How Amateur Radio Fans Decoded SpaceX's Telemetry & Engineering Video

Vitenskap og teknologi

Over the weekend amateur radio tinkerers in Europe managed to decode some portions of the telemetry data broadcast by the second stage of the Falcon 9 when it's in orbit. This data was in a somewhat standard format, but decoding still required some custom tools to extract the bitstream from the signal and then some guesswork to figure out the exact format.
There's still lots of unknown data, but most interestingly this gave access to the engineering cameras including one showing the interior of the liquid oxygen tank.

Video and other hard word from
More Details on decoding:


  • armed dane
    armed dane3 dager siden

    I guess spaceX could code the transfer, if they like 👍🏼

  • NewStar
    NewStar6 dager siden

    Now encrypted thanks to the most idiot ham of the history.

  • germimonte
    germimonte8 dager siden

    I don't think you can encrypt data from space, the huge amount of data loss from interference and stuff would be a big issue of encrypted data, no clue tho

  • Gomez Familia Time
    Gomez Familia Time8 dager siden

    I wonder if they can decode Tesla's Starman camera that would be interesting. Especially since the government doesn't want that feed live.

  • David Welford
    David Welford10 dager siden

    Amateurs went crazy over a card from a ZLC call sign

  • David Welford
    David Welford10 dager siden

    I take my hat off to Hams. Self taught, enthusiasts. Decoding the RF coded output. Descrambling. Wonderful.

  • Yonkers 5150
    Yonkers 515018 dager siden

    The main guy behind it was a radio savant from Dunolly Australia. His website was taken down for “sharing subversive information” He was a guy who started on 512k modem cb radio transmissions back in the day. He was actually transmitting data in 1986-87 on a commodore Amiga. He was the original incentive for the first wifi transmission by an Australian company that was based in a garage in Queensland. The product was sold to Microsoft. His name is Solomon Onassis and he is very elusive. He is Australia’s version of captain krunch.

  • Darel Vanderhoof
    Darel Vanderhoof20 dager siden

    Randomizers are used in systems that vary the amplitude energy of the symbols, such as 8 VSB, as the high energy bits will go a lot farther then the low energy bits. The data psuedo radomization allows the FEC forward error correction data to correct for that. The receiver contains the same psuedo radomization table so it can track it.

  • Sadarsa
    Sadarsa20 dager siden


  • Ben Sherman
    Ben Sherman20 dager siden

    I don’t know if this is true, but I once heard that NASA would send out a certificate to amateur radio peps who successfully made contact with the space shuttle when it was in orbit.

  • Chun Ho Kong
    Chun Ho Kong26 dager siden

    Maybe next time you should also cover how hobbyists and HAMs like us love to play around with HAMSATs and decoding signals from weather satellites like NOAA! Good way to introduce this hobby to people around the world :)

  • mohammed nadheem
    mohammed nadheem28 dager siden

    And now... spaceX encrypted it 😒

  • Mako-kun
    Mako-kun29 dager siden

    SpaceX Falcon 9 Second stage streams are now encoded/encrypted. Forgot to update here.

  • M.C.S. Photo
    M.C.S. PhotoMåned siden

    Can we get these guys to download telemetry from the starship prototypes? Imagine getting unhindered view and insight into that launch. Or even just static fires

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew WellsMåned siden

    That "thing that shifts the frequency down" is called a Down Converter and that's all it does it uses a bunch of circuitry to take a frequency and shift it down to a lower frequency while still retaining all the data.

  • Steven G
    Steven GMåned siden

    and its all encrypted now.......

  • Aero Gamer
    Aero GamerMåned siden

    It also doesn’t apply to private entities. Only government agencies whom have signed.

  • EthanJLord
    EthanJLordMåned siden


  • rchandraonline
    rchandraonlineMåned siden

    downconvert frequency using the superheterodyne principle

  • A320 CAT3DUAL
    A320 CAT3DUALMåned siden

    NO SWEAT SCOTT! We Ham Radio Operators are pretty resourceful and not so think as you dumb!

  • XionmassResearchDevt -RCM-
    XionmassResearchDevt -RCM-Måned siden

    Why does the oxygen tank look like electric current in there?

  • scottarn96
    scottarn96Måned siden

    So they also could have a view of ZUMA mission?

  • ChronicFool
    ChronicFoolMåned siden

    No h265 HEVC that needs WAY less data to be transmitted for the same video quality? Double facepalm.

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnesMåned siden

    reminds me so much of that time a bunch of hackers took control of a satellite at defcon. except obviously these guys have no control over the ship.

  • 100 Watts and a Wire
    100 Watts and a WireMåned siden

  • Pekka Ahonen
    Pekka AhonenMåned siden

    You dont have to follow objects by pointing disc to right direction. There is always some computer directly below... internet you know...

  • Pekka Ahonen
    Pekka AhonenMåned siden

    listening ISS and satellites, planes and ships AIS etc. is very common nowadays radio amateurs. Nothing is encrypted maybe because developers thought that they are so far that nobody could reach them..

  • jemussi7
    jemussi7Måned siden

    SN11 exploded at a height of approximately 1km. It is unlikely debris reached South Padre island as some are suggesting which would be about a 5 mile trip horizontally. Most rifle bullets travel only 2/3 miles. Only way this might have ocurred is if parts of an exploded raptor engine under extreme pressures were ejected at incredible velocities exceeding that of a high powered rifle bullet. These would likely be only very small fragments.

  • Pete Kastner
    Pete KastnerMåned siden

    Does SpaceX use similar transition for the Starship test video?

  • Angel Sifuentes
    Angel SifuentesMåned siden

    Take that flat earthers!!

  • _
    _Måned siden

    I wonder if this was possible on the classified "no second stage views" launches.

  • 1-2-3 Yeetology
    1-2-3 YeetologyMåned siden

    Time to decode the. Zuma telemetry

  • João Gomes
    João GomesMåned siden

    Hmmm. I wonder if they also send unencrypted data during defense satellite launch missions. 🤔

  • Ron Mexico
    Ron MexicoMåned siden

    As someone that did Computer science and Electrical Engineering, Some of the smartest students were the ones doing RF. They were smart and there is no way to bullshit around in the field.

  • Joseph Astier
    Joseph AstierMåned siden

    So they successfully capture this data and immediately post the videos online. Now SpaceX is going to encrypt their telemetry feeds. Why not wait a few months or until you catch something interesting?

  • Joetechlincolns
    JoetechlincolnsMåned siden

    Waiting for Elon to setup fake telemetry data that leaves us literally getting Rick rolled.

  • Robert Pilmer
    Robert PilmerMåned siden

    When Hackers reach an understanding they don't look any further . Artificial Intelligence will in ethics leave an audience constant at A distance . It just A matter to lead Humans Astray , giving humans the sense that they have satisfied their cause and that may and well be as you put it.

  • Anarchy
    AnarchyMåned siden

    Not really amateurs if they have that big ass dish now are they

  • Bollie
    BollieMåned siden

    Lasers in the oxygen tank? How about sharks with lasers?!

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbhMåned siden

    I doubt they have to worry about changing much, its receive only, Not many people have 1m sat dishes and tracking motor setups laying around. etc etc. I mean its not hard to do, its just having the time and effort to do it.

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbhMåned siden

    So this is the reason i couldnt get my rtl dongle delivered the other day. The gizmo is called a down convertor. It down converts a higher freq. To a lower one your receiver can hear so to speak. Ive been doing this stuff way before sdr. Used a radio scanner and a tape recorder to record recieved signals from way a weather (noaa) or goes satellite and then played it back into the computer to decode the beeps and bops into a picture. Theres slow scan tv wefax ship to shore stuff pager data etc etc acars data sooo much to download and decode.

  • Brian Mosley
    Brian MosleyMåned siden

    Fascinating - great job by the enthusiasts. 👍

  • Tom Vyse
    Tom VyseMåned siden

    I really, really want to see what goes on in the fuel & LOX tanks of Starship when it makes the flip maneuver. It's hard for me to believe that you can rotate a 15 story pair of tanks 90 degrees in a second, or second and a half (?) and not just end up with blender grade fuel and LOX. Or like James Bond would say, "Shaken, not stirred".

  • Sxndy
    SxndyMåned siden

    Just me or this dudes vids getting bait and more bait :/

  • Jeroen van den Ploeg
    Jeroen van den PloegMåned siden

    Getting off on SGI and fake imagery, how sad this is.

  • PixelPhobiac
    PixelPhobiacMåned siden

    What do flat-earthers think about this?

  • Ahmed Khalil
    Ahmed KhalilMåned siden

    What a whole load of nonse!

  • Ahmed Khalil

    Ahmed Khalil

    Måned siden

    @Scott Manley Not that it’s implementing a Feistel decryption with a KASUMI 128-bit key for the f8 & f9 algorithms (considering its weaknesses) but the title needs to be a bit more promising than that

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

    Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  • Keith A.
    Keith A.Måned siden

    You like looking inside a liquid oxygen tank. I'd rather look outside................ P.S. LNB (Low Noise Block) converters to convert a higher frequency band to a lower band (mentioned at 3:30) are not that unusual and readily available....

  • Koultouriaraios
    KoultouriaraiosMåned siden

    Liquid Oxygen Freezing point : -218 °C Space temperature : -270 °C 🤔 Wwhmayaaa . Nice pool bubbles

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

    That temperature is a lot higher when you're close to a big honking star.

  • UnkleJustin
    UnkleJustinMåned siden

    The general public thinks amateur radio is old timey, fat old guys like me, talking on old fashioned tech. STEM happens on ham radio!! It's fantastic seeing young minds working with RF. New digital modes and uses are created monthly by 12 year old kids working with 80 year old adults. Best hobby in the world

  • max mustermann
    max mustermannMåned siden

    6:07 The juicy stuff xD

  • david zweiban
    david zweibanMåned siden

    Just for fun SpaceX should block the video and send the following ASCII message if people are decoding LOX tank footage for viewing NOT A LAVA LAMP.

  • Nick Mazur
    Nick MazurMåned siden

    It's free real-estate... It's like the movie Heat, where guy prints out what he receives from his antenna

  • Alvin Friesen
    Alvin FriesenMåned siden

    9:07, sounds like "Jim Browning"

  • Joe Schmuckatelli
    Joe SchmuckatelliMåned siden

    I wonder if we will be able to intercept JWST communications

  • usertogo
    usertogoMåned siden

    Wow the magic of SDR (Software Defined Radio) they sample and store the entire spectrum worth of transmission data and then have all the time in the world to focus on transmission frequencies and bandwidth packets and probably coding and encryption too... Don't imagine a time when AI learns to do all that in realtime and exercises the dominance to intervene at its 'will' - just like you don't want to imagine Gates of health Organization already doing that - programming all media, puppets and entire nations with their legal contract languages via GPT-3 which speaks all languages of the internet including programming languages and laws...

  • Viktor Marosvary
    Viktor MarosvaryMåned siden

    Putting lasers in the liquid oxygen tank sounds like a terrible idea. :D

  • jim Parr
    jim ParrMåned siden

    Radio Amateurs around the World between the 50's and 70's of last century contributed VAST knowledge to radio propagation and electronics in general.

  • Ryu Fitzgerald
    Ryu FitzgeraldMåned siden

    The scrambler you described sounds like a technique to improve signal to noise ratio though I could be mistaken and it is just for clock syncing. Also, lasers in an oxygen tank sounds like a bad idea.

  • Denis S
    Denis SMåned siden

    Все.. Теперь придется бросить пить водку и выгуливать медведя... Идем линковать телеметрию в ROS и Gazebo =)

  • JTR
    JTRMåned siden

    too much money in it, potential national / ally security concerns , it will be encrypted . too bad because the videos are cool but its simply not our data and the most basic possible guidelines would require some form of moderation of content before public release.

  • Buschwick
    BuschwickMåned siden

    I don't get it...why would they try to prevent people from seeing this?

  • salty3nuts
    salty3nutsMåned siden

    I tried to watch the video but all it is is commercials over and over and over. Stop The Greed.

  • Kana
    KanaMåned siden

    How do they restart the merlins if the LOX is just floating around?

  • The dancing Alien
    The dancing AlienMåned siden


  • antsolja
    antsoljaMåned siden

    i think all this should be open

  • antsolja
    antsoljaMåned siden

    0:25 is that sudostef or just a person with the same pfp?

  • Rob George
    Rob GeorgeMåned siden

    This is the kind of thing that got me into ham radio. I got my first license in 1975. Even that long ago, we had our own satellites in orbit and were bouncing signals off the moon. 😎

  • Melanie Rhianna
    Melanie RhiannaMåned siden

    So I do embedded software and can do digital design (I work mainly in digital video/television) but RF design is a black art to me! Very impressive.

  • Lyons Cultivars
    Lyons CultivarsMåned siden

    Just have respect for his property and dont steal.

  • Mars Chroniken
    Mars ChronikenMåned siden

    wooow. i want to see more of the inside of the fuel tanks during flight

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark ArnottMåned siden

    Who else is scanning the Toy space Models on shelves /..\ ooh thats a biggy on the right Me PCV pipe ( work construction bin next street Free ) making the cones shapes hard part $2fiddy just Remembered the 3 funnel pack i bought at $2 store xd ok next the Paint & stickers coke bottle anything with a cone shape

  • john smith
    john smithMåned siden

    as a 14 year old space enthusiast and ham radio operator this is amazing

  • SiGraybeard
    SiGraybeardMåned siden

    Scott, the Gizmo you refer to at about 3:29 that converts S-band to something the cheap dongles can receive is called a downconverter. Essential, and basic technology. You probably have a dozen around you right now. It's a local oscillator (multiplied crystal or something similar) and a mixer with some filtering.

  • Tony Dean
    Tony DeanMåned siden

    Could these amature radio astronomers decode the signal from alpha centuri?

  • Пуян π
    Пуян πMåned siden

    Send this video to those flatarded idiots!

  • sYNNEX
    sYNNEXMåned siden

    What am I looking at?

  • Pac0 Master
    Pac0 MasterMåned siden

    I'm sure some Flat Earth people cried after hearing about this.

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy JamesMåned siden

    Thanks for posting Scott Manley. You Da Man! 👍

  • Tony McAlinden
    Tony McAlindenMåned siden

    That's slosh baffles at the bottom of the tank, right? Ironically the thing they thought they could do without back in the Falcon 1 days. (Well, it was 11th on the Top 10 issues list. Their lists now go up to 11).

  • Aloysius Groeneweg
    Aloysius GroenewegMåned siden

    The zany news intriguingly coil because dead biologically branch over a zesty velvet. safe, painstaking burn

  • DCMX
    DCMXMåned siden

    Logic: If on NOprojects than the secret is no more interesting or holy

  • xclimatexcoldxx
    xclimatexcoldxxMåned siden

    If anything space related is kept secret then you know something illegal is going on.

  • jemussi7
    jemussi7Måned siden

    It's called a transverter or downconverter that translates the higher frequency data channel to a lower frequency that the dvbt dongle can accept. Basically it's a diode ring mixer/multiplier or a tayloe mixer, producing various mixing products.

  • Paul Stubbs
    Paul StubbsMåned siden

    Could prove interesting for NROL missions.

  • guppyboy69
    guppyboy69Måned siden

    I guess the scary part is if they figure out the abort command.

  • Heko Maru
    Heko MaruMåned siden

    "amateur" yea.... About that

  • JaysonSR
    JaysonSRMåned siden

    Damn, my SDR caps out at 1.8GHz. I really should look into getting a fancier one.

  • The Niwo
    The NiwoMåned siden

    Lasershow in an oxygen tank? Shh Don't give elon any more crazy ideas

  • Butane 1980
    Butane 1980Måned siden

    F*ck starlink!

  • HypersonicMonkeyBrains
    HypersonicMonkeyBrainsMåned siden

    oh great now China has a bunch more western secrets.. does their pilfering of western technological secrets ever end. have China ever invented anything of their own since gun powder or do they just literally rely on us to invent it for them?

  • KozmykJ
    KozmykJMåned siden

    Lasers on LOX tanks .. What could go wrong ??

  • Herr Klugscheiser
    Herr KlugscheiserMåned siden

    The don’t encrypt their telemetry?! Srsly?

  • Mcgravier
    McgravierMåned siden

    Scrambling is also important for error correction - error in scrambled stream more often spreads across multiple data cells making it easier to correct

  • iwasatoad
    iwasatoadMåned siden

    Up next a laser and a disco ball in the tank,,,, cuz why not

  • Tony Dean
    Tony DeanMåned siden


  • Tony Dean
    Tony DeanMåned siden

    Censorship ALWAYS

  • Probably Not my name
    Probably Not my nameMåned siden

    Its literally just log.debug statements and wasteful ones at that. Its unlikely that they would encrypt the signals, the computing overhead wouldnt be worth it.

  • Kolop315
    Kolop315Måned siden

    radio guys are like wizards. They point a stick at the sky and conjure things out of thin air

  • Matt Faraday
    Matt FaradayMåned siden

    I think the thingy that shifts the frequency down is an LNB/LNA just like on a Satellite TV dish