Why Spinning Was A Good Trick For America's First Space Launch

Vitenskap og teknologi

The first satellite launched into orbit by the US was Explorer 1 in 1958, this was launched using a rocket design developed by the US Army using mostly off the shelf rocket hardware. One of the most distinctive features of the rocket was the visibly spinning nose which contained the top 3 stages of the rocket. This design enabled the rapid development of the design and meant that in theory it could have launched a satellite into space before Sputnik were it not for the political problems associated with the Army team being lead by a former Nazi.
Spin stabilized rockets are actually a pretty common trick in space launches since it means you can forego thrust vectoring and other complicated guidance and control systems if you're happy to live with a satellite that can handle the spin.


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    Spin to win

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    The antennas flexing and heating up is definitely the most amazing example of the conservation of energy and energy conversion that I have ever heard. You would have never thought that something could have slowed down due to radiating away heat but of course it does.

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    Scott: Here's a question for you: Why were Atlas, Titan II, Jupiter and Thor used for evolutionary space vehicles after their conversion from military missiles to space boosters and Titan I was . . . not? Titan IIs were reconfigured for Titan IIIC and Titan IIIE and others. Yet the large numbers of Titan I missiles were scrapped. Was there no use for this particular vehicle dynamic?

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    Delta Dawn What's that point mass you have on? Could it be a yo-yo brake so spin goes bye? And did I hear you say They were launching you here today To take you on your mission to the sky?

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    I love the way he shows the spec sheets, like: "Can I sell you this one? Or for a lady of YOUR caliber, there's THIS model. We can get it in pink if you'd like..."!

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    Thank you for the insight, once again. It is why I follow this channel.

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    Still blows me away that they figured all of this out before we even had color TV

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    Anakin, spinning is not flying But it's a good trick

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    I stopped in for what seemed like a very straight forward discussion. I left feeling like I don't know things about the universe. Thanks for the education, Scott!

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    The reason why Eisenhower wanted the Russians to go first is that he wanted them to overfly other countries so that they couldn't complain about the US doing the same.

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    What is the machine shop fabrication video (welding & lathe work) shown around 2m20s to 2m30s?

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    I love it how effortlessly Scott sidetracks on a tangent topic like that yo-yo thing, which turns out to be very relevant and memorable.

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    The Juno Rocket was called "Jupiter C" in 1958.

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    Think of this as spinning the rocket while the nose is not. It will provide amazing balance and accurate guidance.

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    It also allowed the rocket to perform anti gravitational properties. See the telemetry for the launch.

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    “Yo-yo de-spin,” or “ice dancer breakdown.” Separately, the fuel-spinning hack originated after a physicist wrecked shop at the local pool hall with some backspin-based hustlin’. Yeah, it cost a round of drinks and some pocket cash, but the space program got better. There’s that.

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    It's a little off-topic, but... why does Starship have that vacuum flame-sucking skirt around its motors?

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    Could you do another video on Planet 9? is it still a convincing argument? is it the 5th ice giant in the 5 planet Nice Model?

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    Slightly off topic: I had a dream last night. In the dream, Canada had built it's own space shuttle but it failed to launch. The vehicle looked batman inspired, but with the canadian flag on it. So I laughed so much I woke up with this ringing in my head Can-na-na-na nanana NADA! Now I just feel awful about it but right there and then it was funny. Feel free to correct the nanananan-part

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    Just like rifling in a gun barrel.

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    Spinning is not easy as the mass must be manufactured wit even weight distribution. Someday you might talk about the analog computers used in the day.

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    interesting hacks before the age of computers.

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    I believe that the axis switching of T-shaped object is called the Dzhanibekov effect, named after one soviet cosmonaut who somehow witnessed this phenomena.

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    My dad when he was an apprentice tool and die maker at the Illinois Institute of Technology machined parts for the Explorer 1. He was very happy the launch was successful.

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    I may have missed it but what about counter-rotational torque?

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    The use of spin is still very common. . Listen to any goverment spokesperson from any country and you will hear spin

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    If you want to simulate the rotation flip in KSP, get Principia - they do that, too :)

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    Exploder 1

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    That may explain the reason, the first known interstellar object, Oumuamua has the unusual spinning action...

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    The reason Sputnik was allowed (yes, allowed) to be launched first was to ensure that because the Russians couldn't complain about the overflights of their territories because when their satellites overflew the US, we didn't complain. It was a very clever move on the Eisenhower administration.

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    Why did they use these fuels for liquid rocket and not kerosene or gasoline or hydrogen/methane

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    That end over end flipping was first discovered by a Russian cosmonaut when he spun off a wingnut in his capsule, and noted that it kept flipping over. This was filmed, because at the time, nobody knew why. We know now, of course, but without space travel would we today? Maybe, but also, maybe not. Also, your video brings up another point. If we ever do have a battle in space, and it involves any kind of projectile, who knows where that projectile will end up. If you fire it and miss, who knows where it will end up. Reminds me of a short story about a US and Russian moon bases, and they keep skirmishing with each other. And both bases keep asking for more and more computers to be sent up. So the US fly's a general up to find out what's what. And the answer is (you guessed it), all the rifle rounds fired at the enemy went into low moon orbit, and they had to keep calculating all of the orbits of these projectiles, so that they didn't end up shot by their own spent ammo. Kind of brought home the silliness of fighting in space.

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    @Mark Martin It was a story, and the people were shooting at each other parallel to the ground. So yeah, the moons gravity would have rendered those shots that missed irrelevant pretty quickly. But it was a fun story. The whole point was that war is stupid, and we needed to stop doing it. But human nature being what it is, i have no hope for it stopping any time soon.

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    6:22 In my paratrooper training that was a technque to slow down rotation due to string winding but using legs and arms.

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    Simple physics - and all the resulting weird phenomena that still surprise us. I'm wondering why the antennae continued to flex for so long, instead of the internal friction (which dissipated energy) eventually causing them to settle down into a fixed orientation.

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    yo-yo despin works not only by increasing inertia tensor but also because wire is wound up around the stage, so when it gets unwound centrifugal force from weights is actually applied to the side of the stage (not center of mass). and it literally pulls the stage in the direction opposite to rotation. with only inertia tensor increase your can slow rotation (maybe by 3) but never stop it or go in reverse.

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    I'm surprised I can't find it because I've seen videos showing it when talking of the space shuttle. But the shuttle launched spin satellites as well. However, I can't find a single launch of it. At least not easily. Google keeps mudding up the results thinking I mean spacex instead of space shuttle. Or it wants to show me a shuttle launch and not the satellite deploy. Edit: Or I'm terrible at searching. There was one with full video, but here is an example anyway. Same launch system from what I remember. And may even be the same launch, just recorded and stored later as they had gone out of range of live broadcast. noprojects.info/camera/video/tN1oZdSKiZ6Epns

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