Mars Helicopters, ISS Spaceflights & Other Deep Space Updates - April 23rd

Vitenskap og teknologi

I've been sick the last few days (not COVID19) and felt I needed a quick catch up video to talk about a few things that have happened in the last few days.
Intro by Concodroid


  • Bert Lensch
    Bert Lensch4 dager siden

    "...carbon monoxide as a rocket fuel, because carbon monoxide can burn..." *record scratch* Wait... what!?!?? I would love to hear an explainer on this in the future.

  • Bob Gilbert
    Bob Gilbert6 dager siden

    without a GPS system or magnetic field on Mars how does ingenuity navigate?

  • Erik Scott
    Erik Scott7 dager siden

    Pedantic helicopter engineer here: Ingenuity has /rotors/, not propellers. There is a distinction. As you mention, the blades have pitch control (collective and cyclic); this defines a rotor. You can see the swashplates in the image you show at 2:15. This means the blades aren't "individually controlled" (Individual Blade Control, or IBC, is a relatively new and immature concept in the helicopter industry), but are controlled in the usual collective + cyclic (first harmonic) method. Also not sure what you're getting at with "maneuver like a real helicopter." It /is/ a real helicopter, using a fairly conventional control scheme. Also, while neither here nor there, I absolutely hate the abbreviated term "chopper." I understand that people are calling it this, but it's too often used by people just trying to sound cool while offering little other information of value. At the very least, it sounds unprofessional.

  • MrSwanley


    4 dager siden

    Pedantic speaker of the English language here... yes, the lifting force is separate from the propelling force. Also propel is what it does, rotor is what it /is/. ISTM that a helicopter rotor also propels, so there is nothing wrong with using that word. Now if you were to complain about a wind turbine blade being called a propeller, you'd have a point!

  • MrSwanley
    MrSwanley8 dager siden

    Does anybody know how the drone navigates? On Earth an expensive drone would have a "Return to home" feature which relies on a fleet of GPS satellites. I assume that isn't a option on Mars? El cheapo drones calculate a reverse flight path, which is unreliable over longer distances because the path is affected by wind etc so is never as planned. You can also estimate motion from ground texture, but that would limit speed and height, I think it would be easy to get lost. So does anybody know what the drone actually uses, and how confident NASA is that the drone won't fly away on them as sometimes happens here on Earth?

  • Grellix Grellixi
    Grellix Grellixi8 dager siden

    5:40 Russia is ...? Yes! This is North Korea 2.0 & Snowy Nigeria!

  • andy parry
    andy parry8 dager siden

    I'm sure Lockheed will find a way to screw more money out of the USA TAX payer. In-fact it's pretty much guaranteed.

  • Nicholas Wall
    Nicholas Wall9 dager siden

    I held off watching other videos of the mars stuff because I wanted to see your take. It's good to have you back!

  • Darius McCormack
    Darius McCormack9 dager siden

    you got the experimental injection that will turn your body into a bioweapon factory. Thanks man, real helpful.

  • Darius McCormack

    Darius McCormack

    9 dager siden

    @Scott Manley after a full year of a global pandemic, shouldnt we all know somebody who died from it? Nobody I know and nobody anybody I know knows has died from this, certainly does not warrant mass experimental gene therapy. This will make thalidomide look like a picnic.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    9 dager siden

    Better than getting a 10 times the amount of bioweapon DNA from a virus.

  • Teeny Tike
    Teeny Tike10 dager siden

    ya mum

  • Dmitry
    Dmitry10 dager siden

    Reuse, Recycle, Reproduce :D

  • Dmitry
    Dmitry10 dager siden

    Hopefully US will kick Roskosmos from ISS. Rogozin and Co is such an embarrassment for space industry...

  • Megan Springsted
    Megan Springsted10 dager siden

    Scott, what’s with Blue Origin? They’re behind on new Glen, tried to scam NASA into getting funding to help develop the Moon lander and even printed in the proposal “:negotiate cost development” , the USA policy is fly before buy and Space X uses their own money to develope, they’re are really showing their colors now . Space X is going to the moon with or without NASA then Mars ! Bezoar is looking pretty sleazy to a lot of us common people , he also owns a questionable leftest news paper Washington Post. I’m not sure of his intentions.

  • Milen Parvanov
    Milen Parvanov11 dager siden

    Why make a jab at Russia and Putin, you love injecting politics in your space talks and opinions, maybe because the USA space program really is too political. Personally I'm excited to see my countries and/or companies get into the space station game. Looking forward to the NEW Chinese Space Station launching.

  • roywhiteo5
    roywhiteo511 dager siden

    Would a helium balloon work on mars?

  • Tommy Vaske
    Tommy Vaske11 dager siden

    I noted that Elon, at the crew 2 press conference, chose to talk about 'flight proven' rather than 'reused' flight equipment. Very smart IMO, taking emphasis away from 'cheapness' with its less favorable connotations.

  • Galactic Rangers
    Galactic Rangers11 dager siden

    look after yourself scott :)

  • Grant Bentley
    Grant Bentley11 dager siden

    With more than 1.2 million subs, I’m just another peep who would be just as happy to watch paint dry with Scott, because I know that voice of his is bound to be waxing poetically about things like air humidity and the viscosity coefficient of the paint used. All in a week’s work.

  • Punches Couches
    Punches Couches11 dager siden

    "Get your ass to Mars!" and "Get to da choppa!" have new meaning now.

  • Andy Lord
    Andy Lord11 dager siden

    Why aren't the skycranes considered powered flight?

  • swisscheesecrackers
    swisscheesecrackers11 dager siden

    Scott, this episode gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

  • ED EeeDee1
    ED EeeDee111 dager siden

    Is the chrome toaster a Battlestar Galactica Cylon reference?

  • LaPabst
    LaPabst11 dager siden

    Question for the panel. Mars has winds and sand storms, the chopper looks kind of flimsy,,, how will it deal with the weather, and what if it blows over???

  • boris medved
    boris medved11 dager siden

    I have a sort of serious question... I want to find out some details about STARLINK-1045. It was scheduled for deorbit in June. Several web sites show that it came down on April 23. One of them says around 10::00 UTC +/- one hour. My son saw a "flare" something like the old Iridium flares, about magnitude 6, he guessed, around 2:25-2:30 AM, PDT. Searching to try to find out what he saw, I found this curiosity item. One site calls -1045 "decayed," but given the timing and minimal information about its orbit, I think there's a 1/1000000 chance that they brought it down intentionally a few minutes before Crew-2 launch. (There was a meteor shower, but what he saw was much closer to a deorbit burn or a reentry burn-up than a meteor.) So, does anyone know anywhere that I can look for more info on this?

  • Fredashay Klavierstein
    Fredashay Klavierstein11 dager siden

    Meh. Boeing can suck rocket exhaust...

  • Alan Bell
    Alan Bell12 dager siden

    Scott. A question you may like to add to another space update. On or near the launch pad where SN15 sits, a nose cone assembly has arrived with a MaxQ test rig. Any ideas how this will work and will every nose cone have to undergo this test?

  • Jannik Heidemann
    Jannik Heidemann12 dager siden

    Dang, those plants 'r' sexting over AirDrop again!

  • Cnupoc
    Cnupoc12 dager siden

    Wheres your 1mil subs youtube plaque?

  • stewart lees
    stewart lees12 dager siden

    Reduce Reuse & Recycle :) Good video as always Scott

  • name not shown
    name not shown12 dager siden

    lets say your a bird living in the boca chica wetlands, very close to spacex, how is the future looking..........very bad indeed. What was a paradise has very quickly turned into a nightmare........from the birds perspective......acceptable?

  • Fada Te
    Fada Te12 dager siden

    I think it'll be nice for SpaceX to pay a homage to Neverending Story and name a few of the projects with names from the novel (the novel was first) ...

  • Dan Chatka
    Dan Chatka12 dager siden

    Space never sleeps.

    SpaceCassini.com12 dager siden

    A little bit confused, maybe due to illness... but nevertheless a good overview and a lot of news. Thanks.

  • Allan Copland
    Allan Copland12 dager siden

    Hope you are feeling much better Scott.

  • Rick Saeta
    Rick Saeta12 dager siden

    As a russian-american myself, I say f**k'em... There are other awesome engineers from other countries that want to be part of the ISS

  • Brian Evolved
    Brian Evolved12 dager siden

    Scott what Hight could a fully fuelled starship achieve in your opinion

  • Damir Asanov
    Damir Asanov12 dager siden

    Will you ever stop bullshit story about keeping Russian scientists away from North Korea? Like if there is a highest bidder it will not be the NK, there are plenty of rich countries in the West who can use those scientists. So stop playing the good guy on this subject. It just doesn't make sense.

  • Anunay Sinha
    Anunay Sinha12 dager siden

    imagine backpacks on mars that fill up your oxygen tank from the CO2. The spacewalks could be so much longer

  • Warren Dew
    Warren Dew12 dager siden

    It's reduce, reuse, recycle, not that the words matter.

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James12 dager siden

    Hey, I have that same chrome toaster. I just can't seem to get rid of it.

  • Space Faring Civilisation
    Space Faring Civilisation12 dager siden

    Love that drone, or helicopter. Yes let's not take away it's glory. IT is the first helicopter to fly on another planet. That is so cool :)

  • J
    J12 dager siden

    I wear 3 face mask now, i'm a totally paranoid 💊

  • Alan Daters
    Alan Daters12 dager siden

    If Ingenuity becomes another NASA "overachiever" I hope that they get creative. Perhaps it could fly ahead (and record video) to points where Perseverance is planned to go and wait for it to catch up. As long as it continues to function, why not?

  • Dusty Baker
    Dusty Baker12 dager siden

    Blue origin is a joke

  • Ivorybow
    Ivorybow12 dager siden

    Dream on Jeff

  • maigurens
    maigurens12 dager siden

    Awesome intro

  • Kevin Sullivan
    Kevin Sullivan12 dager siden

    Re: Russia contemplating leaving ISS permanently... We should recognize how Russia and China could legitimately perceive the Western World, and primarily the US. They could look at the West as wanting to dominate in every level of civilizational economies including products, services, and security. The USA especially seems unable to accept being a weaker country than any other country militarily. The USA freaked out and almost went to war over the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet they support and have bases in countries close to China. Where there are military bases, nukes can exist. Russia and China have their demons, but then so does every western country. This dark and negative divide has been in existence for so many years and decades now and so many many disagreements, fights, threats, accusations, dirty deeds, lies, between East and West that it's getting harder and harder to pinpoint the worst historical problems (outside of WW1 and 2) where one could point out to be the worst crisis that has kept all this hostility and division going for so many years. If there was one thing we could change in history to have helped avoid this long held division what would it be? Everybody wants to be King of the Hill for maximum comfort and security in life. Some want it more than others. So, would anyone be surprised if Russia left the ISS? Would anyone blame them? Would anyone miss them? I would miss them. Darker days are coming unless the world changes dramatically before it is too late on so many levels.

  • Hesham Beltagy
    Hesham Beltagy12 dager siden

    Why are they doing these hard landings every time? That is easily over a m/s.

  • Tomasz Zakrzewski
    Tomasz Zakrzewski12 dager siden

    Why Bob Behnken was the only person there without a mask? Quite irresponsible I'd say...

  • zakrzew75


    12 dager siden

    @M_Chupon Right, I didn't think about it :)

  • M_Chupon


    12 dager siden

    I'm guessing they were both in quarantine together up until now

  • matchesburn
    matchesburn12 dager siden

    [Alternates between clips of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "Get your ass to Mars" and "GET TO THE CHOPPA!"]

  • realvanman
    realvanman12 dager siden

    While watching this I was eating toast made in a Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster identical to that one on your desk lol. Very futuristic!

  • GITMO Holliday
    GITMO Holliday12 dager siden

    Wouldn't it be possible to use a small Zeppelin / Blimp instead of a helicopter ? not sure if the atmosphere density on Mars would allow that, but it could save some energy of the battery to stay afloat ?

    WMF FMW12 dager siden

    Is that a 1950's Sunbeam Toaster?

  • holylingus
    holylingus13 dager siden

    The helicopter is a useless media gimmick going a few feet up and down ... they should have done something more wothwile with the space and money ...

  • Jay Maldo
    Jay Maldo13 dager siden


  • Todd Woodward
    Todd Woodward13 dager siden

    I wonder if anyone has seriously suggested and estimated adding another PMA to the ISS.

  • Antique Perfection
    Antique Perfection13 dager siden

    Blue Origin builds the engine for the Falcon? Or did you mean the ULA?

  • Mike -X
    Mike -X13 dager siden

    SpaceX had to roll in the cash on this flight. Using an already bought and paid for booster and capsule, all they paid for is fuel and the second stage. Very small portion of the money they made.

  • E. Rose
    E. Rose13 dager siden

    They HAVE to get some shots of Perseverance from the Ingenuity! A video would be GREAT but even a still image would be cool! Com'on NASA, do that!

  • Ole Iversen
    Ole Iversen13 dager siden

    New Shepard look like a "You-know-what"

  • Daniel Nisbet
    Daniel Nisbet13 dager siden

    you should have stayed with us here in homeland Scotland and developed a ''Scott'ish Space Program'

  • Paul Stubbs
    Paul Stubbs13 dager siden

    I like your new intro rocket

  • Robert Sababady
    Robert Sababady13 dager siden

    Scott...have you really been sick? It looks as though you have been dismantling your stainless steel toaster to engineer a Scott Manley (SM1) rocket to go to mars. I figured this out as you have mounted the processor that controls the rocket underneath the new rocket.

  • cameron Gibbs
    cameron Gibbs13 dager siden

    You can also use co2 and hydrogen to make sugars

  • Adam Loverin
    Adam Loverin13 dager siden

    Good to see ya back. Have a beer and a bacon burger. Get those juices flowing dude.

  • Henrik Oldcorn
    Henrik Oldcorn13 dager siden

    Ah yes, the three "R"s of spaceflight - Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.

  • bu kwok
    bu kwok13 dager siden

    looks scott manly little bit high in this video, um....maybe vaccine doing something , nice!

  • Johannes Ruscheinski
    Johannes Ruscheinski13 dager siden

    @Scott: Hi Scott, I always greatly enjoy your videos and have a request: Recently I had a conversation with a friend and we were wondering how the ISS was maintaining a human-breathable atmosphere. If you find this topic interesting, maybe you could do a video about this general area and the various strategies and technical implementations having to do with this topic. Even if not, thanks for providing us with informative and extremely entertaining videos!

  • Jannes Meier
    Jannes Meier13 dager siden

    Lil Choppa sounds like a SoundCloud rapper

  • Minigui98
    Minigui9813 dager siden

    Am I the only one concerned about Russia losing interest in an international cooperation project while discussing more and more with China and what it means for international relations and diplomacy?

  • Ekiskalibur Nirvana
    Ekiskalibur Nirvana13 dager siden

    Lol. There is nothing on Mars.

  • D. Jensen
    D. Jensen13 dager siden

    Seems like Roscosmos would have adequate funding if corruption weren't so rampant in Russia. Do we really want to throw good money at that problem? Do we want a space station at 51.6 degree inclination, anyway?

  • ReDHeaDSg1
    ReDHeaDSg113 dager siden

    Controllable drone is fine but its kinda "pointless" if camera feed is delayed (to me). I am still wondering why there is no connection relay satellites around the moon or other planets.

  • Scott Meyer

    Scott Meyer

    12 dager siden

    Takes radio waves about 8 minutes to make a one way trip.

  • randomnickify


    13 dager siden

    Delay is caused by speed of light not by lack of relays, and drone is autonomous, that's entire concept of a "drone"

  • zerothis baud
    zerothis baud13 dager siden

    "REDUCE", it's "Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Close the Loop"

  • Falcon and the Strawman
    Falcon and the Strawman13 dager siden

    Scott, has anyone mentioned, or have you noticed, that when glancing at the Kerbal figurine it appears to have a samurai hairstyle because of Darth Vader standing behind him? Sorry for being off topic but I couldn't help but notice that and at first couldn't figure out that it was Dark vader behind the Kerbal

  • William Eriksson
    William Eriksson13 dager siden

    ugh musk loves his environmentalist facade. sequestering his battery patents for years before licensing them to the rest of the industry really helped save the environment of his shareholder value.

  • Oliver Obad
    Oliver Obad13 dager siden

    At about 08:52, on the right screen, you can see an object moving from the bottom(about 6 o'çlock) to the right(3 oçlock); as the video progresses, that same object now moves from the right(about 3 o'çlock) to the left (about 9 o'çlock). Disappears around 08:59.

  • Jeff michael
    Jeff michael13 dager siden

    That toaster on your table might be older than you are, Scott. Really enjoy your videos, and your explanations of what is going on in space. Thanks!

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller13 dager siden

    Put a new power cord on that toaster!

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    13 dager siden

    That's why it's in my office. otherwise people will try and use it.

  • Perimeter Permaculture
    Perimeter Permaculture13 dager siden

    Actually, that is Covid 19.

  • S S
    S S13 dager siden

    Have the same toaster. Want a new /old cord for it? Old toasters make better toast , hands down.

  • Jeff McNally
    Jeff McNally13 dager siden

    We finally have air superiority over the martians. It was all worth it.

  • Patrick Monks
    Patrick Monks13 dager siden

    What a fantastic explanation. I will always love space. I am a test engineer. I break things for a living. I enjoy writing a successful failure. That is an important line. If it fails when it is supposed to, it worked perfectly. I remember some very silly Y2K stuff where they programmed the “end date” of UNIX, at that time. It failed. Successful. Of course we still haven’t reached that date, but it was a test. Technically. It told me that the system would accept that input and then do exactly what it could do. Shutdown. Successful failure. Limit long since extended

  • Matth M
    Matth M13 dager siden

    Scott Manley, your updates are great. I don't mind if you forget some of the names of things or whatever.. it's not really about that. You're down to earth even though you're always flying (safe).

  • Patrick Monks
    Patrick Monks13 dager siden

    Love your T-shirt

  • IanFromCalifornia
    IanFromCalifornia13 dager siden

    Loved you as the Chief in “Scot Squad”... ;-)

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man13 dager siden

    What's that? The starliner can't dock because spaceX stuff is taking up all the parking spaces? Oh no, aww man, that's- man, that's just a tragedy isn't it, feels bad man....

  • brian554xx
    brian554xx13 dager siden

    lol Headline: *Sunny Weather Sickens Scottish Man* Edit: *Sun Sickens Scotsman*

  • No Teda
    No Teda13 dager siden

    To be honest I'm annoyed with overly excited NASA scientists when it comes to Ingenuity. Yes, it's hard to fly a drone on Mars, but who gives a fuck really? Just because it's a "historic milestone" ? The skycrane maneuver itself was at least 10x more impressive thatn this. What's next? First RC bike on Mars doing wheelie?

  • Hannah The Conqueror
    Hannah The Conqueror13 dager siden

    The Covid vaccine took me out for around 8 days - my doctor said that's actually a great thing because it means my body basically made an army of antibodies.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    13 dager siden

    So your body is primed to conquer COVID19?

  • Alan Beckett
    Alan Beckett13 dager siden

    You forgot to mention that the Russian kleptocracy stole $1 billion designated for the Russian power module and NASA had to go back to congress with hat in hand and asking for another Billion dollars so that the space station wouldn't fall out of the sky

  • Aidan647
    Aidan64713 dager siden

    You have that automatic toster?

  • Jason Strecker
    Jason Strecker13 dager siden

    Scott, my space Lord: that shirt is wicked, where might I find it? Also, keep up the incredible work!

  • Chris M
    Chris M13 dager siden

    Great Sci-Fi!!, not reality.

  • joe jane
    joe jane13 dager siden

    Boeing's best model is we are not ready.

  • londonbridgebox
    londonbridgebox13 dager siden

    Get well soon Scott && tnx 4 posting on the good stuff 🚀 Let's hope they don't get into aggressive satellite negotiations, or we might have recyclables gliding down... 🕸️ Of course I still love you to the rescue🤫🤘

  • my namejeff
    my namejeff13 dager siden

    I know a lot of people that struggle trying to fly a remote controlled helicopter both indoors or outside in good weather when you can see everything. A lot of drones run programs to assist in the flight for take-off, landing, or just stability. All of this is done with lifetimes of experience with Earths atmosphere and gravity. These people just flew their rc heli on a completely different planet. NOBODY has ever set foot there and noone knows exactly what Mars's gravity and atmosphere are specifically like. A bunch of big brains did a lot of math to GUESS what it would take to make anything achieve a propeller driven lift without being able to actually test their ideas before having a large amount of money at risk of failure. THIS is their first and only possibility to test their theories. Of course they start off with as minimal risk as is possible. If something goes wrong they can't just fix the blades or kicked the crashed one and try with another. They had to first make sure the thing would lift at all and once it did that it wouldnt just wobble and roll itself into destruction. As soon as they knew they could achieve a stable hover they had to test agtitude control. Anyone that has ever flown any remote heli, or even the real thing, knows that the blades rotation makes the "body?" Try to spin in the opposite direction. Now they know they can hover and can control rotations, they will still have to test single directional movement then changing direction mid flight, then obstacle avoidance on a planet where they have no real perspective of the exact topography. We all know how hard it is to tell how steep or tall anything is on camera, and it is impossible to have any kind of instant response to something being just slightly off or a sudden wind or shift in breeze. Hell they can not even tell if there is even a slight breeze at all before the instant of take-off. All of these things and more have to be tested in a way that is as minimal of risk of damage as possible. I do not know how difficult it would be to use another robot to flip it roght side up if something goes wrong and DO NOT DAMAGE THE BLADES. Even just this short, both in time and altitude, flight is so difficult and ballsy that it may just be the studliest thing I have ever seen.

  • frankthespank
    frankthespank13 dager siden

    2:11 ......what the hell is a “Chinese weight”...?!

  • Ed
    Ed13 dager siden

    Hello Scott. I been following the Mars rover and the helicopter and I have a question maybe you can answer. The test on the rover of extracting oxygen from mars atmosphere of carbon dioxide results in a by product of carbon monoxide I have read somewhere in the past week or so. If I have that right then if you produce carbon monoxide isn't that the green house gas that has all the nut jobs here on earth up in arms about the climate? I would like to hear what you know on the subject. I am not suggesting you are the expert on the subject, I just would like your spin on it. Sooner or later some snowflake is going to bring it up and start protesting we can do this to mars. What is your take on it.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    13 dager siden

    A completely ridiculous notion since you're confusing Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. Martian atmosphere is already almost 100% greenhouse gasses. The majority of environmentalists are smart enough to know the difference.

  • Fx dS
    Fx dS13 dager siden


  • Chad Kassem
    Chad Kassem13 dager siden

    @2:15 why is it called a "Chinese Weight"?