SLS Green Run Success, New NASA Admin Named, Super Heavy Booster Stacked

Vitenskap og teknologi

Lots of small news stories from the last week or so, and some updates on older stories about the failure of rockets.
SLS Successfully Completed its Green Run
Bill Nelson & Pam Melroy were nominated to lead NASA
SpaceX's first SuperHeavy booster has been stacked.
Updates on SN9, SN10 and the recovery failure of a Falcon 9
Confirmation of Starliner Missing its chance to get to ISS soon.
Crew 2 Launch Date Confirmation
Soyuz MS18 & MS19 crew


  • alex Marshall
    alex Marshall14 timer siden

    Wasn't Bill Nelson lead guitarist with Be Bop Deluxe?

  • backseatgaming
    backseatgaming28 dager siden

    Starship/BFR will never fly

  • Jeremy Cox
    Jeremy CoxMåned siden

    I am glad that Roscomos and NASA still competing with each other for who going to do this first.

  • CyclonicTuna023
    CyclonicTuna023Måned siden

    What's kinda crazy to me is seeing how NASA and other agencies like ESA are still developing these pretty insane engines. Really advanced technologies, simply to throw them away. With every test of Space X's Starship, things like SLS seem more and more like such a waste. I mean look at these engines. They are powerfull, they gimble. Thousands upon thousands of manhours are poored into development and construction simply to dump them into the ocean after a few minutes of real use.

  • My favorite Martian
    My favorite MartianMåned siden

    They installed the very man who voted to extend the funding and keep the shuttle flying as a good plan.......(because no one saw it going out of service?) No because someone kept voting down every replacement vehicle for the shuttle.......I wonder who that was?

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    Astronauts are bad actors, they can't be good at everything... especially since their' job is to be good at everything.

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    They also filmed a documentary on board the ISS when it was still newly constructed.

  • Thomas Belmont
    Thomas BelmontMåned siden

    So how do we feel about the new NASA administration? “Bill Nelson...yeah, he’s a politician...” “Pam Melroy...LOT of respect for her...she has REAL CHOPS’”

  • ewe toob
    ewe toobMåned siden

    FYI: "420" is American slang for marijuana and hashish consumption.

  • Popesmear
    PopesmearMåned siden

    I hope that he said politicians shouldn't run NASA because he recognized the gravity of the thing....and that it means he'll do what it takes to secure proper funding. This is really all a coin toss at this point, but suppose you throw a coin enough times... suppose one day, it lands on its edge.

  • Frank Gulla
    Frank GullaMåned siden

    Nice update on the world of space, espcially when we can get more info on failures all around.

  • The_ Senate
    The_ SenateMåned siden

    3:55 Try spinning that's a good trick...

  • Katana Steel
    Katana SteelMåned siden

    Those sls engines looks a lot like the rs-25 engines. Nice

  • Simon Maier

    Simon Maier

    Måned siden

    They are indeed pre used RS 25s, which already flew in the shuttle

  • N Grey
    N GreyMåned siden


  • Liberty4Ever
    Liberty4EverMåned siden

    Congratulations SLS for the successful test of 1980s Space Shuttle engines.

  • Simon Maier

    Simon Maier

    Måned siden

    They are still the most efficient engines ever built, with the highest specific impulse. Unfortunately one alone cost new as much as a Falcon 9 launch

  • Liberty4Ever
    Liberty4EverMåned siden

    There are 535 members of Congress. 2% of Space Shuttle flights result in a loss of crew. How many congressional review Shuttle flights would be required to solve America's problems? BONUS QUESTION: How much tax money could be saved if 100 congresscritters could be packed into a Starship for a one way trip to Venus to establish critical government infrastructure needed for a future Venusian colony?

  • John Wythe
    John WytheMåned siden

    "Might fly by accident" lol!

  • Terry Ronning
    Terry RonningMåned siden

    It is all about the Benjamins. Who would of thought?

  • John Wallis
    John WallisMåned siden

    Scott Manley has Star Wars cushions on his couch

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytubaMåned siden

    Amazing, nasa tested a design from the 80’s and got it to light.

  • whiteandnerdytuba


    Måned siden

    @Narke y you said future sls will have a new, updated rs25. Which is true? All sls are getting an updated engine or they're getting updated with new sls

  • Narke y

    Narke y

    Måned siden

    @whiteandnerdytuba they will be using newly build RS-25s, I thought I made that clear

  • whiteandnerdytuba


    Måned siden

    @Narke y you forgot to answer my question. Try again

  • Narke y

    Narke y

    Måned siden

    @whiteandnerdytuba out of 135 lunches not a single fail was coursed by RS-25s and during first tests it performed with out any major problems let's take a look on Raptors, ahh, already blew up 2 starships at least

  • whiteandnerdytuba


    Måned siden

    @Narke y aren't you cute. Figured NASA Fanboys went away after the space shuttle failure. Future sls will have newer better engines huh, so what are they using now?

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLPMåned siden

    BTW, that film director and actress stuff on a Soyuz is only available in western sources, no information about it in russian sources. Even in wikipedia, only the english language crew article has them, russian language crew list has regular cosmonauts and no mention of a film crew

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLPMåned siden

    Do they have MCAS on Starliner?

  • Simon Maier

    Simon Maier

    Måned siden

    They probably use the software and the computer of the first stage of the Saturn 5 for the Starliner, which was also built by Boeing

  • Paul Crewe
    Paul CreweMåned siden

    Ole Senator “Ballast”. What an inspiring choice.

  • Daffa Mutaqin Tetaputra
    Daffa Mutaqin TetaputraMåned siden

    April 20th 420 how didn't I notice that?

  • Randall Richmond
    Randall RichmondMåned siden

    WTH was the whole mouth thing?

  • Rene Schickbauer
    Rene SchickbauerMåned siden

    I must say, having real astronauts in space quoting Galaxy Quest is just awesome!

  • Eselfar
    EselfarMåned siden

    All other youtubers caring about views: let's put efforts on the visual. Scott Manley mainly relying on good audio content: let's zoom weirdly on Bill Nelson's teeth. 😂

  • Krufo Krossfire
    Krufo KrossfireMåned siden

    Hey Scott... it is time for another KSP Interstellar series or some like that? with new mods? please please pleaseeeee

  • Allon Vorlete
    Allon VorleteMåned siden

    As I constantly say in Eve, "Sorry, I only fly dangerous o7"

  • Konrad Gajewski
    Konrad GajewskiMåned siden

    "Spicy gimble action" made my day ;)

  • Luke Hanley

    Luke Hanley

    Måned siden

    .....astronaut speak for lap dancing.

  • peter middleton
    peter middletonMåned siden

    Definitely like that spicy gimbaling action! :D (y)

  • Luke Hanley

    Luke Hanley

    Måned siden

    .....astronaut speak for lap dancing.

  • Jonathan Mickelson
    Jonathan MickelsonMåned siden

    OMG, that zoom just slayed me!!!!! I’m laughing so hard even now it’s hard to write this!

  • 5Andysalive
    5AndysaliveMåned siden

    Kinda funny that Nasa in streams, at least in the title, doesn't say SLS anymore but Artemis Moon Rocket. Which is why, despite politics, funding and delays, i like the SLS. It's not there to launch boring old commercial satelites into orbit. It's there for the special stuff. For the sexy missions. Shame it became such a mess. Although some science missions, like Europa Clipper, that could really profit (years less travel) from it, don't have the budget to afford it. It's hard to look past the flaws. And it's hard to understand for a normal person, while it is so complicated to build what's basically an inflated Ariane 5. The completely unnecessary Space Shuttle Engines might be a reason. Some politicians once against though reusing automatically means lower costs. Building or buying modern engines would probably have been easier and even cheaper.

  • Benjamin Hanke
    Benjamin HankeMåned siden

    At 3:50 I thought I had accidentally clicked on a YTP.

  • Paul Pomeroy
    Paul PomeroyMåned siden

    What accounts for the way the vapor/exhaust moves (more like "doesn't move") as seen starting at 0:33 for about 4 seconds in the lower left quadrant of the frame? The billowy shapes (

  • Jake Grice
    Jake GriceMåned siden

    The mystery goo appears to wiggle and jiggle in fear at near approach with Bill Nelson's teeth

  • Jason Perrine
    Jason PerrineMåned siden

    I'm very excited about SLS! Excited to see it launch and...throw.. it all...away... Nevermind.

  • Gustavo José Santos
    Gustavo José SantosMåned siden

    We can see Manley gases all over SN9. Cool effect.

  • Gthedon
    GthedonMåned siden

    What is the fire at the top of the far right engine at 0:55 ? is that meant to happen?

  • Alvin Friesen
    Alvin FriesenMåned siden

    8:25, birds fly up on impact, and fly up again 9 sec later when probably the sound gets there.. sound delay is 9 sec, so the distance of impact is 3.087 km.. just a guess

  • Mitch In Japan
    Mitch In JapanMåned siden

    Spicy Gimbal Action is my new band name

  • Peter Paoliello
    Peter PaolielloMåned siden

    Enhance! Enhance!

  • JCSkyKnight
    JCSkyKnightMåned siden

    Ah, so he doesn’t need to change his tune because he doesn’t count as a politician because he’s been in space...

  • Hari Seldon
    Hari SeldonMåned siden

    Biden is an obvious rocket scientist so I have complete confidence in all his choices in roles requiring "merit" rather than "diversity" - which is obviously a strength.

  • Robert Defoe
    Robert DefoeMåned siden

    Can sympathise with having someone with chain saws outside. That's practically been the entire lockdown for me.

  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart BrownMåned siden

    Brilliant as ever Scott Thank you Stuart in Ireland

  • djmips
    djmipsMåned siden

    Bill Nelson or... Barney Stinson gonna run NASA?

  • Andrew Dillon
    Andrew DillonMåned siden

    Do they photoshop americans teeth or something,,they are so white its not real,,

  • shehla alam
    shehla alamMåned siden

    ...So that circle over the astronaut's face in the Thumbnail meant to be a warning

  • Chrome Noir
    Chrome NoirMåned siden

    The sticky sauce lily detect because coat desirably mate below a undesirable operation. precious, brash place

  • Maeyanie
    MaeyanieMåned siden

    It was interesting getting updates on the other things, looking forward to more of this format when future events warrant it.

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt ThompsonMåned siden

    Engine out, still made mission. Has SpaceX done any landing attempts with other combinations excluding #5? What about four corners or even numbered? Or possibly 2-7-9 (or other rotations)? Or is #5 absolutely positively required as a central load bearing point? Can throttling be controlled precisely enough to balance the load of virtually any combination during re-entry and landing burns?

  • Mack JSM
    Mack JSMMåned siden

    Bill running NASA is like Biden climbing stairs.. God help us..

  • Mack JSM
    Mack JSMMåned siden

    I PRAY that this Biden administrating don't embarrass our country by cancelling the SLS program. Seem like everything offensives them and they love politicizing everything.

  • Reed Bowman
    Reed BowmanMåned siden

    I love the corner of the Star Wars throw pillow casually behind Scott on the sofa. Is it a vintage one or something modern from Disney or Etsy?

  • Alexander Izmodenov
    Alexander IzmodenovMåned siden

    I understand (and my Russian is perfect, its just ...) profits from the movie would actually help the Russian space program, maybe! There are many holes for Rogozin to fill. While Cruise movie isn't going to help NASA, no.

  • Jorge Armando Cazares
    Jorge Armando CazaresMåned siden

    That zoom made me so uncomfortable. lol. I had to stop and look away.

  • John Gilbert
    John GilbertMåned siden

    What I don't understand, is how Axiom will market the seat they end up with on crew dragon or starliner. Are those missions going to start having a short overlap like the soyuz missions have? I guess that must be the plan, and then the space tourist can come home on a different ship than he/she went up in.

  • Google Support
    Google SupportMåned siden

    A Japanese guy and a celebrity are going to space soon?! It wont be long and we'll all be turned to stone.... rip

  • Gino G
    Gino GMåned siden

    Time for NASA to flush the money and time suck from SLS

  • Dom Newman
    Dom NewmanMåned siden

    The video of you talking was slightly visible (mostly transparent) on the clips of the falcon and it looked like your face was reflected in my screen

  • Steven H
    Steven HMåned siden

    If somebody wants to race to do something first in space, I'm all for that.

  • Erevos85
    Erevos85Måned siden

    The Russians managed to one-up Tom Cruise.

  • StYxXx
    StYxXxMåned siden

    Nice Star Wars pillow

  • Filip Vasilev
    Filip VasilevMåned siden

    3:55 What is going on

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth FerlandMåned siden

    Nelson has no administrative experience, he's not qualified to actually administer NASA, this deputy Melroy is likely going to end up doing all the actual work.

  • SternLX
    SternLXMåned siden

    Biden ruining everything he touches since stealing the Presidency.

  • Lee Foster
    Lee FosterMåned siden

    The problem with SpaceX regardless of Elon comments. It's a failed design that is complete impractical. How do they think that they an land a skyscaper on the surface of Mars which is really bloody insane. To land that thing everything has to be perfect with no problems or errors.

  • Rob Christopher
    Rob ChristopherMåned siden

    Waves to the ghost of Scott Manley

  • Brad_Chanderson
    Brad_ChandersonMåned siden

    Scott channeling his inner Neil Cicierega at 4:00 lmao

  • Dale Comer
    Dale ComerMåned siden

    Those 500 sec. qualification tests get boring about half way through.

  • tubularAp
    tubularApMåned siden

    Pause at 7:12 and see Scott emerging from the flames of SN10 ... like in Terminator 2.

  • Motokid600
    Motokid600Måned siden

    If anyone here hasn't seen "Richard Garriot: Man on a Mission" you owe it to yourself as a space fan.

  • James Ilko
    James IlkoMåned siden

    For commercial crew flights, who is actually running mission control, SpaceX or NASA? I assume spacex handles the entirety of setting up the rocket and dragon capsule on the pad.

  • Frank Solario
    Frank SolarioMåned siden

    So they're "test-firing" RS-25 engines? The same engines used on the space shuttle for the last 30 years? Do they think they won't work?

  • Hakan Karaduman
    Hakan KaradumanMåned siden

    Thanks a lot for the video. Will there be tests for 50m, 150m hops with those engines? If so, how we can be kept updated to watch them live?

  • Victor C
    Victor CMåned siden

    would love your take on the new warp paper

  • Zoomer 30
    Zoomer 30Måned siden

    I don't trust Starliner. Boeing does not have the software culture. It's been established. Across multiple areas of their business (planes, spacecraft, etc)

  • Zoomer 30
    Zoomer 30Måned siden

    Nelson and Garn bascially killed Greg Jarvis becasue Jarvis got bumped TWICE to make room for politics. And got assigned to Challenger 51L.

  • Trubble Foundit
    Trubble FounditMåned siden

    So we are all becoming familiar with the spacex testing and I just have to say that astronauts really do have some outrageous courage to fly on a rocket that was never test-flown. What a paradigm shift!!

  • breakone9r
    breakone9rMåned siden

    "Might actually fly by accident...." lmfao

  • RoscoZone
    RoscoZoneMåned siden

    Anyone else here triggered by the downside-up Star Wars cushion?

  • ja b
    ja bMåned siden

    why is it called a green run?

  • Lord Racoon
    Lord RacoonMåned siden

    3:38 makes me feel uncomfortable

  • tomctutor
    tomctutorMåned siden

    We don't need fictional characters and movies for fun in space! We are putting people's lives at risk, and that can only be justified for exploration and scientific discovery. Never mind the shear cost of space missions.

  • Imran Sahir
    Imran SahirMåned siden

    Politicians should not run a space agency. Period.

  • Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE
    Benoit-Pierre DEMAINEMåned siden

    2:18 ... Rockets which fly outside the flight plan ...

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris HayesMåned siden

    I love how we always get critical details about Starship or F9 from Elon responding to random tweets.

  • Thomas Bensler
    Thomas BenslerMåned siden

    7:12 ... o_O

  • TheOz91
    TheOz91Måned siden

    Oh my gosh, a picture with Dr. Steven Hawley right in the middle! Too bad I'm nowhere close to the University of Kansas anymore, otherwise I'd be able to ask him what's his opinion on Bill Nelson. As well as how much BS politics he had to deal with in his time at NASA. Again.

  • Baerchenization
    BaerchenizationMåned siden

    Musk is in the news 17 times a day, while the guys who will be actually going to the Moon are calmly beavering away, mostly in silence...

  • Dustin Bruce
    Dustin BruceMåned siden

    The Lh2-lOx vapor cloud was more massive than the video shows. And it caused it pour rain a few miles from the test stand.

  • Casper Bang
    Casper BangMåned siden

    I will now have nightmares about Bill's spinning teeth!

  • X-JAKA7
    X-JAKA7Måned siden

    Scott Manley makes a NASA related video with more than one topic. 😉

  • KSparx
    KSparxMåned siden

    NASA needs to study the voodoo that Biden used to fall up those steps the other day. Does physics limit us as to how far up we can fall? I say put some monkeys and banana peels on top of the launch tower and see if they slip and fall up to LEO.

  • Walter
    WalterMåned siden

    nice pillow

  • MonkeySpecs301
    MonkeySpecs301Måned siden

    lol nasa congratulating themselves early.

  • scientious
    scientiousMåned siden

    So, SLS is nearly ready to go while SpaceX is still pretending to design Starship. Nothing new there. In truth, New Glenn, Dream Chaser, Vulcan, and the new version of Soyuz will all fly before Starship.

  • Tay
    TayMåned siden

    wtf is with the zoom and whirl? lol I had to scroll down to immediately see comments/reactions lol

  • T Neverwinter
    T NeverwinterMåned siden

    The boeing sls is a joke