This Year The Space Station Is Getting Its First Major Expansion in a Decade

Vitenskap og teknologi

The last major addition to the International Space Station was in 2011, after that the forced retirment of the Space Shuttle meant that new hardware was necessarily small, but this year we're seeing a number of new pieces of hardware which will be attached to the station which will expand it and change the way it looks.


  • Barrie Wright
    Barrie Wright2 timer siden

    Why don't they have a mini nuclear power station attached to give the station the amount of power it needs and for future expansion. But I have just realised if anything goes wrong you could end up eradieating hundreds of thousands of square miles of some one country or cities, looks like nuclear power is only applicable for Mars and the rest of the solar system and and beyond and not low earth orbit.

  • Wilson Alienzz
    Wilson Alienzz13 timer siden

    I thought the ISS is about to retired?

  • Kolin Martz
    Kolin MartzDag siden

    So when we giving it that ball turret?

  • ꧁King ꧂
    ꧁King ꧂Dag siden

    Wait isn’t Russia planning on leaving the ISS in 2024? Why would they add that module? Wouldn’t it be a waste of money?

  • robert brander
    robert brander2 dager siden

    How they operate all that Stuff outside the Space Station ... when the Temperatures range from plus 250 degrees to Minus 250 degrees is Beyond Me ! .... It Kind of dismisses the term Frozen Solid ! .... Doesn't the Material they use get ... Stiff ... Brittle ... Shrink ... Expand ... Crack or Warp ... with the Hourly Temperature Swings ?? ...... It sure Does on Earth !

  • Vince Ryder
    Vince Ryder2 dager siden

    I believe when Starship and New Glenn are both operating would be a good time to step up the game on space stations, and build something with the ability to host a couple hundred people at a time, as well as manufacturing, etc. With any luck, the tech will advance enough in those 10 years to get space elevator started as well.

  • lkrnpk
    lkrnpk3 dager siden

    naUka (stress on 2nd syllable) instead of Nauka - would be correct Russian

  • IgN1t3
    IgN1t33 dager siden

    So what are the patch notes?

  • Words of Cheresie
    Words of Cheresie3 dager siden

    Once Starship is working, it will be so inexpensive to put up space stations that any large organization including universities and large corporations will be able to do it. Seriously, Five universities could pool their money, launch a small space station, and send up professors and grad students for month-long stays. Starship/Superheavy is really going to change everything.

  • The 5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead
    The 5th Journey Off-Grid Homestead3 dager siden

    Glad they are doing improvements and not letting it fall apart

  • Gustavo Jambersi
    Gustavo Jambersi3 dager siden

    Humanity approaches the biggest crisis ever Politicians: lets spend others money into cool space stuff by the way, cool video

  • Clint Davis
    Clint Davis4 dager siden

    How much do ISS expansion packs cost? Do you get a sense of pride and accomplishment when you install them?

  • Dafpht The Mouthbreather
    Dafpht The Mouthbreather4 dager siden

    Does this mean the ISS won't be retired anymore?

  • Sanctuary Life Systems
    Sanctuary Life Systems5 dager siden

    “libera te tutemet ex inferis," meaning "save yourself from hell." Where they’re going they won’t need eyes to see.

  • Kai Hyena
    Kai Hyena5 dager siden

    5:12 im just imagining an astronaut going EVA with a cubesat under arm and just yeeting it into space

  • Dxeo
    Dxeo5 dager siden

    is russia still going to launch the module to the iss or will they send it to chinas new ss

  • SierraSierraFoxtrot
    SierraSierraFoxtrot6 dager siden

    Time to maybe learn to pronounce "Nauka".

  • Marcelo D T
    Marcelo D T7 dager siden

    It seems that the Russians will launch those new modules as a separate Russian new space station

  • Christopher Leveck
    Christopher Leveck10 dager siden

    Anybody know how much air is lost, if any, when they use the airlock for spacewalks?

  • 61Ldf
    61Ldf11 dager siden

    If Russia will abandon its aging and suffering from non repairable cracks part of the ISS in 2025 where is reason to launch the Science module and even the Prichal node? What for they need additional docking ports? The ISS and Axiom will need the functionality of the Russian part. Is this announcement kind of typical Russian blackmailing?

  • rbnjr
    rbnjr12 dager siden

    Did we fix the decaying orbit problem or is new expensive hardware going to burn up in the atmosphere with ISS?

  • Nerd Thom
    Nerd Thom12 dager siden

    Surely the planned upgrades on the Russian side are now in doubt after their choice to leave the ISS program in 4 years time.

  • Csab
    Csab13 dager siden

    who is on it?? and what do they do???????????

  • MrMelgibstein
    MrMelgibstein14 dager siden

    NASA and Space X collect more public money than any Star Wars movie and with less characters .

  • SQR
    SQR15 dager siden

    It requires wider working and living quarters

  • Keller weskier
    Keller weskier15 dager siden

    its funny how theres the 'Russian side' of the station. then the 'International' side of the station

  • Darth Vader.exe_
    Darth Vader.exe_16 dager siden

    What about the lego one

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S16 dager siden

    Did this plan change with the recent announcement from Russia that they are "considering" withdrawing from the ISS program?

  • Robert Herrick
    Robert Herrick17 dager siden

    So since the ISS is supposed to be dumped into the ocean in 2024, and the Russian's are pulling out of the ISS, will they use these new modules for building their own ISS?

  • JMC Florida
    JMC Florida17 dager siden

    Lots of good information”””

  • wrwhiteal
    wrwhiteal17 dager siden

    NASA’s $150 billion ISS has returned basically ZERO worthwhile space science, engineering or exploration... useless waste.. another dead end NASA pork boondoggle. Even NASA wants to dump it in the ocean, astronauts know it’s a waste of their time. ... Imagine what could have been done with that money.. cure cancer, renewable energy, etc..

  • lawrence beeler
    lawrence beeler17 dager siden

    It's funny watching a video that's a month old, the Russians just announced they are pulling out of the space station I think 4/19 or 4/20

  • Highwaymen
    Highwaymen18 dager siden

    I would like to see a rate of return calculation for this investment. Very expensive Legos.

  • Russell Blake
    Russell Blake18 dager siden

    remind me again, when is the ISS planned to be decomissioned ? 2024 ?? yes, yes, I know ... all things change over time.

  • Adrian Giménez
    Adrian Giménez18 dager siden

    What parts from Tantares did you use for Pirs and Poisk??

  • Brian Bauerschmidt
    Brian Bauerschmidt20 dager siden

    The ISS is dying. Even the new solar arrays to be delivered won’t save it. The new space station (Axium) core is supposed to be delivered to the ISS, dock and build from there. When ready will detach from the ISS and the ISS will deorbit sadly but honorably into oblivion. It’s highly likely the ISS will not make it thru this decade. In my opinion since Russia has since teamed up with China in regards to the moon it’s plausible they will also Team up with China in regards to Chinas space station of which it’s core module is scheduled for launch this month followed by cargo flights shortly thereafter.

  • Emil Cathalin
    Emil Cathalin23 dager siden

    Hello Scott, Is there any possibility of averting a deorbit of the ISS after 2030? It has a particular historical and monumental value, it is not just another iteration of Almaz. They didn't dismantle the Eiffel Tower and they won't demolish the headquarters of the UN. Is it possible (even by creating a little space junk) to use a string of Cargo Dragons, Progress craft and maybe some Cygnus vehicles in order to retire the Station to a higher 800 km orbit? The first sequence of Dragon, Progress and Cygnus could use their fuel to boost the Station even if it means expending all their fuel and afterwards just undocking and separating, then a second series of craft would do the same, and then a third campaign would do the same. Do the maximum flight ceilings of the aforementioned spacecraft permit higher altitude dockings and disposals in order to retire the International Space Station to a higher orbit? The purpose of this would be to preserve this absolutely iconic and landmark machine, even if it means venting it out of all fluids and gases etc. What do you think? Many thanks.

  • Anoniem Anoniem
    Anoniem Anoniem23 dager siden

    i like your videos but can you explain 1 thing to me why do i almost never see any star in space in the animation/real videos of yourse

  • masderus


    20 dager siden

    Camera exposure

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch24 dager siden

    I read "This year the Play Station is getting its first major expansion in a decade" I thought what?! Some kind of legendary firmware update?!

  • A B
    A B29 dager siden

    *Russia is to busy in wars and terrorizing their neighbors, they are not interested in civil space programs now. Nauka has no future as well as the Russia itself*

  • A B

    A B

    29 dager siden

    Rogozin (the CEO of Roscosmos) is under US sanctions

    GENERAL GODMåned siden

    Now for you humans to get a artificial mass and begin sending around 7000T of materials for building must start with the artificial mass its a very important step

  • Vikki McDonough
    Vikki McDonoughMåned siden

    Why not attach the new panels to the ends of the current ones, so they can use the full area of both the old and new panels?

  • Vikki McDonough
    Vikki McDonoughMåned siden

    Why didn't NASA/ESA/JAXA send up any big modules on unmanned expendable rockets like the Russians do?

  • Vikki McDonough
    Vikki McDonoughMåned siden

    1:43 - So it's totally fine if _Nauka's_ warranty runs out while it's in space, but not if it happens before launch?

  • james white
    james whiteMåned siden

    not one major break thru in all there years FIX EARTH FIRST

  • The Pharabut

    The Pharabut

    24 dager siden

    @WHMP sixsixsix i never said that, so I dont understand where you get it from. I just dont believe in year 2026 catastrophe happens. Please, If I wanted doomday prophecies I would read Nostradamus.

  • WHMP sixsixsix

    WHMP sixsixsix

    24 dager siden

    @The Pharabut what are you saying global warming doesnt exist? We'll be safe for a century in like 5 years before anything super bad happens but some shits gonna happen in 20 to 40 years thats gonna be bad. Like the ice caps melting.

  • The Pharabut

    The Pharabut

    24 dager siden

    @WHMP sixsixsix yeah ok.

  • WHMP sixsixsix

    WHMP sixsixsix

    24 dager siden

    @The Pharabut its technically around 5 yrs left. So its fucking impossible to fix earth in our generation. Maybe in a few million years we could fix it but then we'd either be extinct from our own doing of wars and shit or we're on a better planet.

  • The Pharabut

    The Pharabut

    24 dager siden

    @WHMP sixsixsix yeah but I like to understand fixing what? First the problem then the solution abc finally the action. I like add stop begging and start acting. Its not that hard

  • Hadrionics
    HadrionicsMåned siden

    At this rate, all parts of the ISS will have been replaced, and then someone will go 'Hang on, where's the ISS?'

  • Jew Man
    Jew ManMåned siden

    A dark room with one light and an object moving around the light. All sides are lit as it moves around the light. Let’s double the light by spinning and encircling the light. Up is just up and down will never be up. The tower of Pisa is offering rooms as it levels off every 24 hours once daily. As the world turns.

  • David English
    David EnglishMåned siden

    The infamous vietnam transmurally care because blade lally saw alongside a young charles. puffy, cumbersome fly

  • T'airn'KA
    T'airn'KAMåned siden

    I don't like the idea of disposing of modules, unneeded equipment could be removed and the module be used for storage (ask anyone buying a house, more storage is better). ;-)

  • Donna Radu
    Donna RaduMåned siden

    Very interesting! I had no idea about the planned ISS expansions. Thank you!

  • David D.
    David D.Måned siden

    Was funding extended since they are adding new modules?

  • James Byrd
    James ByrdMåned siden

    The Russian Word for science is pronounced "na-OO-ka." Love the channel !

  • the merrigans
    the merrigansMåned siden

    How many people in your staff supporting you. Lots of great content. Gotta have help producing your programs I would guess.

  • Hello There
    Hello ThereMåned siden

    You forgot to mention the biggest change, the space station is old and long past it’s expiration date it good it’s lasted so long but it’s planed to be discontinued in 2024 The station has to readjust it position and speed to maintain in orbit and those system are getting old and if/when those break the station becomes a danger as would fall out of orbit and could reach earths surface and be deadly and destructive The station will be striped and control crashed back into earth while the station can still operate as a lot of things will start to break soon Or the station will be sold to a country or private business with enough money to safely operate and maintain the station After the space station is down nasa plans to begin testing space hubs on the moon,

  • Kemicbi
    KemicbiMåned siden

    wait! what! is that the actual space station now!!! that looks huge 0:55, how many parts did they add? I've missed a lot, what a shame there wasn't social media back then as there is now

  • Ethan Bennett

    Ethan Bennett

    Måned siden


  • john donbavand
    john donbavandMåned siden

    With solar panels that big I’m surprised the wind doesn’t blow it off corse lol

  • Vince Bagusauskas
    Vince BagusauskasMåned siden

    What will happen when ISS is decommissioned?

  • Ethan Bennett

    Ethan Bennett

    Måned siden

    @Vince Bagusauskas yep, just like everything that reenters the atmosphere.

  • Vince Bagusauskas

    Vince Bagusauskas

    Måned siden

    @Ethan Bennett And burn up like a comet?

  • Ethan Bennett

    Ethan Bennett

    Måned siden

    it will deorbit

  • Danone
    DanoneMåned siden


  • Neon
    NeonMåned siden

    OSD go brrrr

  • thekingmen3
    thekingmen3Måned siden

    Scott, I thought that the nasa budget to maintain the IIS stopped after 2021/2022 and the station would be probably scrapped. If there are extension planned, I guess they secured some budget to keep it working ?

  • Am_Yeff


    Måned siden

    SpaceX will probably do a publicity stunt and reboost it or something

  • Chuck Hutchins
    Chuck HutchinsMåned siden

    How long can the station core realistically last? There has been 20 years of modules and connections flexing from maneuvers and from heating and cooling cycles. They seem to be finding leaks more often lately. When do they plan to retire it for safety?

  • Chopsy
    ChopsyMåned siden

    Of course the expiry is almost up, that node looks about 100 years old wtf

  • موسوعة المعرفة و الترفيه
    موسوعة المعرفة و الترفيهMåned siden


  • electrospank
    electrospankMåned siden

    Scott, I'm curious if you've tried to spec a rocket capable of lifting the space station to orbit in one shot? I thought it would be interesting to know the statistics to lift an equivalent mass and physical volume of the entire station all at once. Ignoring the obvious shape problems is understandable.

  • Johnny Steen
    Johnny SteenMåned siden

    Let's all thank Donald Trump for this much needed upgrade!

  • Am_Yeff


    Måned siden

    Lets all *not bring politics into this* Instead, lets thank him for the civilian casualties caused by the Moab's! Thank you orange man!

  • t4t4s0l
    t4t4s0lMåned siden

    Is there anyone else like me, who feels "tired" of the ISS and that we should finally move beyond the LEO.... (i know at least of one man - Elon ...) :-)

  • Loris Perfetto
    Loris PerfettoMåned siden

    1:26, that's basically the result of every SLS news

  • Bill Chapman
    Bill ChapmanMåned siden

    Could you please talk about the Bigilow units? I've thought that they could solve many problems. How is the testing going and what is being used for? Also, is anyone working on a bespoke lifeboat any more?

  • R B
    R BMåned siden

    Thank you for your work!

  • Micha Bauer
    Micha BauerMåned siden

    Sorry, but whats the name of the game in this video?

  • Micha Bauer

    Micha Bauer

    Måned siden


  • Micha Bauer

    Micha Bauer

    Måned siden

    @Am_Yeff thank you.

  • Am_Yeff


    Måned siden

    Kerbal Space Program

  • coth
    cothMåned siden

    ZarYa, not zAria. NaUka, not NAuka.

  • Ethan Bennett

    Ethan Bennett

    Måned siden

    scots generally pronounce things differently.

  • jimW133
    jimW133Måned siden

    Will they send up a spare can of Leak Stop?

  • shadowreaperjb
    shadowreaperjbMåned siden

    not sure I can imagine anything as nerve racking as being on the ISS when they add a new module, and seeing a Russian guy not wearing his mask properly isn't helping.

  • CMDR Tengreasypigeons
    CMDR TengreasypigeonsMåned siden

    Was wondering how long it would take for you to cut to some KSP 😃

  • TecSanento
    TecSanentoMåned siden

    They could use the falcon Heavy to put New modules into sky, couldn't they?

  • TecSanento
    TecSanentoMåned siden

    Shouldnt they start planning replacing the central Modules, which are the oldest onces and probably the the worst in condition

  • Scarry Polpetta
    Scarry PolpettaMåned siden

    It may have killed a few people over the years but man, what an incredible machine the space shuttle was, they sure wish it was still operational to deploy all these new upgraded modules

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb BruwerMåned siden

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what space stations will look like 10 years from now. With Starship coming along we will see a massive increase in launch mass, which will allow for some amazing things to happen

  • alvaro munoz
    alvaro munozMåned siden

    You meant to say, American Side.

  • Am_Yeff


    Måned siden

    There is no "American" side on the iss though

  • Crypto Bull
    Crypto BullMåned siden

    Why does this thing have to burn up on earth? why not speed it into space and save the environment just a little...

  • TraditionalAnglican


    Måned siden

    @Gareth H - We could send up a “Kick-Stage” up & send it out of earth’s orbit, but we’d either need a fairly powerful CUS or something that could slowly push the stuff to the moon. I the 2nd case, we’d be lithobreaking it on the moon & using the moon as a garbage dump. It’s really a lot easier, simpler & cheaper to have these burn up in earth’s atmosphere.

  • Crypto Bull

    Crypto Bull

    Måned siden

    @Gareth H Thanks for your response. I do whish they would find a better way. When you see the plans for the future with hundreds of launches per year then I wonder what effect that will have on our earth.

  • Gareth H

    Gareth H

    Måned siden

    Because we haven't got anything capable of boosting it out of Earth's orbit.

  • Damian Hupfeld
    Damian HupfeldMåned siden

    WTF has the warranty got to do with anything? Once its in space no one is going to honor that warranty.

  • Ferdinand Schultz
    Ferdinand SchultzMåned siden

    I dont get at 8:10 where does the material come from when they pull out theses black things left and right of the solar array. At 8:25 you can even see that its cfrp so there is no way of rolling it or smth...

  • Ferdinand Schultz

    Ferdinand Schultz

    Måned siden

    @Am_Yeff but you cant roll carbon fibre so it must be something else... but it really looks like carbon fibre

  • Am_Yeff


    Måned siden

    Its in a roll

  • Ezy Bruker
    Ezy BrukerMåned siden

    Hahaha it's called the MLM

  • warren Kay
    warren KayMåned siden

    Lies lies and more lies

  • Charles Magnuson
    Charles MagnusonMåned siden

    The audio levels are too low on this video. You need to double check your levels before uploading.

  • Barton Seagrave
    Barton SeagraveMåned siden

    Every nation pays into this myth. David Cameron took the Taxpayers money away from the sick and the needy. He closed Libraries and all sorts of essential services and now the money saved will be filtered out of the country by Boris and used to find a future home for the very rich.

  • Stigs stupid cousin
    Stigs stupid cousinMåned siden

    is it kerbal space program?

  • graymalkinmendel
    graymalkinmendelMåned siden

    4:43: Scott Manley says:"with the right hardware, you can squeeze big things into small spaces" Jake Peralta: "Title of your sex tape" (Cue in Brooklyn 99 intro music)

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme
    RC Hobbyist ExtremeMåned siden

    Did they boost the orbit of the ISS? Last I heard they had planned on doing that to extend the life of the station for another 20 years.

  • Simon Raahauge

    Simon Raahauge

    Måned siden

    I think they have so. they made a space mission for just that with a commercial orbiter some time ago.

  • TeeBall Robertson
    TeeBall RobertsonMåned siden

    Just another money laundering scheme to steal money from hard working Americans still locked in a pandemic. Way to think about your fellow humans. What a waste of money

  • AlucardNoir
    AlucardNoirMåned siden

    [...] and an experimental airlock which *CAN* be used for science? Dare I ask what it will be used for the rest of the time?

  • AlucardNoir


    Måned siden

    @Scott Manley ... is caffeine dependency that prevalent among astronauts that they need it in every form possible?

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

    Freeze drying coffee?

  • feflechi
    feflechiMåned siden

    Can't wait for this to become the Alpha Station (Valerian)

  • Johnny five
    Johnny fiveMåned siden

    Hmmmm no warp engines.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    Måned siden

    This is real life, not star trek

    BILL POWERMåned siden

    A stupid design by NASA.

  • Building with Todd
    Building with ToddMåned siden

    I wonder if we will see a ring style space station in the near future.

  • TraditionalAnglican


    Måned siden

    Depends on funding... We could probably do it using Falcon Heavy, New Glenn & Falcon 9 as launch vehicles, but it would still cost $50B & take 10 years while launching 12 parts each year. Assuming Starship works, you might be able to do it in 5 years at a cost of $40B. These costs would increase considerably once Congress decides to use it as a source for Pork Barrel Funding.

  • Simon Raahauge

    Simon Raahauge

    Måned siden

    not in a near future.. but perhaps in 20-30 years?

  • Paul Paulsen
    Paul PaulsenMåned siden

    Replacing and dump old modules is a better version than building a new station from zero again.

  • Вова Плечун
    Вова ПлечунMåned siden

    Ты чё мелеш по русски говори

  • ReZif
    ReZifMåned siden

    The space station is like a lego set for big boys

  • Simon Raahauge

    Simon Raahauge

    Måned siden

    for really big boys :oD

  • BigFat
    BigFatMåned siden

    2021 dlc

  • Eli
    EliMåned siden

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