Could You Make A Space Suit From Duct Tape?

Vitenskap og teknologi

NASA has used 'gray tape' to solve a few problems in space, but the season 2 finale of 'For All Mankind' includes a scene with a pair of astronauts improvising a pressure suit from oxygen masks and duct tape. And it turns out that this isn't as ridiculous as you might imagine, a pressure suit doesn't need to provide atmospheric pressure, but mechanical pressure and the strength of material required is well within that provided by off the shelf tape.
"For All Mankind" tells a story of a space program in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union lands on the Moon before NASA and the space race never stops.
There's a couple of great books from NASA which cover the technical details:
Dressing For Altitude
Bioastronautics Data Book


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    10:28 that big middle finger there :DDDD

  • 303smle
    303smle4 timer siden

    Scott an embolism isn’t necessarily painful. I suffered an arterial air embolism while scuba diving, which was diagnosed as being caused by a congenital lung defect. I was blind, my legs and arms were fully paralysed, I had memory loss and I was experiencing seizures. Even though at the time I knew that I was dying, my main thought was at least it was because I was doing something that I enjoyed. I experienced no pain. I was annoyed that I couldn’t control my legs when I went into a fit. But that was about it. Luckily for me the bubble dispersed of its own accord while I was being raced to shore. The doctors told me to never dive again.

  • Tricky
    Tricky6 timer siden

    Wouldn't the would-be astronaut also suffer huge burns from so much direct contact with the exterior layer of their thin ductape suit?

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer6 timer siden

    Just remember folks that not all Duct Tape is created equally. You pay for what you get. Buy the cheapest tape and you may pay for it with your life. Buy the quality brand and you may live to brag about your adventure.

  • Bartłomiej Jastrzębski
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    I dont think they had pure oxygen.

  • mattigi
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    Ok where did you get the launch tower for the Saturn V?

  • Nicolai Veliki
    Nicolai Veliki10 timer siden

    In German we call duct tape "Panzerband", which translates to armor or tank tape. Bundeswehr soldiers joke that it holds tanks together and can stop bullets (several hundred layers of it could stop a bullet realistically though that would be a lot more encumbering than an actual kevlar vest)

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    is that little Scott Kerman in the intro?

  • hal dyordan
    hal dyordan11 timer siden

    I don't know if anyone already commented like this but, would the running and effort shown in the show increased blood pressure would also a profound effect in the human body,and survivability? So far, actual events are in stationary position, correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • Jason Ashby
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    All astronauts should have to do Freediving training. You learn how to conserve oxygen, operate with low oxygen levels in the brain and gain a tolerance to higher CO2 levels in the blood.

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    Duck tape

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    what if the suit got a hole/decompressed other than the head part then the neck suit part will be tighten for us to breath a little while to fix the problem?

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    That whole scene reminded me of the rooftop clearing scene from Chernobyl.

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    It didn't really work in the show all that well

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    The video was great, right up until that super creepy sign-off!!

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    The North Koreans are way a head of you LOL !

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    Considering their hearts were probably racing that would shorten their time quite a bit

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    Then what tape do I use to fix my duck? He just hasn't been the same since his trip to China.

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    Don't let this video distract you from the fact that 343 Industries won't add playable Elites in Halo Infinite.

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    Humans really don’t want to die a horrible space death Solution: Duct tape

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    I literally watched this video until he said you should watch it first. Watched both seasons in 6 days and then resumed watching the video

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    I wouldn't be concerned so much about the duct tape melting, I'd be more concerned about solar radiation, that shit's no joke!

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    If things move and where they should not - duct tape if things that should move dont - WD 40 universal law of physics

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    Sticky situation

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    “Generic Plot Device Corporation” sooo ACME. Let’s just go with ACME.

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    call it duct tape. always call things for what they are.

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    @9:25 Your eyes would pop, then all the blood would escape and you'd explode in less than a second. Tape or no tape.

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    Wow, I can't believe you spoiled the finale in the first 30 seconds of this video. Why would you do that?

  • Phil Scott
    Phil ScottDag siden

    Fascinating! As a pretentious know-it-all who barely understood the science behind this, I need to add that it's not "duct" tape, but rather "duck" tape. I know. That's odd. But hear me out. It was a waterproof tape invented during WWII to quickly repair amphibious vehicles known to GIs colloquially as "Ducks." Originally olive green, and usefull beyond imagination, after the war the color changed to the gray-silver used today. There. I'll shut up now.

  • not here anymore
    not here anymoreDag siden

    Man this reminds me of the weird theory that was going around about the reason why Starfox characters seem to all have prosthetic robot legs, people were saying that they got their legs willingly amputated to enhance their performance as pilots and prevent blood pooling in their biological legs under high G conditions.

  • 1147cc
    1147ccDag siden

    The problem that I see is that is hard to tape yourself with it. It looks like they taped the fingers into 3 on each hand. How do you tear and tape the last bit of your hands and fingers yourself. Prob a bit easier with 2 people but how would one tape themselves completely including their own fingers?

  • Anoimo 90
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    very informatice graphs. always wondered about scuba diving oxygen limits and the like.

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    *The internet asking weird questions* Me: I lust for totally useless information.

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    ...some critical task that advances the plot.

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    8:57 LOL Oh Scott.

  • bocckoka
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    I would be worried about heat exchange. Once you step out to a 300 degrees Kelvin temp gradient, I'd imagine your skin starts freezing in an instance, and that would be a tremendous pain before all your nerve endings are actually frozen, and you need to subtract the time necessary to recover from this shock from your operational time (even worse if you can't stay on your feet). Maybe this problem is not that serious though due to a lack of atmosphere on the Moon, when only radiative heat transfer is present.

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    I have 3 assignments and im watching a video on how to make space suits from duct tape 💀💀💀

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    The original Total Recall comes to mind where Arnold breaks his facemask glass and his eyes swell up popping out of his sockets. Lol, awesome movie.

  • Laszlo Ivanyi
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    What about the temperature? When I fist saw the title I'd have say no, because even if you can achieve good seal on an uneven surface, there's nothing in it protecting against heat and cold.

  • ThePaalanBoy
    ThePaalanBoyDag siden

    Norway: Gaffateip Gaffa is apparently used by backstage techies as slang for ductape

  • thhseeking
    thhseekingDag siden

    If the Lunar landings were shot in a studio, then the astronauts would have been running like at 0:30, rather than the sort of skipping-jumping gait that they DID use. The astronauts apparently found that the skipping-jumping thing was more efficient than trying to "run".

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    Let find out.

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    This is an awesome video!

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    The only thing I find more magical than duct tape is a wire coat hanger. I've solved more problems with a wire coat hanger than with duct tape. I try to keep a wire coat hanger in my car for emergencies. I recommend a pair of pliers to go with the coat hanger because they can be hard to bend without it.

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    But keep wire hangers away from Joan Crawford!

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    Scott Manley: I'm going to use duct tape and that's not the correct term... Me: Oh Good. At least we get the "it's really duck tape because it was made from cotton duck/used to waterproof ammo boxes in WW2..." out of the way... Scott Manly: NASA calls it 'gray tape'

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    Wow! That intro was absolutely spectacular! I LMAO!

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    _"Generic Plot Device Corporation."_ -- Scott Manley, 2021 😊😊😊😊

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    uh. doesn't it get like 200C on the moon? either way their blood is going to boil, atmosphere or not.

  • Obsidian Rose
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    Def will Gorilla Tape; I have fixed so much shit with that stuff. I'm sure it can be used to propel man towards the stars.

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    OK but can you use a mark 5 diving suit as a space suit?

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    Flex Tape

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    Too bad the Mythbusters are no longer on air

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    nothing duct tape can't solve! ;)

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    How much tape would it take for, let's say, an hour long exposure?

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    Hey do me a favor and GET TO THE GODDAMN POINT

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    I used duct tape to temporarily patch a small tear in a parachute. It worked very well. I’m still here.

  • Eralen00
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    I thought it was called DUCK tape? Because when it was first invented they marketed it as waterproof, because when exposed to water, it would bead up and roll off the tape, like off a duck's back

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    I wish the original Mythbusters were still around, this would be right up their alley

  • Rhubartu the Saiyan
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    Also it's funny how when movies show people on places like the moon they just act like they're moving in slow motion rather than lighter gravity... if you drop from a height on the moon the "impact" isn't even gonna cause your knees to bend, let alone having to drop down nearly half your height to compensate..

  • Robert Connor

    Robert Connor

    11 timer siden

    I think the scene was in slow motion because if it took 17 seconds in reality it would all be over to the audience before they knew what the characters were doing. That whole scene takes more than 40 seconds to the audience.

  • Rhubartu the Saiyan
    Rhubartu the SaiyanDag siden

    Why is a video about making a pressure suit from duct tape almost entirely just about the history and technical details of legitimate pressure suits?...

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  • Gpcas9
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    8:28 I think the masks were no oxigene masks. They are told to exhale before opening the hatch. The masks were only for keeping the heat of the environment from their faces for the time being.

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    scott manley, fly safe...tape

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    I've been waiting for this haha

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    It has always been a thing I have wondered about. Have seen it in many movies space 2001, events horizont and sunshine. :-)

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    I can't belive you was able to buy the parts to build the ULT U-U

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    100 mile an hour tape

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    My question is, would the duct tape actually work on the moon, or Mars? Regular duct tape has an operating temperature range of about 40 degrees F to 90 degrees F. There are specialty tapes, but they still don't go below -30 degrees F. Lower and the adhesive freezes and it won't stick. I looked into this when Whatney fixed his helmet with duct tape. It left me wondering if the tape would have 1. stuck because of the adhesive freezing 2. stuck because the surface he was trying to put it on would have been really cold and 3. broken apart because it froze in the subzero temps. I guess the surface temp would have to be just right for it to work.

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    2 dager siden

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    9:56 "The great thing about tape though is... if it is not strong enough, you can just add multiple layers" MacGyver Approves This Message

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    Satisfying ending, that one! Thanks.

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    Maybe cling wrap your self

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    Just yes or no??? Spare us the details.

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    If you can't duct it, fuck it.

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    so basically what deep divers does. you get a bigger difference of presure diving in the depths than going from 0m to vacuum. it's all about decompression and gas. Ever watched The Big Blue ?

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    When science outdoes science-fiction.

  • rpcomms1
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    I think part of the "issue"here is grading of duct tape,there is a vast difference in consumer grade tape and industrial high grade duct tape,so you need to add that into the equation in terms ,density of material,adhesive factor.What exact type\specs would NASA use?

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    This video was actually really cool.

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    Damn your name is manly as it can be :)

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    Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six...

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    Having made a body suit using Duct tape to cast my bod for a Cosplay it is an experience I care not to ever repeat your body starts to expand and you feel like your being suffocated , never mind using it as a Space suit..

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    Scott Manly? now thats a name i havent heard for a long time from YT recommendations.

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    it's duck tape, not duct tape. the name comes from the name of the cloth it was originally used in it's manufacturing, called duck cloth

  • Johan
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    14 psi is not much pressure. The first pilot pressure suits had combat boots over the feet. A fighter pilot G suit is probably fine as a space suit over the lower half of the body. Of course, actually moving in a space suit is a different story .

  • cdreid99999
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    Saw this and thought "clickbait" then saw Scott made it and instantly "oh this is legit!" Regarding duct tape and pressure. Im currently unloading a tanker at 15 psi as i type this. And we use duct tape amongst other things to patch hoses etc. This is less simple than youd think. If you just put duct tape over say a 1" hole..with multuple layers it will work. A 3" hole youd better be using a lot of layers of monster tape and its probably gping to fail. Much bigger and duct tape becomes too will leak then blow.. What you have to do is use it in a composite. Cut open a coke can or use hvac aluminum tape to spread the pressure and provide otger forms of strength than pure tensile strength. Or thin aluminum or plastic sheets then use duct tape to seal seems you keep small. What works better actually if you do it this way is the wide clear packimf tape. It has a MUCH higher tensile strength and is impervious to air.

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    Good to know... just in case

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    SPOILER ALERT: Honestly, I'm kinda glad those characters passed away in that scene, because otherwise it would've ruined the realism. In the end they died heroes, which is a good enough ending for me.

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    Duct Tape? MacGyver approved since 1985.

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    Love that new intro! 💚

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    It could be the difference between an open casket and closed casket funeral.

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    I don't know, they were pretty swollen and bloody when they were doing the walk and I would not think NASA would spend the fuel to bring the deceased all the way from the moon.

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    If they used flex tape they would've lasted even longer

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    *Red Green Show theme intensifies*

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    According to Popular Mechanics "the hose that supplied air to his suit became detached, and [Jim] LeBlanc was exposed to the effect of the vacuum for about 30 seconds. Fortunately, he was rescued from the vacuum chamber with almost no injuries, but if his rescuers had taken a little longer to reach him, he could have suffered severe health effects." The video is available on YT.

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    That awkward moment when you recognize where the "tin foil cosplay" photo was taken in like two seconds.

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    Bye Bob :(

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    10:22 "you don't need hundreds of rolls tape, you just need one or two" *flips off the people who think you need hundreds of rolls*

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    When I saw that I thought it was the biggest bunch of BS. Not just the lack of pressure, but temperature issues come into play as well.

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    so what happen when you have a super fart that smell like hell does it goes away.?

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    Hopefully, you should go to the toilet before you do an EVA. I wondered in the early days of space travel when they didn't want astronauts to poop much, why didn't NASA do a bowel prep like they do before you have a colonoscopy? That would have cleaned them out good and make more space for waste before needing to go.