The Voyager Golden Records Last Recording

Vitenskap og teknologi

A few years ago Ozma records created a new pressing of the records sent into interstellar space on the Voyager space probes.


  • Scott Manley
    Scott ManleyMåned siden

    For those that missed out on the Twitter video a few days ago

  • RWBHere


    27 dager siden

    When you see a Scott Manley video which is less than 2 minutes in duration, you check the date....1st April. Then you wait for 24 hours. 😃👍

  • RWBHere


    27 dager siden

    @Scott Manley As in Vallens? 😁👍

  • Daniel Prieto

    Daniel Prieto

    Måned siden

    @Mr Picky roflmao

  • Bertrand Thibodeau

    Bertrand Thibodeau

    Måned siden

    From now on, Any Scott Manley sub 2 minute video = Rick roll 🤣

  • Andrew France

    Andrew France

    Måned siden

    You complete and utter bastard! ;-)

  • Phraggers
    Phraggers14 dager siden

    I GOT RICK ROLLED BY SCOTT MANLEY I'm so mad and proud

  • Dylan Romaine
    Dylan Romaine15 dager siden

    lol got rick roll''d at the end...

  • GreatFlamin Zeus
    GreatFlamin Zeus19 dager siden

    I was catching up on many videos and watched this two weeks late, totally did not see it coming. Ya got me.

  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk12319 dager siden

    Carl Sagan was a died-in-the-wool atheist who read the account of Charles Darwin repenting on his deathbed so he could go to Heaven, and swore, "This will NEVER happen to me!" So Carl posted guards around his deathbed, instructed to keep all Christians away from him in his "hour of weakness."

  • Scott Strehlow
    Scott Strehlow19 dager siden

    You're on a roll.

  • Juha Itäleino
    Juha Itäleino20 dager siden

    Oh my god. This was golden.

  • Apex
    Apex20 dager siden

    I'm not mad, I'm mad.

  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris22 dager siden

    I love how much setup went in to this rickroll.

  • Frank Gulla
    Frank Gulla23 dager siden

    Cool stuff from the great Scott Manley about the even greater Carl Sagen (those the video clip was sad)

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee23 dager siden

    Nice TT's

  • #KaiserBeetle
    #KaiserBeetle24 dager siden

    😂😂😂 You were trying to hard not to laugh

  • Jared Kennedy
    Jared Kennedy25 dager siden

    This ended up getting buried in my watch later list, I just got to it. Completely unexpected Rickroll. Bravo.

  • Günter Kleinschuster
    Günter Kleinschuster25 dager siden

    I havent seen this coming

  • RandomStuffFixer
    RandomStuffFixer26 dager siden

    You got me :-D

  • Ultrametric
    Ultrametric26 dager siden

    And in other news - pi discovered to be rational after all!

  • Gary Baluha
    Gary Baluha27 dager siden

    Well played, sir! :D

  • Fredrick_J Maloot
    Fredrick_J Maloot29 dager siden

    Just watched this on Apr10 and got burned like a toad on a launch pad 😨

  • CherryBacon Astro
    CherryBacon Astro29 dager siden

    They’re doing a repressing of this if anyone wants it, it’s pre selling for 98 us.

  • Mathew Pendleton
    Mathew Pendleton29 dager siden

    well played!

  • rockyfalldownstairs
    rockyfalldownstairs29 dager siden

    Incredibly insightful! Thank you for sharing Scott Manley!

  • Stefan Dembowski
    Stefan DembowskiMåned siden


  • Benjamin Heasly
    Benjamin HeaslyMåned siden

    Did you say multidisk? Multi Disk is diamond carbide, throughout!

  • I C Aleinns
    I C AleinnsMåned siden

    Gotta give it to Carl for the best Easter Egg EVER!! or is it Scott? ;)

  • Boris Spectre
    Boris SpectreMåned siden

    Either scotty decided to rick-roll us, or carl decided to rick-roll the aliens...

  • irvinecattleranch
    irvinecattleranchMåned siden

    That was awesome!

  • LexieAssassin
    LexieAssassinMåned siden

    Verdammt noch mal!

  • pcmaster888
    pcmaster888Måned siden

    I think I can't take this Scott Manley video seriously. Because it doesn't end with "fly safe"

  • Shaman Credible
    Shaman CredibleMåned siden

    wish youtube showed me this on the 1st so I wouldn't have wasted 2 minutes of my life that I could have spent being slightly less miserable

  • Sylak
    SylakMåned siden

    aaaaah Scott. you got me for couples of seconds. that was funny.

  • Ivan Putignef
    Ivan PutignefMåned siden

    Looking forward to the next blockbuster about a global alien invasion. They had not come for our resources. They had not come for our planet. They were rickrolled.

  • Mgraemem
    MgraememMåned siden


  • Just Space Stuff!
    Just Space Stuff!Måned siden

    Huge thanks to scott who went to interstellar space to catch the golden record

  • Generic Youtuber
    Generic YoutuberMåned siden

    Oh Scott Manley did me dirty.. oooo... you did..

  • Patrick Monks
    Patrick MonksMåned siden


  • Daniel Prieto
    Daniel PrietoMåned siden

    Why is this video only one minute long. It took me a good 40 seconds to realize I just got Rick rolled. How could you scott I trusted you

  • moonfestmadness
    moonfestmadnessMåned siden

    oi you git lol lol

  • Captain Chaos
    Captain ChaosMåned siden

    Those records are actually real though, right?

  • bmradux
    bmraduxMåned siden


  • Andy Hurley
    Andy HurleyMåned siden

    Wow, never heard of rickrolling until today (had to look it up) but I was expecting an April fool.

  • Bill Hart
    Bill HartMåned siden

    CS and the Rick Rollers! Brilliantly played Scott!

  • Walter Rowntree
    Walter RowntreeMåned siden

    O.M.G.! Did not see that coming Brilliant

  • Hypernova
    HypernovaMåned siden

    I got got by Scott. Forgot what day this vid was released on lol

  • Bryan Crews
    Bryan CrewsMåned siden

    Rick rolled like a BOSS!

  • Andrew Byrne
    Andrew ByrneMåned siden

    Honestly, in [current year]...

  • Phil
    PhilMåned siden

    Stairway to Heaven is in there too, also with a secret msg when played backwards.

  • Dan McIntyre
    Dan McIntyreMåned siden

    I can’t believe you “ Rolled” us ! LOL

  • Andrew Krause
    Andrew KrauseMåned siden son of a bitch...

  • tribudeuno
    tribudeunoMåned siden

    So did the recordings on the probes come with the machine to play them on, at least a schematic?

  • Omega sky
    Omega skyMåned siden

    Never in my life did I thought I would get Rick Rolled by Scott Manley xD

  • Allan Copland
    Allan CoplandMåned siden

    Still laffing!

  • Tim Black
    Tim BlackMåned siden

    What the heck!!!’?!!! You just Rick rolled me?!!

  • Bao Mao
    Bao MaoMåned siden

    Sagan-rolled !

  • jondrew55
    jondrew55Måned siden

    The next spacecraft leaving the solar system will have a picture of Joe Rogan on it telling the aliens to subscribe to Spotify

  • ggGeezer
    ggGeezerMåned siden


  • Stephen Barrette
    Stephen BarretteMåned siden

    As they used two concentric circles on side two to give different sketches depending on where you dropped the stylus

  • Stephen Barrette
    Stephen BarretteMåned siden

    Ok - you got me! For about 5 mins. Then I thought hang on, Rick Astley 1987, Voyager, 1977. And I have the vinyl box set. Cool mat as you said. Very clever - do you also have Monty Python’s Matching Tie and Handkerchief

  • Eo Tunun
    Eo TununMåned siden

    Among this year's best! ^^)

  • bret hammell
    bret hammellMåned siden

    My respect for this channel continues to grow. 😎

  • Ploob Ooble
    Ploob OobleMåned siden

    Never would I think I would be rick rolled by Scott Manley

  • Skyblockpro1
    Skyblockpro1Måned siden

    Hey is on the Vinal also the encoded images?

  • RocKITEman _ 2001
    RocKITEman _ 2001Måned siden

    I should have looked at the date this video was published BEFORE watching it...😊

  • rustusandroid
    rustusandroidMåned siden

    Got me. And I liked it...

  • biela88
    biela88Måned siden

    At least thius one has the correct date (shame on you Australia! :P )! :D

  • Pronto
    ProntoMåned siden

    Alien 1: "Hey they've sent us a record. I wonder what's on it?" Alien 2: "Dunno man, I ditched my vinyl player decades ago. I've even ditched my CD player and moved to streaming. I guess we're never gonna find out."

  • aleph0x
    aleph0xMåned siden

    Laughed way more than I should have.

  • Larry Thielen
    Larry ThielenMåned siden

    Did Carl Sagan just Rickroll us?

  • Lewis
    LewisMåned siden

    And that’s how the first interstellar war started. We Rickrolled them.

  • lartonki
    lartonkiMåned siden

    Damn got me even when I was 3 days late

  • Alex B
    Alex BMåned siden


  • Aqua Laqutis
    Aqua LaqutisMåned siden

    Scott you absolute legend

  • Md Waqas Shamim
    Md Waqas ShamimMåned siden

    I have same. Purchased 3 years ago

  • David Redanz
    David RedanzMåned siden


  • Brett Spillman
    Brett SpillmanMåned siden

    Did I just get Rick Rolled by Scott Manley?!

  • AUScainWA
    AUScainWAMåned siden

    Rick Roll ! Haha.

  • Hojjat
    HojjatMåned siden

    I actually looked for this video, because I remembered that you published a video recently that I didn't watch. I didn't check the date or the comments. Just watched it now. Well, I blame myself.

  • Szabó Bence
    Szabó BenceMåned siden

    That was awesome :D

  • dosmastrify
    dosmastrifyMåned siden

    Oh look, DJ S manley's equipment

  • Ben Cris2bal
    Ben Cris2balMåned siden

    Never in my life have I heard Carl Sagan rickrolling me, but it happened.

  • Jeremy Irish
    Jeremy IrishMåned siden

    How did you do that with a straight face?

  • Sheldon Hall
    Sheldon HallMåned siden

    I'm so disappointed I missed this upload on April fools day. I saw quite a few of them, this one was pretty brilliant lol.

  • Ttamdude
    TtamdudeMåned siden

    I hate you. (I don’t really, but I do kinda)

  • Sketch
    SketchMåned siden

    If I was hoping you found that Carl Sagan recorded a human beat box

  • Mark Dahnke
    Mark DahnkeMåned siden

    Well played Sir! Enjoy all of your NOprojects posts.

  • JC Silva
    JC SilvaMåned siden

    Did you just Carl-roll me?

  • Francis Vaughan
    Francis VaughanMåned siden

    Superb. Some things never get old. I did cringe when the record went backwards, but realised you would have a vertical stylus in such a player. That made the punchline even more impactful.

  • ToMaX444
    ToMaX444Måned siden

    Et tu, Brute?

  • Tim McGaughy
    Tim McGaughyMåned siden

    The aliens are gonna be soooo pissed off that Carl rickrolled them. I'm not sure we're going to survive that first encounter.

  • RFC3514
    RFC3514Måned siden

    For those saying "that song wasn't even released until ten years later", that's because it wasn't licensed for public performance until the original gold record had left the solar system. That's just how space copyright law works.

  • RFC3514
    RFC3514Måned siden

    Actually they _did_ consider including some Rick Astley, but Freeman Dyson drew the line at Bach and said "that would be showing off".

  • erez johnson
    erez johnsonMåned siden


  • Joel Tatham
    Joel TathamMåned siden

    You sooo got me. Damn.

  • Angel Arch
    Angel ArchMåned siden

    OMG you got me:) haha!

  • Mark Bergseid
    Mark BergseidMåned siden

    I didn't get any good slip mats? What?

  • TheMarcusGomez
    TheMarcusGomezMåned siden

    Do we know voyagers won't just crash into something? A planet, asteroid?

  • E N
    E NMåned siden

    Boo! Well done.

  • Greippi10
    Greippi10Måned siden

    Hey. Hey Scott. Screw you! I can't believe I fell for this belatedly...

  • Fred 99
    Fred 99Måned siden

    Hahaha! You got me. Didn't know you were a vinyl nerd too though! The voyager record is on my wishlist.

  • Zoe Strassfield
    Zoe StrassfieldMåned siden

    Dear Diary, Today I got rickrolled by Carl Sagan.

  • TheSunExpress
    TheSunExpressMåned siden