Stowaway: My View Of This Sci-fi Movie as a Science Consultant

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Over the last few years I've acted as a script consultant for the movie 'Stowaway', a few weeks ago I talked about the spacecraft design and other things seen in the trailer. Now the movie is released I want to cover a few more things from the final product and explain how some of my contributions ended up on screen.
As a consultant, I wasn't trying to rewrite the script, I was trying to ensure that the story could be told without too many massive holes in the science supporting it. And this means that whenever I saw ways to save the situation I'd suggest ways to make sure that it wasn't an option.
Here's my previous video covering the trailer:


  • José García
    José García3 timer siden

    What force makes them fall down the tether? Rotational artificial gravity works because the floor is forced to rotate by the tension of the cable, but with your body floating nothing is pushing you downwards, actually you have to generate a force just to keep attached to the cable that is rotating.

  • José García

    José García

    2 timer siden

    @Scott Manley don't quite think so, if you manage to hold to it, you would rotate with it, but that's all. The force created by moving in that frame is always inwards and allows to rotate your velocity, not to accelerate.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    2 timer siden

    Holding on to the tether would push your out

  • Hakan Karaağaç
    Hakan Karaağaç4 timer siden

    Movie sucked for me. As a sci fi nerd with basic understanding of space flight, it was horrible. The reasons are obvious as stated in other comments. My question is did they not listen to your consultations, or didn't they consult on parts that bug everyone like not having redundant systems or not tethering in EVA. İm asking in good intentions because i am not considering the possibility that scott was a bad consultant.

  • Austin Hemmaty
    Austin Hemmaty6 timer siden

    You described the scientific facts absolutely true. I loved that movie especially its mood, graphics and film scores 🤘🏼

  • Austin Hemmaty
    Austin Hemmaty6 timer siden

    The another thing that we must never forget is the Composer (I listening the sounds or film score songs and they’re absolutely stunning especially the into the solar storm song which is awesome and I’m playing the song with the piano a few times a day 😅😎)

  • Captain Horatio Bungle III
    Captain Horatio Bungle III8 timer siden

    I missed why they couldn't just go back to Earth. I get that the mission was expensive, but you'd think the bad PR would have been absolutely terrible and is the sort of thing investors would walk away from in droves. But was there a physics based reason they couldn't do it?

  • D P
    D P9 timer siden

    Why did you make us watch this absolute dumpster fire of a movie? You really promoted it for scientific accuracy and it's garbage.

  • Jason Ashby
    Jason Ashby11 timer siden

    This story has already been done. Does anyone have new ideas or are we all out? The Cold Equations (1954) The story takes place entirely aboard an Emergency Dispatch Ship (EDS) headed for the frontier planet Woden with a load of desperately-needed medical supplies. The pilot, Barton, discovers a stowaway: an eighteen-year-old girl. By law, all EDS stowaways are to be jettisoned because EDS vessels carry no more fuel than is absolutely necessary to land safely at their destination. The girl, Marilyn, merely wants to see her brother Gerry and was not aware of the law. When boarding the EDS, Marilyn saw the "UNAUTHORISED PERSONNEL KEEP OUT!" sign, but thought she would at most have to pay a fine if she were caught. Barton explains that her presence dooms the mission by exceeding the weight limit, and the subsequent crash would kill both of them and doom the colonists awaiting the medical supplies. After contacting her brother for the last moments of her life, Marilyn willingly walks into the airlock and is ejected into space.

  • Atash Gallagher
    Atash Gallagher11 timer siden

    I still don't get why she would just stay out there and die. she was out for at most a few minutes even maybe an hour if a lot of time was skipped. even in an absolute worst-case scenario she probably could have lived if she opened the effing door and went the frick inside. also how the hell did they accidentally bring an extra person, why, how.

  • consummateVssss
    consummateVssss13 timer siden

    can we also talk about the size of those oxygen canisters? looked like they were about scuba tank size, which are generously about 20L which means there would be max 20L of liquid oxygen which equates about 16,000 L of oxygen at atmmosphere. In the movie they say they need another 950L/day of algae O2 production for 2 people. so 16,000 L of breathable O2 gas would be good for about 33 days for 1 person. an earth-mars cycler would take about 2 years for a complete cycle (which they reference in the movie), so 1 year from earth to mars. Seems like realistically they would need 24 of these cylinders as opposed to just the 2. i think i'm willing to let that go as an artistic decision so each cylinder was symbolically linked to save 1 person. at least i lieared humans need about one scuba tank worth of liquid O2 per month

  • Philip Welch
    Philip Welch16 timer siden

    Why didn’t they just stop the rotation and retract the tethers before the EVA?

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell17 timer siden

    It did not feel like a low budget movie.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell18 timer siden

    Loved the show

  • Rovshan Mamedov
    Rovshan Mamedov19 timer siden

    I just finished watching movie. I loved it.

  • Paul Kjoss
    Paul Kjoss23 timer siden


  • ptonpc
    ptonpcDag siden

    I tried to like this film, the science for the most part was fine but there were too many plot holes. Including (SPOILERS) How did Michael fall and end up locked inside the inner and outer wall of a module? Why did none of the ground crew notice or ask where the safety pins he was supposed to remove were? Why were there no spares or parts for the critical life support gizmo? Why does David rip up the plants he is already growing to replace them with algae, when the racks holding them are just shelving units. Couldn't he could have put the plants or the plastic containers of algae somewhere else in the module? If mass is so crucial they don't carry spares, then what plans do they have to make the food and water last? (David says the plants he ripped up were for food) Why is Michael in one scene an intelligent man who knows the ship then in another is written like an idiot?

  • Alexandra Crawford
    Alexandra CrawfordDag siden

    A good try, but why did she have to fall and "break her ankle... ", then be consumed by the "pursing monster" of a solar storm? The scientist who had lost all his research by losing both cultures of algae without keeping any starter culture as anybody with training would do as an issue of safety? But he could have given up his life because he had exhausted his usefulness to the expedition? Sorry but a medical officer is always more important to a continuing expedition? Yes I am older so I have been exposed to all these concepts in previous publications and film releases. My apology, but that is what happens as you all get older, mainstream is a generational cycle of the same storylines, renewed unless something seriously changes the ground rules?

  • Rainer and Katie Niederoest
    Rainer and Katie NiederoestDag siden

    I'm glad you talk about the inadequate number of tethers and the radiation beam visible. The only thing that bothered me taht you didn't mention was how the Earth seems to recede very slowly out the viewing windows. I don't think that jives well with the speed they'd be going. I still enjoy the movie though.

  • Sean Hollingsworth
    Sean HollingsworthDag siden

    I love your part and influence on the movie. :-). . . I w p.o ild have preferred a happy ending. . . And their Max Q timing bugged me too. . . ;-)

  • Dan McLaughlin
    Dan McLaughlinDag siden

    Re: the 'radiation', IIRC the captain said "Coronal mass ejection" which sends significant matter (plasma) as well as radiation. The base radiation would travel at the speed of light, the matter would travel slower, but the matter of itself of course could/probably is radioactive itself. This is out of my field but I found it not hard to imagine that the matter - some kind of basic soup of hydrogen and higher order unstable atoms maybe - would be visible.

  • Walter Vermeir
    Walter VermeirDag siden

    Good movie but the 'stowaway' aspect was the weakest of it. That is very unbelievable and no explanation is given in the movie how it happened.

  • kablamo9999
    kablamo9999Dag siden

    I watched it yesterday and thought the science and tech looked really good.

  • OrionBlitz256
    OrionBlitz256Dag siden

    How was the additional oxygen going to solve the CO2 problem? Even if they increased O2 the CO2 would still be at harmful levels. If they used O2 in masks they would still be mixing it with the atmosphere which was still harmful. Anyone? Scott?

  • Chuck Williams
    Chuck WilliamsDag siden

    Everyone knows you cannot grow algae and microgreens on the same spacecraft. I'd better rip these bastards out by their roots.

  • Ochre Jelly
    Ochre JellyDag siden

    The only thing that irked me was that the oxygen tanks dont seem to be much heavier after they are filled. They’d need to cram a sh*t load of pressurized O2 in there for the crew’s remaining flight, and that equates to a lotta mass. Ever refill a BBQ propane tank? Then u know what I mean!

  • John Dunlap
    John DunlapDag siden

    The part that I struggled with was that she had the energy to ascend/descend several hundred meters on a rope four times while wearing a space suit and carrying a canister of liquid oxygen.

  • Mortifix
    Mortifix2 dager siden

    The movie sucked

  • Charlie Anderson
    Charlie Anderson2 dager siden

    Not Scott’s fault but not much of a movie

  • Tor Djärv
    Tor Djärv2 dager siden

    I thought Stowaway was really good, my only big problem was that they let their main medic sacrifice herself. I get her motivations for doing it, but the others should have made it clear that sacrificing your local medical expert in such a dangerous environment is kind of stupid.

  • Spam Spammesen
    Spam Spammesen2 dager siden

    Didn't anybody else react to the rotational direction of the vessel? I mean, if centrifugal forces are to push you down on the floor the rotating point would be straight up, right? Well..... in this movie we see the earth move in a nice arch from bottom to the top, with the rotation point to the right. Which mean the astronaut should be flung to the left, not held down.... There were 2 sceenes where they got it mostly right, while the others were mostly completely off! I got seasick from watching this, as my body expected to be pulled to the side opposed to the center of rotation. I can't believe you didn't catch this Scott! It's even one of the things that would have been easy to correct, if it had been discovered before it was to late to correct in final production.

  • Bak Zetary
    Bak Zetary2 dager siden

    Regardless of it's flaws scientifically, it was a suspenseful gripping drama right up until the end. Then it was a total disappointment! What is wrong in the mind of people who write movies like this and think a majority of people want to watch an ending like this? It's a one-shot watch, then never think about it again kind of entertainment dished out these days! So sad!

  • TheStarzzguitar
    TheStarzzguitar2 dager siden

    A stow away. Yeah right. So put a few in stasis and problem solved.

  • Phraggers
    Phraggers2 dager siden

    I mean, let's be real, 100% realistic movies are boring as hell. That's why we have the prase "suspension of disbelief" in the name of entertainment :)

  • Miguel A.
    Miguel A.2 dager siden

    This video really sucked.

  • pev
    pev2 dager siden

    Great. About the movie, on the plus side it is reasonably realistic for a "space movie", but on the minus side, I still did not quite get why the extra person was there and why the life support module failed and seemingly being in the same space as the extra person. Also on the plus side, very much so, is that this movie did not go into the general Hollywood paranoid side (e.g. one of the crew being "evil" and trying to murder all)!!

  • Pystro
    Pystro2 dager siden

    8:16 Instead of attaching the cables to the center, or lifting the attachment point up by a few meters with a truss, you'd probably just attach each cable onto its own point along the perimeter of the whole structure. That effectively puts the pivot point all the way out towards the counterweight.

  • Captain Patch
    Captain Patch2 dager siden

    Overall I give the movie a C+. I generally liked it, but it wasn't extraordinary. I spotted a few minor science inaccuracies and some real blood pressure raising lack of safety procedures and margins, but on a whole it's probably the best near-future hard sci-fi I've seen in terms of accuracy. Great job!

  • jay methodus
    jay methodus3 dager siden

    So... is it worth watching or naw

  • tpodole
    tpodole3 dager siden

    Ok.That prominence scene looks really sweet... A person eclipses the sun with his hand to have a glimpse on a beautiful solar phenomena.

  • tpodole


    9 timer siden

    @D P yes, this is why I thought it was more of a "look at that beautiful prominence", rather than "oh shit, we have flare incoming"

  • D P

    D P

    9 timer siden

    If the flare was coming toward them wouldn't the flare be on the side facing them and not around the edge? Also, how did he know it would be on the top right?

  • Walter Stuermer
    Walter Stuermer3 dager siden

    I know the ending wasn't your idea, but it really gave the audience, like me, something to think about after the credits rolled.

  • selectthedead
    selectthedead3 dager siden

    Attention to detail that is not expicitly mentioned is pur gold. There are scenes in The Expense where they fire their MAC cannon at other ships and you see the engine nozzel flash to counter the recoil of the gun. Things like this are easter eggs and drive curiocity of the audience further on the subject.

  • IfYouBuildIt
    IfYouBuildIt3 dager siden

    *spoilers* In this movie at almost the same point in time: 1) they destroy 90L of co2-o2 plants on a low-probability-of-success gamble for more, and then a moment later find themselves short about that same 90L and have to murder a character. 2) their primary life support fails and somehow there isn't a backup for it, so they have to murder a character. 3) Immediately upon discovering these things they decide there is no way to fix it, they have to give up, ground control could never be wrong, and they have to murder a character. It was at this point I quit watching the film, because clearly it was not about astronauts or space flight, instead it was clearly a film about having to murder somebody to save yourself, and that really disappointed me. Apollo 13's film spent ~45 minutes working to solve an excess Co2 problem and never was it even conceivable to murder one of the crew. Stowaway going from 'houston we have a problem' straight to 'so we have to murder someone' is just shockingly bad.

  • Osman Safian Baharuddin
    Osman Safian Baharuddin3 dager siden

    A movie with Anna Kendrick that you can learn something from. - Scott Manley some months ago.

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell3 dager siden

    10:27 Sliding toward the outside of the rotation, along the cables, would also induce a Coriolis effect. As she moves to the outside of the circle she not only has to move outwards, but ALSO accelerate to match the higher rotational speed - so her body wouldn't be hanging "down" it would be hanging substatially sideways - like sliding down a cable in a very strong wind.

  • Huples Cat
    Huples Cat3 dager siden

    It was a good movie but there are a few issues I have had and yes I saw your first one. - Why did they not retract the panels and get the shuttle closer? They would have to at Mars anyway and it is an elliptical transporter - How did the ground crew not notice he was missing? - Why was he inside that particular panel? - Was he not on the transporter not the shuttle so why did it under perform on take off? - They use hand rails and other heavy bits all over the spot but no extra carbon dioxide scrubber? - err 20 minutes warning of a flare? Very convenient as well to make them rush - They have an aurora. What from? That is it for nit picking. A good movie, nice that it was not 'Hollywood" tension but real world tension. I loved the ending. A+ acting all around

  • C Doe
    C Doe3 dager siden

    The lack of tethers irritated me, not just from the basic space walk perspective but also from the assumption that she was an experienced mountain climber.

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts3 dager siden

    OK ------------ And Thanks Scott. Great video. Sorry I missed your voice over at the beginning. I would love to watch it again just to hear your part but I just can't force myself to go through the Torcher. It was hard enough the first time not to Puke. LOL

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts3 dager siden

    OK ---------- My biggest question is how the hell did the technician get in behind a panel that has to be bolted up into place from the outside. He sure as hell did not do it himself. Then there is the question as to WHY do they have no spars to fix the ONLY oxygen recovery system on the Ship for a 2-year voyage. Not to mention the fact that they did not have a complete backup secondary oxygen system well separated from the first as required by NASA for the Space Station and Orion space Craft.... As well as Space X. I hope they don't even make the cost of their money back, let alone PROFIT.

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts3 dager siden

    OK ------------ Trained as a Nuclear tech on Subs I know that radiation takes a large does offer a long period of time. the Fact that the idiot astronauts started panicking (as soon as they heard the 30-minute warning), enough to not spend the few minutes to finish filling the second bottle (knowing the last of the oxygen is leaking out) and then completely lose it and not bother to properly tye down the bottle as she descended is beyond moronic. They both could have spent an extra 10 or 15 minutes in the storm with only a light case of radiation poisoning. Astronauts are trained not to panic and both of these did. Which ruined my enjoyment as well as believing in the Plot. The fact is when she died I knew she deserved to Die from simply being STUPID. No sympathy at all. In this case, the WOKE plotline with the beyond submissive week men unable to perform simple tasks and domineering women quick to panic kills the movie. leaving it a Bad 4th rate movie that will be quickly forgotten. Definitely not the Martian.

  • Dancing Dog
    Dancing Dog3 dager siden

    The daystar! It burns!

  • Tim McGaughy
    Tim McGaughy3 dager siden

    Haven't seen this and probably never will... Europa Report is a great movie that deals with a similar ending.

  • Rick Woehler
    Rick Woehler3 dager siden

    SPOILERS. Scott, I'm a fan and don't mean to criticize but the launch sequence is completely and unnecessarily wrong in this movie as is the O2 booster tank docking (probably done for time). The lack of any safety margins, like only one CO2 scrubber in only one module is also far-fetched. I'm sure you caught all this but writers need plot! Well done.

  • Peter Ede
    Peter Ede3 dager siden

    Dumbed down so the girls could understand. I wont be watching this one

  • David Andreotta
    David Andreotta3 dager siden

    I would really like to hear a detailed description of the Chinese failed rocket launch and just where it may be impacting the earth. Thank You.

  • DiGiaCom Tech
    DiGiaCom Tech3 dager siden

    Ok ... So if the single most important part of any human bearing spacecraft is the Life Support System ... why then is it always the first thing that breaks? I guess FUTURE NASA finally does away with tridundancy ;)

  • Diego W
    Diego W3 dager siden

    One thing that peeved me was the fact that the station's modules are docked perpendicular to the direction of the artificial gravity, which, unless I'm mistaken, would put a lot of strain on the docking ports.

  • Pandaren Death Knight
    Pandaren Death Knight3 dager siden

    WELL THEN i guess i gotta go watch it then huh?

  • Pandaren Death Knight

    Pandaren Death Knight

    3 dager siden

    Damn man.

  • Tubular Topher
    Tubular Topher3 dager siden

    I think your idea of a valid way in which the crew could all make it could have still been used. Your idea would go as planned until close to the end of the film a surprise accident sets them back to square one - however the crew is out of time and the movie ends on a sad note.

  • Allan Holmstadt
    Allan Holmstadt3 dager siden

    One thing that irritated me (beyond the lack of personal tethers, lack of back-ups for critical systems, lack of any reason for that guy to be behind a secured panel) is that the center of rotation of the star-field/Earth in the early parts of the film where they are standing by the window was in the wrong place. They were effectively standing on a wall if you take the center of rotation to be accurate. That would have been a trivial item to get correct. Also, there was no reason that Kendrick needed to bring the tank back during the storm when it was obviously difficult to lift it with two people, let alone one. She could have just filled it, left it there to get later and booked it back to the shelter. Might have reduced exposure enough to avoid death, though that wasn't the story the writers wanted.

  • K Karr
    K Karr4 dager siden

    Yep, they should have written in Mark Watney then it could have had a better ending.

  • Naum Rusomarov
    Naum Rusomarov4 dager siden

    the whole climbing system for the tether seemed flaky at best, but it's not a documentary, so it's fine.

  • Fraser Simpson
    Fraser Simpson4 dager siden

    I'm sure this is a dumb question but I'll ask anyway - why couldn't they stop the spin for the spacewalk? Surely they would have enough fuel onboard to gradually stop it, then they could just carry on the rest of the mission without gravity (assuming they don't have enough fuel to restart the spin). Would have made going and getting the oxygen a lot less dangerous...

  • Jeremy Holland
    Jeremy Holland4 dager siden

    So the biggest things that caught my attention was that as the ship was rotating the shadows didn’t. The second thing that irked me was the final scene when she’s sitting there looking at earth but she has her back towards the sun. Either way it was awesome hearing your voice in the beginning!

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    4 dager siden

    The solar panels on the center section are supposed to be aligned to the sun, so the rotation axis has to be aligned to the sun.

  • awsx
    awsx4 dager siden

    Why couldn't they just stop spinning? Surely the amount of impulse required to alter the angular momentum would be negligible?

  • Milton Miller
    Milton Miller4 dager siden

    Scott, wouldn't a spacecraft rotating that way with that distribution of mass, be subject to Dzhanibekov effect?

  • INLINE 24
    INLINE 244 dager siden

    I thought no redundancy in life support to Mars.....dumb.....but I enjoyed it

  • Mihail Kondov
    Mihail Kondov5 dager siden

    Maybe if they hadn.t picked the crew based on gender and racial politics they would have made it out alive.

  • cjm2005
    cjm20055 dager siden

    The set design and spacecraft concept in this film is absolutely superb. The story itself was a bit.... eh? Why was he there? What were his motivations? Was it a genuine accident? And who placed the panel in the first place? It kind of felt like there was a different story in there that got lost in an edit.

  • Alexandre Ladouce
    Alexandre Ladouce5 dager siden

    little question. how mauch was she irradiated in the end (theorically) I guess that's way worse than chernobyl level givent the speed of her death right ?

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray5 dager siden

    The one thing that's common in these sorts of films - "the one thing they need is in the place most impossible to get to and are under the pump (in terms of time to accomplish the task). Like an exterior door/hatch release on a space-ship or submarine or other vessel or additional oxygen supplies etc. ("The Abyss" comes to mind where they can't get into the sub bay, and have to dive (without diving suits) to the moon pool to stop Coffey stealing the ROV to deliver the nuclear weapon to the 'builders of memory' aliens at the bottom of the trench.)

  • Örs Hunor Detre
    Örs Hunor Detre5 dager siden

    99% of Sci Fi directors: Lets say... The Sun explodes if the crew... Then lets say... Stowaway director: Lets make a detailed spreadsheet of crucial life support bottlenecks by experts... Great job!

  • tuscancmh
    tuscancmh5 dager siden

    I did not quite understand how Michael ended up aboard. How do you get accidentally screwed in behind a panel?

  • ptonpc


    16 timer siden

    Especially when you are on the outside of the rocket.

  • gregs1020
    gregs10205 dager siden

    it was a really short first stage was my thought. thank you scott, good job!

  • Supersonic36
    Supersonic365 dager siden

    How did it end did all 4 end up dying or one more after she die to radiation did 2 or 3 make it to mars cause the last tank wasnt fully full so sad

  • Louis Rovegno
    Louis Rovegno5 dager siden

    It’s refreshing to find someone who understands both science and storytelling. Great work Scott!

  • Vic Lau
    Vic Lau5 dager siden

    This movie just has too many Taxes size plot holes that make it hard to enjoy. Other than that this is not a bad movie.

  • Rabbe Sandelin
    Rabbe Sandelin5 dager siden

    Let's put aside the fact that it would be impossible for anyone to be stowawayed on a spacecraft in that manner. Let's also pretend there really could be a single point of failure of a critical life support system on a mission to Mars. The thing that really pulled me out of the movie was how the crew was portrayed as soon as the setback happened. The commander looked scared, and lapsed into a catatonic state, and the rest of the crew descended into stupid intriguing and quarrelling. People like that would never have been selected for a mission to Mars. Just watch a few documentaries of Apollo 13 or Apollo 12, and see how a professional, trained crew handles unforeseen or even critical situations.

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming5 dager siden

    Oh come on Scott! Unhappy ending? How many Kerbals have you lost to unhappy endings? :)

  • Dionysio Katehis
    Dionysio Katehis5 dager siden

    The movie stalled in the beginning it sucked..

  • True Forensics
    True Forensics5 dager siden

    "I am Scott Manley, designer of death, destroyer of missions." - I sense the dark side in this one. :) Congratulations, it must have been lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kokonut Goodname
    Kokonut Goodname5 dager siden

    The fyziks are very bad in the film

  • Paul
    Paul6 dager siden

    Let's face some earth facts, with 1.25M subscribers they hired you as a publicist and not a technical consultant.

  • John E
    John E6 dager siden

    Quite surprising that no battery-powered cable-crawlers (price $39.99 on Amazon) were provided.

    ANURAG KRISHAN6 dager siden

    I am an engineer by profession. 5 minutes into the movie I noticed 3 scientific mistakes and searched google for errors in this movie. It appears they did not pay their consultant enough. At one point the guy says it takes time to adjust to artificial gravity. Well Theory of relativity says there is absolutely no way to tell the difference between artificial and natural gravity. The scene bugged me so much. Absolute disaster.

  • m3arvin
    m3arvin6 dager siden

    As a former EMU/EVA engineer, I took issues with those scenes, but also with visors up on their ACES/LES suits. For EVA... apparently they are far off in the future but using Shuttle EMUs from the late 70s, and walking around in artificial gravity in a nearly 300 lb. suit (OK, one could presume these have been re-invented EMUs of the future that weigh much less), the EVAs without tethers, tools not tethered, no markings on the DCU... then with the oxygen issue, the had no backup systems like even a short-term boost (SFOG/TGK candle). It looks like Daniel Dae Kim wore his personal Speedy Pro in one scene, which was nice to see. They called out EV1 and such but I didn't care enough to check the red stripes. Honestly it's easier to poke holes in movies than to highlight the stuff that is "accurate." I know some of the inaccuracies are trade-offs for filming, some don't affect the story telling or cinematic experience unless you are in the know... and some are just gaffs... oh well. Like any movie, space or not, you check your brain at the door to enjoy the entertainment.

  • kmanccr
    kmanccr6 dager siden

    the red spots are blood, bloood!... on the outside of her suit...?!

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson6 dager siden

    I had difficulties watching this movie, it seem too contrived. Especially how the stowaway came on board. It for me ruined the movie as it was just impossible. He stated he was setting the 2nd stage explosive bolts when he fell. If so how did he fall from the second stage and end up in the orbiting space station. Secondly, the 2nd stage was not pressurized how did he survive lift off. Third, how did he end up in the most secure section of the space station and inside the air filtration section that really did not have any physical way for him to get into. It looked more likely he was deliberately sealed in the compartment, that would have made more sense and made for a much better film. I just cannot figure how did he magically teleported through the hull of the space station from the 2nd stage and into that compartment that didn’t look like there was any direct access to the outside. That played on my mine and ruined the whole thing.

  • Josh B
    Josh B6 dager siden

    Knowing you were involved made me really hopeful for the scientific accuracy of the movie. The max Q call out when they were clearly "in space" ruined that illusion. I still went on the "enjoy" the movie.

  • James Beckwith
    James Beckwith6 dager siden

    Big shout out to Volker Bertelmamn aka Hauschka for the beautiful soundtrack!

  • boredgrass
    boredgrass6 dager siden

    The visors open during launch, my first stumble too but to see finally N2 desaturation before EVA done properly, indeed done at all, made more than up for the visors! @ 🦄 🚀 "stardust"-radiation: with disbelief sufficiently suspended, I "read" this as a signifyer for intensity and in that scene it worked for me, I think because of the emotional intensity of that moment. I reminds me of the way, underwater scenes were depicted in books of the 19th century and early movies where they had these total unrealistic blur effects. All in all, they AND YOU!🤗💐💐💐, did good! 🤗🚀🎆🎈

  • geogan2
    geogan26 dager siden

    Things that annoyed me watching this 1. Only one scrubber and if it somehow fails they are all dead? Hmmm. Let’s just have one of those onboard. Bring a redundant backup of critical co2 scrubber gear. 2. Bring at least a small handheld winch which securely attaches to cables in case that they ever needed to reach middle to do repairs. Wtf were those stupid flimsy cable grabbers? At least have the grabbers securely tethered to cables 3. Have astronauts tethered securely to cables 4. Have bottles of oxygen securely tethered to astronaut so they don’t like LET GO of them while falling from height! 5. Solar radiation is invisible subatomic particles travelling at near speed of light. It does not look like a gentle coloured breeze blowing past them. And what were the larger slow moving fireballs that sometimes hit her 🤣 6. Why did splats of blood appear on what looked like the outside of astronauts backpack? 7. Real time phone calls back to Earth with seemingly ZERO lag at all (no waiting 5 minutes for a reply here!) 8. The Earth visible out of viewing window - after two or three days in flight it still looked as big as a few minutes into flight! They were obviously not going very fast! This kept reminding me of that Monty Python sketch of the knight attacking the castle and never getting any closer to the door men 😬 9. When Michael was sitting at window contemplating death near the end WTF was the huge planet that was visible out the window??? Was it Earth?? This was supposed to be *weeks* into the flight. There should be no large planet visible out the window!

  • Gillie Monger
    Gillie Monger6 dager siden

    My question is: when looking out the observation deck. The earth appears from bottom of the window and transitions to the top. Shouldn't it have been the other way around - top to bottom? I mean the ships rotation kept them on the 'floor' so to speak, so the earth should have appeared from above.

  • Tyson Burns
    Tyson Burns6 dager siden

    This movie was almost unwatchable. I'm not criticizing you or your work on the movie, but I'm surprised the writer / director consulted you or anybody at all. The lazy writing, gigantic plot holes, and technical mistakes make me wonder how they got funding for this movie at all.

  • Gillie Monger
    Gillie Monger6 dager siden

    The film sucked! Big time.

  • Michael Frost
    Michael Frost6 dager siden

    I watch a whole movie just to understand this video

  • Paul Frederiksen
    Paul Frederiksen6 dager siden

    So sad that the writers were hell bent to write another human sacrifice story. I so sick of the life boat narrative.

  • Phy
    Phy6 dager siden

    Having an automatic counterweight without an extra calculated persons mass would cause the craft to get out of control after the deployment of tethers. That was my issue. Mass is something that must be calculated in advance.

  • milxl
    milxl6 dager siden

    SRO is GOOO and clear for lauunch

  • Stony Acres
    Stony Acres6 dager siden

    Big Scott Manley fan. Not a Stowaway fan. Terribly dull movie start to finish.

  • Matt Richardson
    Matt Richardson6 dager siden

    We watched it last night! It was super cool to hear your mission control cameo. Hope you had fun and get more opportunities like this, if you want them.