Dear Moon... #DearMoon

Vitenskap og teknologi

Dear Moon submission at the last minute.
No editing.
No musc.
No stock art.
Just a story.


  • Bob Dickinson
    Bob Dickinson5 dager siden

    I see no man more qualified get this man a rocket

  • CadeTwo
    CadeTwo9 dager siden

    Gosh if anyone deserves to go its him

    REINE ASTRA11 dager siden

    Good Luck Scott!

  • Ryan Borax
    Ryan Borax16 dager siden

    You can see him reading a script.

  • Mht_ 03

    Mht_ 03

    13 dager siden


  • Ken Mathers
    Ken Mathers18 dager siden

    Why cannot the moon landing Starship be built with the fuel tanks above the payload section rather than below, this way the motors will be closer fuel and the payload and human crew closer to the moon? surface

  • deanerhar
    deanerhar18 dager siden

    If Scott doesn’t make the list, I would be surprised and disappointed. Couldn’t wish for a better crew member aboard a starship to the moon! Really! What other people even come close, who aren’t overrated A-list Hollywood celebrities? Scott Manley is THE ideal candidate!

  • Rudolf Wickond
    Rudolf Wickond19 dager siden

    Scots in space?

  • Lag Master Jay
    Lag Master Jay19 dager siden


  • christotaku B.
    christotaku B.20 dager siden

    good luck

  • Darkelement
    Darkelement22 dager siden

    I hope you make it Scott! I've been listening to your videos since college and I work for NASA now. Good luck!!

  • Curufinwë
    Curufinwë22 dager siden

    i cant think of any youtuber that deserves to go to space more than Scott. so much work he has done spreading the fun of space to all ages.

  • Every Bird
    Every Bird23 dager siden


  • Josue Castillo
    Josue Castillo24 dager siden

    There are so many people that i would love to see get this opportunity. You are definitely up there! 🤞🏼

  • El Hungaro
    El Hungaro24 dager siden

    Fly safe my friend 👍....all the way around the moon 🎑.... I'm one of your biggest fan....rooting for you 🤞

  • chris schuff
    chris schuff25 dager siden

    rooting for you!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob van de Lindt
    Jacob van de Lindt25 dager siden

    Send Scott to the moon!

  • RWBHere
    RWBHere27 dager siden

    Aaaaannnnd...... Posted on 1st of April. 😉

  • PC Studios
    PC Studios28 dager siden


  • Stephen Borghese
    Stephen Borghese29 dager siden

    yes. you now get my vote. i'll take it back from tim.

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa29 dager siden

    I raped the like button. You deserve the whole solar system ! I hope this mission's name will be « Fly Safe ! » =)

  • Chris
    ChrisMåned siden

    You'd get my vote

  • awsumguy7680
    awsumguy7680Måned siden

    #DearMoon thanks for having billions of dollars worth of resources on your surface but for some reason the U.S. government isnt gonna send anybody there... But what if we tell them theres oil?

  • Wez Tuppeny
    Wez TuppenyMåned siden

    Scott should be number 1 out the 8 to go the moon since my application didn’t get this far lol!

  • Fx dS
    Fx dSMåned siden

    Go Scott

  • Daniel Le Couilliard
    Daniel Le CouilliardMåned siden

    I hope you are successful in getting a trip. It’s like a modern day Willy wonka competition! Hope you get a golden ticket!

  • Ernst Kotzé
    Ernst KotzéMåned siden

    You ART Scott. ;-D

  • Cristiano Secci
    Cristiano SecciMåned siden

    I cannot think of anyone more qualified youtuber than Scott for dearMoon! Please fly him safely to the Moon and back!!! Go Scott go!!! 🚀

  • Avaneesh Koppikar
    Avaneesh KoppikarMåned siden

    You should definitely go to the moon sir. I am motivated to be a Rocket Engineer due to you. Hats off to you 💚💛♦️💙🔶

  • Juan Araluce
    Juan AraluceMåned siden

    I vote for Scott for dear moon

  • Kyle Bockwoldt
    Kyle BockwoldtMåned siden

    send the man

  • Robert Lee
    Robert LeeMåned siden

    Sorry Mr. Manley. But if Contact's author, Carl Sagan, has his way, they will send a poet. Still. I hope you sit beside that poet.

  • Dennis G.
    Dennis G.Måned siden

    I truely hope you get a spot brother! 🖤

  • Andrew Tranter
    Andrew TranterMåned siden

    so now my youtube stream is filled with youtubers begging to go to the moon

  • Robert Hayden
    Robert HaydenMåned siden

    I dunno, Scott and Tim are going to have to fight for it. We can't risk both of them and they are both treasures. :)

  • Happy Fox
    Happy FoxMåned siden

    didn't you miss the deadline?

  • Code Tech
    Code TechMåned siden

    You keep saying "Space", but the point of the project is "the Moon". That is why it is called "Dear Moon" and not "Dear Space".

  • El Cavador
    El CavadorMåned siden

    There are so many amazing people in the world and so many of them would desirve to be on that mission. For every crew member chosen there will be a thousand people left aside that would also be great for this mission. Everyone who is on the list and will not make it should enjoy other's succes. It is just the begining and maybe someday we will all have a chance to go to space. It is a great time to be around and we must all be excited that space is getting closer and closer to us. Good luck Scott and every other dreamer and enthusiast out there! :)

  • AGWittmann
    AGWittmannMåned siden

    Why i have to supress the urge to howl, when i see the head of Scott Manley ...

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousMåned siden

    That dustbin will never get a human rating from NASA or any other space agency ----- but in any case, good luck with the application ... I can't. think of anyone else better deserving to be up there

  • stingray427man
    stingray427manMåned siden

    Good luck on your application.

  • recesivnihomozigot
    recesivnihomozigotMåned siden

    I see no one better fit to go than you. Good luck!!

  • Morten Bjerremann Nielsen
    Morten Bjerremann NielsenMåned siden

    Scott is without doubt one of the most influential people on NOprojects/internet, when it comes to space. He also had me totally mesmerized with space, NASA, rockets, Kerbal Space Program, etc. for years! If anyone deserves this chance, it's Scott! ^_^

  • SpaceX KSP - Vojtak
    SpaceX KSP - VojtakMåned siden

    So i have no chance to go :(

  • Peter Picroc
    Peter PicrocMåned siden

    If I look to my own interests, who would give me the best, most vivid account from a trip around the moon? Please send Scott!!

  • Jagielski Gaming
    Jagielski GamingMåned siden

    I hope you will get accepted. I wish you good luck, still waiting for the e-mail myself. I probably won't get the golden ticket, but I hope that I will. Anyhoo, best luck to everyone that applied.

  • jubei23b
    jubei23bMåned siden

    oh my god, that would be the most amazing thing, if Scott Manley were to go!!!!! Yes!!

  • Mark Woodhead
    Mark WoodheadMåned siden

    I think out of any NOprojectsrs, that Scott and the Everyday Astronaut should go to the moon.

  • Steve George
    Steve GeorgeMåned siden

    Powerful, truthful, and incredible - great video

    AHMAD KHALIDMåned siden

    I personally know more than a couple of people who became interested in space and astronomy because of your videos, and are now successfully working in, or studying for, astrophysics related jobs. if there's any science educator on youtube who should go, it ought to be you, scott.

  • another user
    another userMåned siden

    Who disliked Scott's video? Get the Pitchforks !!

  • Daniel Prieto
    Daniel PrietoMåned siden

    Wait is this also an April fool's??

  • Chilled Guy
    Chilled GuyMåned siden

    Admissions are closed aren't they ?

  • Dcassimatis
    DcassimatisMåned siden

    Scott Manley is one of the more knowledgeable NOprojectsrs covering "NewSpace", I've learned a lot from his regular commentary, in fact I've pursued many other topics on NOprojects because of ideas from his channel. I always look forward to his regular assessment,...good luck Scott,..hope you make it.

  • White Wizard
    White WizardMåned siden

    Well done Scott! I hope you're chosen!

  • Henrik Oldcorn
    Henrik OldcornMåned siden

    Wasn't there one of these years ago?

  • Aditya Vardhan Singh
    Aditya Vardhan SinghMåned siden

    #DearMoon, You really have to consider selecting #ScottManley after all the noble work he has done providing us with tons of knowledge & information about aerospace in a comprehensive and simple way. All the very best for future endeavours! 🚀🌌

  • Richmond
    RichmondMåned siden

    Scott Manley and safe 🚀👍

  • TheCrayonCrusader
    TheCrayonCrusaderMåned siden

    Best of luck Scott. I hope you get it!

  • Steen Jansdorf
    Steen JansdorfMåned siden

    THATS how you do it!!! You'er my #1to go!

  • Wild Atlantic Man
    Wild Atlantic ManMåned siden

    Good luck Scott....don't forget us tho 😋😎👍🏻

  • Delano_GamerNL
    Delano_GamerNLMåned siden

    Please take pictures of the moon and the earth 🙏

  • goobot1
    goobot1Måned siden

    What are we supposed to do to help?

  • leefa
    leefaMåned siden

    i hit my like button so hard

  • Uncle Vig
    Uncle VigMåned siden

    I hope you get to go!

  • James Pickering
    James PickeringMåned siden

    Out of all the youtubers out there commenting on all things space, Scott would definitely have the best commentary from the moon not to mention all the subjects he could bring to us, launch, flight, etc.

  • M. Otto
    M. OttoMåned siden

    I hope you're still chosen, despite your best efforts to mitigate the probability of this. It would be hard for me to ignore similar opportunity.

  • Spencer
    SpencerMåned siden

    If anyone deserves to go it’s Scott Manley and Michael from vsauce.

  • Relwood Music
    Relwood MusicMåned siden

    PLEASE! Such an inspiration and steward of this field.

  • SeSSioN
    SeSSioNMåned siden

    Honestly, you deserve to be chosen.

  • Lucifer
    LuciferMåned siden

    I hope you get it Scott. That would be awesome.

  • the1Blind
    the1BlindMåned siden

    Hope you fly.

  • Albanus35
    Albanus35Måned siden

    Good luck fella, I think you'll get it! You should take Mark Sargent with you... hahahah

  • Rouan van der Ende
    Rouan van der EndeMåned siden

    Scott Manley broadcasting from space would be freekin best.

  • mattd390
    mattd390Måned siden

    Scott would get my vote 100%. Huge fan from the KSP days forward. Take Scott!!

  • oxenforde
    oxenfordeMåned siden

    0:29 You have to love a man that "' ... that is dreaming a'boot space".

  • oxenforde
    oxenfordeMåned siden

    0:29 You have to love a man that "' ... dreams a'boot space".

  • Antares
    AntaresMåned siden

    I expected more from you Scott. I don't know if you do this for the memes, for internet clout or if you actually think this is a good idea, but it's a mistake. I hope nobody gets into that death trap called Starship.

  • Влада Доброта
    Влада ДобротаMåned siden

    Good luck! 🤗❤️

  • Alvaro Silvera
    Alvaro SilveraMåned siden

    good luck and fly safe!

  • Michael Trần
    Michael TrầnMåned siden

    Please Let that moment be a Legendary Moment. There's no one better than a dude who not only played KSP and explains it and reference real life rocket science but also is a very knowledgeable pal in space related field. If not I riot

  • Ernesto Marrero
    Ernesto MarreroMåned siden

    Elon you SOaB you better choose him

  • THICC1
    THICC1Måned siden

    There has got to be at least one space NOprojectsr on dear moon

  • Typically Thomas
    Typically ThomasMåned siden

    Scott made me care about space. I can't think of anyone more deserving

  • Absolutenutter
    AbsolutenutterMåned siden

    Hope you get a seat Scott

  • Brandt Stowell
    Brandt StowellMåned siden

    Definitely not someone I would bring. I would consider this begging basically. U really want to hear how this guy knows more than u for a week?

  • Brandt Stowell

    Brandt Stowell

    Måned siden

    Maybe we can drop him off half way lol

  • Virsconte
    VirsconteMåned siden

    Can't wait for "I'm Scott Manley, flying safe"

  • cerealL
    cerealLMåned siden

    FLy safe brother 🚀⽉

  • MalvaX
    MalvaXMåned siden

    Oh dear. Are you sure a starship can 'fly safe'?

  • Kellan Feng
    Kellan FengMåned siden

    Imagine being a legit space fan for years and hear you are chosen to be going to the moon!

  • Astra
    AstraMåned siden

    Honestly I just really hope a youtuber wins. I don’t care as much to who it is (that being said Scott Manley would be a great candidate) but whoever it is they really could inspire millions to reach for the stars and follow their dreams. I wish you the best of luck Scott Manley as well as everyone else. What a time to be alive!

  • JON R Wieszchowski
    JON R WieszchowskiMåned siden

    🚀 Good Luck "Scott Manley", I'm rooting you and a few other NOprojectsrs on. Unfortunately my health took a turn for the worst about a decade ago and now they don't even want me to ride a Rollercoaster. I figured if you can't do a Roller Coaster, ya probably shouldn't be taken Rockets to the Moon. But, technically I never asked my Dr. so maybe....😂🤣...jk. For now I'll have to live Vicariously through you and the other SpaceX NOprojectsrs that hopefully get chosen. There's Several of you that do your SpaceX Coverage in Great Detail and I just know if you get Chosen, you'll do all us Old Timers Justice with the Stories and video you bring back. I know, your a lot younger than me. But, whatever your age you handle your SpaceX Coverage very maturely and with great detail. If, Elon gives his fans a chance to Vote. I throw a vote your way. Once again, Good Luck Scott Manley 🚀

  • Ralph M Bohm
    Ralph M BohmMåned siden

    Pretty cool! Thank you kindly for sharing, Scott. :-)

  • John Kramer
    John KramerMåned siden

    I can’t even begin to try and quantify how much I’ve learned from you, Manley. Good luck!

  • raydoesnilusin
    raydoesnilusinMåned siden

    Over 10 years ago Scott took early teenage me to classes by watching his videos and I didnt even realize. He was explaining things that my peers and teachers were telling me are "Rocketsience and thats too complicated someone your age." Years later a puzzled Professor asked If I had any previous experience because of my intuition. We all were afraid of the real world sometime in our lifes.Scott helped to challenge those fears and there would be no greater reward than seeing him go to space.

  • No Name
    No NameMåned siden

    You go Scott!!

  • J R
    J RMåned siden

    Yasss! Got get em Scott!

  • Bruce Peterson
    Bruce PetersonMåned siden

    I hope you are chosen.

  • Kloko Loko
    Kloko LokoMåned siden

    Now when he posted this on April 1 he can say I just jocked .

  • Waggon Train
    Waggon TrainMåned siden

    #dearmoon please send Scott!

  • James Gomez
    James GomezMåned siden

    Take Scott Manley to the moon!