Viewer Questions Episode 4

Vitenskap og teknologi

Covering another selection of questions from my supporters on Patreon
(this is going to take a while isn't it)


  • Yuvraj Birute
    Yuvraj BiruteDag siden

    Hello Scott, I have a question that In most of the rockets there are no aerodynamic wings when there is fairing on it and there are aerodynamic wings when there is no fairing on it please explain why?

  • Eleni Demos
    Eleni DemosDag siden

    Remain scrappy 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Martin Ravell
    Martin Ravell2 dager siden

    "Math basically" great line.

  • André Fagerlid
    André Fagerlid2 dager siden

    Like the others say, dont change. Think of it like this. You're not going out of your way to make it polished sleek and sexy, and by just being yourself, talking about what you love and sharing you'r knowledge you have 1 and a quarter million people subscribing to your content, if that should'nt be a huge ego boost I dont know what should. Anyways, what is your favourite book/Author?

  • Matthew Spaccarelli
    Matthew Spaccarelli8 dager siden

    Scott on the last starlink launch I was watching the video and it looks like you can see the moon in the background then it set and another one appears. What are the objects in the background?

  • Caleb Hille
    Caleb Hille8 dager siden

    thumbs up for the punch line at the end

  • Russell White
    Russell White9 dager siden

    Would a Starship or other spacecraft "land on" or "dock with" Phobos if the goal was to put a payload on the surface of Phobos ...?

  • FDS
    FDS9 dager siden

    maybe instead of using engine "efficiency" you could use efficacy? Effective engines?

  • David Collins
    David Collins9 dager siden

    Silly question Scott, but how do I ask you a question (you can answer in one of these videos)?

  • Sylak
    Sylak10 dager siden

    Personally, I like your simple "get to the point" causal format. You talking is interesting enough. it feel like I'm in your living room having a beer and listening to you rambling about rocket stuff. You do sell sell yourself short. you have a totally perfectly fine quality for what you do . I will give a example, your "going nuclear" series is one of the best series about that subject. the images, graphics, archival image are simple to the point and "efficient" ( haha). Yeah, you could be like PBS space time. but I think there is enough of them out there. I'm a Fan of Engineering Explain and it is mostly Jason in front of a White board doing math, to me this is perfect.

  • Allan Copland
    Allan Copland10 dager siden

    Scott, a question for you. When an airlock on the space station is used for a spacewalk, it obviously must be evacuated of air before opening the outer hatch. Is this done by pumping the air back *inside* the station using a vacuum pump, to save the air, or is it vented overboard? It would seem to me the former is more 'efficient' because oxygen in space is rather expensive while electrical power is effectively free. Maybe the strategies have changed over time?

  • Frank Gulla
    Frank Gulla11 dager siden

    Nicely done, sir. And thank you for being so honest. I think most of us watch because we knew that it was always be delivered with the utmost enthusiasm.

  • Močnik Royale
    Močnik Royale11 dager siden

    19:45 Just the way we love you ❤️

    SMARTYHEADYS Youtube12 dager siden

    Hey Scott! Could you do another tutorial on career mode of Kerbal Space Program? I really enjoyed the old ones, but some things have changed and it would be nice to see how you play through the new version! Thanks!

  • t837qvhsdKJ
    t837qvhsdKJ12 dager siden

    no need to make it pro i kinda like it this way

  • Kevin
    Kevin13 dager siden

    I love this channel! I do have a question, what if any, relationship will SpaceX have with JPL?

  • Robert Lanza
    Robert Lanza13 dager siden

    Not sure where to post this question but here goes: Has anyone considered moving the ISS (International Space Station) to orbit the moon while we do our landings. It's already built out and has most of what they need. And it would protect the ISS from getting hit with Earth's space junk. All they need is to attach a booster to push it to the Moon.

  • Clay Webb
    Clay Webb14 dager siden

    See David below. Spot on. I have a science back ground (rusty) but use Economics to make my living,

  • antsolja
    antsolja14 dager siden

    these videos are some of your best yet

  • antsolja
    antsolja14 dager siden

    maybe its by accident but youve done a really good job of adapting your channel to keep the same fan base over a very long period, a lot of us are still here from your ksp days, also i dont think you should go professional, channels like yours are cosy feeling, when you go professional you loose all charm and just become another one of the thousands, ive seen so many nice channels ruin themselves by trying to be professional

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname14 dager siden

    Hey Scott. How about "Scott Manley, The Rocket Whisperer"? It's pleasantly stupid, stupidly pleasant, oxymoronic, and yet non-nonsensically accurate.

  • ziomalZparafii
    ziomalZparafii14 dager siden

    Adding fancy graphic and irritating background music might look as a more polished and pr0 but it's just a facade. What brings me here is the interesting content, the feel of great knowledge, fast responses to some space/rocket events, clear English (quite important for a non native), superb analysis of various "rapid unscheduled disassemblies". I get the feeling that I'm sitting with a friend, sipping tea and talking about the mysteries of the universe while on those "polished" channels I feel like watching a TV ad or a cinema show, lack of connection there. Keep flying safe!

  • Rob Is
    Rob Is14 dager siden

    Gee, I thought it was ALREADY Shiny & Professional!! Cheers!!

  • Thomas Jeppesen
    Thomas Jeppesen14 dager siden

    PLEASE don't change a thing, Scott!!! Your videos are perfect the way they are. THANKS for all the work you do to educate us

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith14 dager siden

    Scott, Always enjoy watching/listening to your videos - the accent is a little familiar too. As a boy I used to visit Armagh Planetarium. If you were wondering about topics for future videos, here's a couple of ideas. Now that Starship is going to get to the Moon at least once, what should 2 astronauts take and what should they bring back? What kind of boxes might be used to test how corn, or wheat or grapes, might grow - with some kind of window allowing "friendly sunlight" without the deadly radiation? I thought returning several tons of lunar material would be good. Though with only the Orion capsule, not so much. What would the mechanics of getting a Lunar Starship to a place it could meet with a ground-capable Starship to transfer a hefty payload? Seems it would be helpful for people on earth to figure out how to make things like concrete on a large scale, to design some useful mining equipment. How would "earth-moving" equipment work on the moon? Seems 1/6G might have unexpected effects - at least to some people used to 1G. Challenges of such equipment working in a vacuum - no convection cooling, only radiative cooling? Tanks of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, or amonia as heat sinks? How to deal with Lunar dust? According to the astronauts it got everywhere, and was extremely abrasive. Can't just spray water to keep the dust down. To act as a shield against radiation, micro meteorites and the likes, seems an living below the Lunar surface would be good place to be. Is it really? How deep would a place have to be to reduce radiation exposure to normal shirt-sleeve environment? New application for Boring company tunneling equipment? Hope some of those questions, might be of interest to explore/talk about

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown14 dager siden

    Love your channel Scott.

  • Zoltán Pósfai
    Zoltán Pósfai14 dager siden

    "Math basically." Oh, Scott! You've been over the pond for too long ;)

  • do0myk
    do0myk15 dager siden

    Asteroid mining is a big copium for the space geeks. Earth is a closed system, next step after depletion of the minerals is recycling, not building a space factory

  • do0myk
    do0myk15 dager siden

    >Btw i have a radioactive material in my living room

  • dat_chip
    dat_chip15 dager siden

    These viewer question episodes are great! And I don't mind them not having any music or flashy graphics. ;)

  • Schrödinger's cat
    Schrödinger's cat15 dager siden

    Lolz you aint an amateur at this

  • meka erwin
    meka erwin15 dager siden

    After chili my wife always laments the lack of vent holes in our thermal blankets.

  • MaverickBlue
    MaverickBlue15 dager siden

    Have you tried the Spiffing Brit's youtube algorithm gaming? NOprojects might have fixed it by now, but pretty much all of the NOprojectsrs I follow from Linus Tech Tips, to far lesser known NOprojectsrs participated, and some got up to a million extra subscribers. I'm sure NOprojects has probably fixed it by now, but it's a thought, and a good 20+ NOprojectsrs that I personally follow took good advantage of it, in addition to several dozen that I wasn't previously aware of.....

  • Theflyingcandleguy Me
    Theflyingcandleguy Me15 dager siden

    Perhaps 🤔 we could say mass ejected efficiency verses energy required efficiency???I don’t know🙄

  • Tim Bansemer
    Tim Bansemer15 dager siden

    This content is amazing Scott! Please do more of this questions from your Patreons!

  • T-bone Sticky Fingers
    T-bone Sticky Fingers15 dager siden

    Loved your cameo in Stowaway. I did not particular enjoy the movie but your ship was cool.

  • abel garcia
    abel garcia15 dager siden

    Scott" Why does Space X like the NASA WORM logo?

  • Professor Girard
    Professor Girard15 dager siden

    Wait... are these birds flying by at 13:20? It looks like the rocket is still extremely high at that point.

  • Callum - カラム

    Callum - カラム

    12 dager siden


  • Lord Flashheart
    Lord Flashheart15 dager siden

    Scott, Is it muddy in space? I only ask as all the Space-x astronauts wear their wellies into orbit! Thanks in advance, FV.

  • Goreuncle
    Goreuncle15 dager siden

    Don't make it a professional thing. The format of your channel is perfect as it is, the fact that you have over a million subscribers should be evidence of that. Fancy graphics, music, etc. is what channels tend to use when content is lacking (with exceptions, ofc). You're the opposite, your brain is constantly generating quality content, no need for superfluous crap that just gets in the way and dumbs it all down. PS: I miss those X-Wing intros 😅

  • jafifi83
    jafifi8315 dager siden

    Hi Scott i watched stowaway after u hyped it up what a wak ending that means not good thanks keep up the good work don't sellout

  • Xafec X
    Xafec X16 dager siden

    13:16 bottom left of screen, spinny space sharky boi confirmed

  • Xafec X

    Xafec X

    15 dager siden

    Hol up, Scott just said he's got uranite in his studio...

  • Pedro Lucas
    Pedro Lucas16 dager siden

    Hi Scott! Where do you get those rockets from the scene behind you?

  • Felix Lindenberg
    Felix Lindenberg16 dager siden

    Is it possible to make a spacesuit out of duck tape??

  • Pipess
    Pipess16 dager siden

    Some great footage from the Crew 2 launch, can't wait for Manley coverage

  • 23Jetstream
    23Jetstream16 dager siden

    "William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781". I will never be mature enough to not find that funny.

  • David Rediger
    David Rediger16 dager siden

    Just finished watching Stowaway. Saw your name in the credits. Great show.

  • Duncan Gibson
    Duncan Gibson16 dager siden

    Is that a copy of The Dragonriders of Pern on your bookshelf?

  • Ryan Paul
    Ryan Paul16 dager siden

    This is definitely my favorite series now. Don't stop taking your time on the answers, it's great.

  • chase muschong
    chase muschong16 dager siden

    When you get that chill cause you noticed Scott's voice in a movie.

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson16 dager siden

    Here I thought you were the Professional science guy to go too! I love your Information you put out, I understand it.

  • clavo
    clavo16 dager siden

    Instead of making it a professional thing Maybe someone with video skills can help you from a distance. I successfully hired and worked with a patent illustrator for several years and we never met face to face. Your spontaneity is great though. You manly voice is very unique gives new value to the term Honky. Don't change that. Nothing wrong with trying.

  • Georgios Rinakakis
    Georgios Rinakakis16 dager siden

    we don't come watch your videos for animations and fancy staff. We love hearing the news and the simple explanation on difficult meanings, from you! Don't change a thing!

  • hangugeohaksaeng
    hangugeohaksaeng16 dager siden

    I always like how you can sell your closing line regardless of the lead in. Another great video. :) Thanks Scott.

  • Barefoot
    Barefoot16 dager siden

    "I just like being a complete amateur at this." ~Scott Manley, one of the most respected NOprojectsrs in existence, 1.24M subscribers, 2021.

  • cmd
    cmd16 dager siden

    You are already my go to rocket guy. lol

  • MCB18
    MCB1816 dager siden

    Just started Stowaway, and I stopped after 10 seconds to ask.. is that you on the GO/NOGO poll as SRO? Cool Camino!

  • MCB18


    16 dager siden

    Hehe, found his name in the credits!!

  • nycameleon
    nycameleon17 dager siden

    Respect for Pluto, love this channel.

  • TEAser
    TEAser17 dager siden

    Picking music is hard Scott And I don't care about fancy graphics or the best music. I care about the information, but then again I'm an Engineering Student :D

  • Me
    Me17 dager siden

    @Scott: Add a $1/month tier to your Patreon 💵 [NOprojects has a bot that deletes factual comments]

  • Richard Prosser
    Richard Prosser17 dager siden

    Scott, have you done any videos about drag reduction? I have wondered about a spinning rocket myself, like a rifle bullet rather than a musket ball. Alternatively a surface which carries an electrostatic charge may also trap a thin layer of air, to act as a lubricant. Maybe golf-ball dimples as well. Would any of those ideas work, or do you know of others? Obviously spinning may make life awkward for steering and navigation systems, but it may still be possible. Thanks.

  • dvdschaub
    dvdschaub17 dager siden

    I hope this channel never changes. Always superb!

  • Filip Skotnica
    Filip Skotnica17 dager siden

    Please cover the Mechanical Counter-pressure suits for E.V.A. deing developed by Dava Newman it IS the future of e.v.a. designs

  • Razordreamz
    Razordreamz17 dager siden

    Wonder what the specific impulse of a rocket would be powered by Mentos and Coke..

  • Thomas Wijgerse
    Thomas Wijgerse17 dager siden

    For the first question, that 99 percent efficiency of the raptor is talking about combustion efficiency.

  • Alan Tennant
    Alan Tennant17 dager siden

    Have you got a burger on the shelf behind you?

  • Chris Staff
    Chris Staff17 dager siden

    OMG Stowaway is out!!

  • Ted Cameron
    Ted Cameron17 dager siden

    Why do we re-enter the atmosphere from space in the manner we do? Ie why enter at stupid speeds and travel laterally through the atmosphere causing the heating burn etc. Why don't vehicles slow down in space so they literally come straight down into the atmosphere hereby needing only a little power to stop them accelerating too much due to gravity etc and then use parachutes to finish the descent? Would landing like this avoid the heating burn since you aren't barrelling through the atmosphere like Wille Coyote on an acme rocket ;~)

  • Kepler


    17 dager siden

    Though this would avoid a lot of the re-entry heating you would have to slow yourself down from orbital velocity, taking almost as much delta v as it took for you to get up there. It's far easier for vehicles to let the atmosphere do all the slowing down for you than to double your fuel capacity

  • Rupert Reynolds
    Rupert Reynolds17 dager siden

    Scot Manley have you covered how the Dzhanibekov Effect may apply to artificial 'gravity' in spinning spacecraft, such as 2 modules tethered by cables? Is it simply a matter of ensuring that the intended spin (end-for-endl) is the most stable one? Could be nasty if we got our sums wrong...

  • Lucas
    Lucas17 dager siden

    How well would an O2/CO rocket work on mars? I ask because MOXIE has started producing O2 and CO as a byproduct. It seems like a waste to not put the carbon monoxide to use.

  • Will S.
    Will S.17 dager siden

    Hi Scott! Long time fan, first time comment. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your selection of music, particularly the outro music. Don't get me wrong here, most of the time the subjects you cover keep my attention, but occasionally, just occasionally..... I'll drift off to sleep as I watch your channel at night in bed. That loud banging space techno never fails to jolt me awake! I've even thought of using it as an alarm for my phone!

  • Richard Aldom
    Richard Aldom17 dager siden

    Just keep doing what you love, you are killing it. Love the variety and passion!!

  • Daniel Braedt
    Daniel Braedt17 dager siden

    This is my favorite channel for various reasons.

  • Javier Fito
    Javier Fito17 dager siden

    from the thumpnail i though he was Hank from Breaking Bad :(

  • Jake McMullen
    Jake McMullen17 dager siden

    Day made... Scott Manley talking about line arrays!!!

  • chitra jaikumar
    chitra jaikumar17 dager siden

    Russia is out of the ISS

  • Colton Bowerman
    Colton Bowerman17 dager siden

    Hi their. I have a simple question that may not have a answer. What came first, a turbopump or a turbocharger?

  • CPT_Bill
    CPT_Bill17 dager siden

    You're awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • jan Melantu
    jan Melantu17 dager siden

    Trident hasn’t been eliminated from the competition yet!

  • OKuusava
    OKuusava17 dager siden

    God bless there is Scott talkinhead without music!

  • Roger Stone
    Roger Stone17 dager siden

    Scott, this works BECAUSE you don't have a producer and a team of graphics-builders and research assistants. If all that happened, you'd be subject to commercial pressures of your advertisers, and they would want it all dumbing-down for a larger mass audience, and the script writers would insist you repeat everything three times, and the producer would want to add dramatic music "to make it more interesting" and it would be just another crap superficial TV channel. Please don't let that happen.

  • Gordon Wrigley
    Gordon Wrigley18 dager siden

    Asteroid mining seems much more beneficial for end products to be used in space / on the moon. If you can process it end to end in space you can avoid the costs associated with earths gravity well. Although if we're making rocket fuel mostly from solar I guess that cost is not such a big deal.

  • Stephen's 8x6 Workshop
    Stephen's 8x6 Workshop18 dager siden

    With quality content such as yours we don't need fancy bells and whistles Mr S. Please don't change a thing. it's so comfortable to drop in for a while when I get a notification and not be hassled into Subscribing, being told to 'Smash' the like or pestered to 'buy my mech' etc. Your content and delivery is first class. :-)

  • Gert van den Berg
    Gert van den Berg18 dager siden

    We all know you favourite book is "Ignition!: An informal history of liquid rocket propellants", why would anyone waste a question on that? 😉

  • Erich Mönch
    Erich Mönch18 dager siden

    The best part is no part. Keep your videos simple as they already are

  • Jason Stone
    Jason Stone18 dager siden

    quite often, they change things because they cam, but that doesn't add value. Don't waste the effort on changing unless it adds value to what you have to offer. Like your said, you kinda like being scrappy, and for now, it may be what keeps you motivated. If you ever lost your scrappy edge, you might loose your motive? Well, maybe, depending on your situation. But, your motive is what your viewers can connect with, that similar passion for humanity's trek beyond the gravity well. Stay true to your inspiration, you're viewers will follow you, scrappy or not ;) upvoting @MaxQmodels about ad revenue...

  • Rob Bannstrom
    Rob Bannstrom18 dager siden

    No, no, no - puhleeze don't go pro! We love you just as you are, all friendly and geeky and nerdy and waving your arms about and getting excited about what you obviously love doing. Just stay you!

  • Joshua Hyatt
    Joshua Hyatt18 dager siden

    Oh, please don't get a manager. I don't watch this channel because I want it to be like every other channel, I watch it because it's like this. What you're doing works great, and I'd argue better than almost everything else. Keep up the good work

  • Joe Violette
    Joe Violette18 dager siden

    I have a question that's been burning in my mind. Is it possible to do a powered descent through earth's atmosphere from earth orbit so you wouldn't need a heat shield and what would the thrust to mass ratio need to be to do so?

  • ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI
    ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI18 dager siden

    Theres a billion "Smash that Bell" NOprojectsrs on this here site..... You're not one of them. Hope that makes sense as to why I think your content is fine as is.

  • Loriful
    Loriful18 dager siden

    Scott Manley, can you talk to Elon Musk and get him to put a Kerbal viewing canopy on Starship somewhere?

  • Loriful
    Loriful18 dager siden

    Why is it when I think of a ship with ion engines, all i can think of is the ship Fry took to the Amish planet?

  • Kjell Ove
    Kjell Ove18 dager siden

    Keep having fun, Scott. That's the main thing.

  • Chris Musix
    Chris Musix18 dager siden

    Stay weird Scott Manley!

  • Curtis
    Curtis18 dager siden

    I think we are making some plutonium for NASA in our CANDU reactors.

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    Himanshu - HMG18 dager siden

    Banana chips in the background... (Hehe)

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    Victor212618 dager siden

    Your channel is amazing Scott, don’t change anything if you feel comfortable with this format. It’s always a delight to hear from you and the thing your viewers probably seek the most is your authenticity and great knowledge. Fly safe 😊

  • Jeriku
    Jeriku18 dager siden

    Scott, listen. We need a book made by yourself. With all the quality you bring here. Plus nice pictures, schematics and all the fun stuff, all the good informations you always bring. Idk how to say that correctly. I just want the Scott Manley format in a nice book I would personally eat a book with

  • Ken Ambrose
    Ken Ambrose18 dager siden

    Is it cheaper to mine our trash piles for resources or mine an asteroid?

  • Yora
    Yora18 dager siden

    Le Verrier couldn't get anyone in France to take his calculation for the position of Neptune seriously, so he send a letter to an observatory in Berlin. They already had recent observations from that region and found Neptune moving in their records on the same day. So they did see it several times, they just had not noticed that it was moving.