The Story of NASA's Space Tracking Ships

Vitenskap og teknologi

During the 1950's and 60's the US converted a number of aging cargo ships into floating tracking stations to support the space program. These ships had been built quickly to support the US in World War II, and many had since been mothballed. About 20 of these would be converted to host multiple antennas and tons of electronics as well as mini versions of mission control which could operate independent of primary mission control if needed.
Manual for crew serving on board the Apollo tracking ships.


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    My father was on the Rose Knot. Shout out to all the Range Rats! It could be a video all to itself.

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    Great video. You should do an episode on the Soviet tracking ships some time. As I understand it, they were still in active use in the mid-1980s.

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    Those are nice pictures showing the effect of the camouflage they used back then to confuse enemy sailors. Also the fake russian ship for the "just make it look messy, that's russian for our viewers" :D

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    Got to go on the Range Tracker in Oxnard as a kid back in the late 60's.

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    One tracking ship you didn't mention is the USNS Arnold (T-AGM-9). It entered service in 1964 and was decommissioned in 1982. I believe it was similar to the Vandenberg.

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    In early January I dove the Vandenberg wreck, very cool ship indeed!

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    In the 1970s, USNS Vanguard was 'hanging out' around Alaska. Saw her couple of times. While at sea on our Coast Guard Cutter. . .

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    How about the USS/USNS Observation Island? ‘Saw it a few times.

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    Is there any chance that you could indulge an old IT person and tell us what computers they had on board these ships? Indeed what computers were used at the various NASA ground centres? There have been several NOprojects videos on the flight computers, and they were ground breaking. I would think a computer back then going to sea would be a bit of a challenge too.

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    @Merle Wagner Thank you Merle.

  • Merle Wagner

    Merle Wagner

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    The computers on the Apollo tracking ships were the Univac 642B systems. One for antenna tracking and two for telemetry data being retransmitted via satellite.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo
    Andrew Tubbiolo21 dag siden

    An interesting part of their era. War surplus and excess American industrial capability allowed those ships to be made, outfitted, and operated to support the nascent spaceflight of their era. The United States today could not build those ships, outfit them, or operate them. Yet their roles have been filled in by satellites that do a much better job. Truly a indicative marker of a moment in time.

  • JBM425
    JBM42521 dag siden

    I recall the ships being referred to by their three-letter names, such as "Rose Knot Victor" and "Coastal Sentry Quebec." It appears that third character/word was added for communications and ID purposes but was not part of the real name of the ships.

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    I worked the "Observation Island" for RCA for a while. Not a ship you discussed, but a close cousin.

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    Nice. I miss the days when the shithole that is California actually did something positive for this country.

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    The Russian ones used to come into our port every 6 months or so, everybody knew they were spy ships but they were allowed to pass freely for whatever reason. I got a lot of Russian coins and pins trading with those sailors.

  • Andrew Wetzel
    Andrew Wetzel21 dag siden

    Thank you for remembering a forgotten portion of the Manned Space Flight story. My dad was very involved with the Range Tracking and Instrumentation ships, from Mercury on up to Apollo. And, later, his position as AF Liaison Officer at Kwajalein Missile Range got us access to the tracking ships, especially Vandenberg, when they came from Hawaii (special treat was fresh milk, not frozen milk reconstituted like you could get at Kwaj. Mmmm, fresh milk.) I loved seeing the tracking ships when I was a kid, and love, now, seeing them back in people's sight, so to speak. Helps keep a connection between me and dad. His name was Robert P. Wetzel, for any of you range tracking ship people out there. I hope some of you got to meet him.

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    Shoulda rounded it out by talking about the two platforms still in service, the USNS Howard Lorenzen and the SBX. Both can track both ballistic and orbital vehicles, with amazing accuracy!

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    Hi Scott, I'm curious: is there any footage of a Soyus performing it's module separation?

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    @9:23 and other maps, the coverage patterns of the ground stations are very unique. The circular coverage patterns have weird gaps. Is this related to something about the antenna structure?

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    So, what was it doing, when it got scraped? Oh you know... Stuff...

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    My father worked at the Marin Shipyard during WWII. He had a friend who was a photographer for the yard so I have boxes of photos of ships and some parts of the yard. When I drive by, I always smile thinking of my father's stories.

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    Scott Manley : So that's what Nasa build in my backyard. Next week I will speak about what Nasa build in my basement.

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    The Soviets built some neat looking space tracking ships as late as the 70's as well. A couple of them were huge, the Kosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was like 235m with almost Very Large Array-sized dishes.

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    It’s amazing how many ships found many new lives after the war.

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    NASA chooses SpaceX for HLS

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    Intesting tidbit: those Snark cruise missiles (01:37) were designed to be recoverable, but of the snark A and B models, none were recovered. Finally, in the mid-50s, testing of model C Snarks was moved to Cape Canaveral and the missiles were deliberately flown into the Atlantic. The failures and the deliberate “dumps”, caused workers at the Eastern Test Range to refer to the area as “Snark-infested waters.”

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    In the map at 7:03, why do some of the regions which show the tracking areas look non-circular? In particular, a bunch of them have two little wedges cut out, at the top and the bottom of an otherwise circular region. What is going on there?

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    Scott, you have to do a feature on TDRS. It is still an evolving infrastructure although much less of a wow factor than it was in it's early days, but still a critical asset.

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    The Jeremiah O'Brien is a WWII liberty ship that is a tourist attraction on SF's Fisherman Wharf ... no satellite dishes or telemetry consoles, but a sister ship in spirit (and you can see Sausalito from the deck, north across the bay, to the left of Alcatraz)

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    And i know this is how it goes for most ships, but it makes me sad nonetheless (always getting attached to inanimate objects lol, don't even get me started on that "last moments of Cassini video...)

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    (Unless you count the artificial reef)

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    Brendan Byrne23 dager siden

    From you backyard to mine.... I live in Key West and witnessed the sinking of the Vandenburg and have dove it many times....

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    Virus was an awesome little sci-fi horror movie.

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    David Earnest23 dager siden

    My father was a NASA engineer from 1964 to 1971. He was aboard several of these ships on extended missions in support of the Gemini and Apollo missions through Apollo 13. He was on the USNS Range Tracker (T-AGM-1), USNS Watertown (T-AGM-6) and the USNS Sampan Hitch (T-AGM-14) out of Port Hueneme CA for most of those missions. On a side note. All three of these ships were built in Portland Oregon in the 1940's. My maternal grandfather was the Lead Electrician for Oregon Shipyards in those days and actually was involved in their fit outs. I have been on these ships numerous times. They looked awful on the outside after their various missions but were mostly Navy spotless on the inside.

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    Yes, correct, spent 6 years aboard the Vanguard, there is a handful of us left. Enjoying the SpaceX landings. Book: Range Rats at Sea by Dan and Gloria we put up the new TDRSS satellites which out teched everything as well as the ground stations.

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  • Diane Arends
    Diane Arends23 dager siden

    Scott Manley Thank you so much for "The Story of NASA's Space Tracking Ships"! My husband, Len Arends, was on the USNS Vanguard from 1969 to 1972, when it was stationed at Port Canaveral. Len's 2 brothers, Nick and Vince also worked with him in the Navigation Center. My cousin, Mike Linthicum, worked with him and introducted us. We were married in 1971. Len was also on the USNS Huntsville during Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 reentries in the South Pacific. He said he had goosebumps several times during your broadcast. Our oldest son, Leonard Arends Jr. lives in San Bruno CA and took us on a tour of Marin Works ... that's where the Bay Model is ... I think we discussed the possibility that the Vanguard was built there ... now, Scott Manley has confirmed it!

  • sous manomax

    sous manomax

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    @Diane Arends 1973 to 1979 with 6 months in Barstow

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    Diane Arends

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    @sous manomax what years?

  • sous manomax

    sous manomax

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    Hello from Rich in the calibration lab on the Vanguard

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    There's a T3 tanker a close cousin of the T2 still around hauling cargo in the great lakes... She still retains alot of the lines of the T series especially the bow...

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    Hello Scott! Great video! I currently fly on the RC-135 V/W rivet Joint. I was wondering if you know about a specialized earlier rendition of my jet called the EC-135 Aria? It was a specialized plane to communicate with Apollo spacecraft and track them in the gaps where ships could not. Love to hear your thoughts on the plane!

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