finally got the time to build his very own - real life - space ship. Sweet :)

  • Derek Wright
    Derek Wright9 dager siden

    Haha at 2:10:40-ish HE SAID MY NAME! I'm a starrrrrrr lol. JK, I LOVE SCOTT! FLY SAFE BUDDY!!!

  • Space Wolf
    Space Wolf9 dager siden

    YES SCOTTY!!! The classic lego!

  • Against NAZO!
    Against NAZO!9 dager siden

    Why isn't there a Lego-Buran? :-( It looks similar to the spaceshuttle, so it wouldn't be a big deal for Lego to develop such a model.

  • kiromancer
    kiromancer9 dager siden

    I enjoyed that Thanks Scott!

  • green kerbal
    green kerbal9 dager siden

    Me watching this and building a 1/72 mig17

  • Patrick Tho
    Patrick Tho9 dager siden

    Still proud of my old LEGO Space Shuttle :)

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname9 dager siden

    Would love to see more on the proposed magnetic reconnection engine concepts!

  • Leif Vejby
    Leif Vejby9 dager siden

    Scott, they don't know about Meccano in USA, they used Erector, which is now Erector by Meccano. Looking forward to the next stint!

  • mike spikeey
    mike spikeey9 dager siden

    One of Springsteen’s most iconic songs, “Born in the U.S.A.” is about the troubled return home of a Vietnam veteran. Its original working title was “Vietnam”. how ironic US presidential candidates use it to day dumb ducks

  • C S
    C S9 dager siden

    Loved the Billy Connolly reference. Stephen Fry does an amazing Billy Connolly impression on QI...

  • Bram's Lego
    Bram's Lego9 dager siden

    scot saying: "I have never seen this piece." me havig like 100 of these

  • Martin Vranovsky
    Martin Vranovsky9 dager siden

    By the gods, wasn't Skye just a wee little thing just yesterday? I feel so old...

  • Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant

    6 dager siden


  • Francisco


    7 dager siden

    holy shit wtf i feel so old now

  • Malte Michel

    Malte Michel

    7 dager siden

    Exactly what I thought... I took quite a hit. Where has all that time gone?

  • Twan de Graaf

    Twan de Graaf

    9 dager siden

    @Enraged Ares I had exactly the same inner crisis for a bit there.. it actually made me look it up.. and its 10 years now..

  • Enraged Ares

    Enraged Ares

    9 dager siden

    Used to teeny tiny voices asking what the kerbals were doing , now all grown up , also makes us all realise how long we been watching scott now

  • Curiosity rover
    Curiosity rover9 dager siden

    They put the wrong logos on the wings, they put the logos of Challenger instead of Discovery. But hey, not everyone stops to check so it doesn't ruin the set unless you are desperate to have a perfect replica of the shuttle Edit: actually the logos on Discovery's wings had changed over time and the logos in the set are right if you want to recreate the launch of Hubble. Thanks for the comments and explaining the situation.

  • Waynes butler

    Waynes butler

    9 dager siden

    @Jason Clift-Jones You are correct STS 31 had logos the same as this set on the wings and the cargo bay . It wasnt till later missions that some of the logos changed . A quick view of the launch and landing of STS 31 here on the Tube will show your comment is correct and others have neglected to watch it before commenting ..

  • Jason Clift-Jones

    Jason Clift-Jones

    9 dager siden

    Didn't the logos on the wings change? Comparing to pictures of the real STS-31, they look right to me?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson9 dager siden

    Can't find the business contact info on you tube will check Twitter next

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    9 dager siden

    Check ‘about’ page.

  • Antti Koivula
    Antti Koivula9 dager siden

    Lego engineer 😃

  • Draw Down Dave
    Draw Down Dave9 dager siden

    I always figured you for an EVE player. I even think you were in my corp at a time when we were trying to get good enough to be a low/0 sec entity. If you are who I think you are you were still unmarried and in Scotland at the time, planning to move to the US. We spent a lot of time together in and around Black Rise.

  • Draw Down Dave

    Draw Down Dave

    9 dager siden

    @Scott Manley OK. Thanks for the reply.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    9 dager siden

    Different person. I moved to US before EVE existed

  • Aeneas911
    Aeneas9119 dager siden

    1:48 CH4 Booster gas leak

  • Aeneas911


    5 dager siden