Why The New Movie "Stowaway" Uses A Very Clever Spacecraft Design To Go To Mars.

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For the last few years I've been answering questions and offering suggestions to Joe Penna & Ryan Morrison, creators behind the forthcoming movie 'Stowaway'. It's a story of a trip to Mars which goes wrong when an extra crew member ends up on board, leading to some serious drama. The movie is released on April 22nd, but a trailer has just been released which gives me a few things to talk about regarding the design of the spacecraft and the mission plan.
Official Trailer (US/Netflix):
The Movie will be released in the US on Netflix in April
Other territories will have other distributers.


  • Joe Penna / MysteryGuitarMan
    Joe Penna / MysteryGuitarManMåned siden

    🚀🚀🚀 Thank you for your work on this, Scott. Your emails were always so incredibly detailed.

  • ragntard


    2 timer siden

    Spoiler warning . . . . . While going down for the extra air canisters, aren't they dropping down on the wrong side of the module? They seem to go down on the side where the module rotates away from them, wouldn't that negate the spinning effect giving them 1g as they no longer have a floor pushing at them in the right direction. Wouldn't they free float away from it, the rop they drop down wouldn't go straight down but would be dragged after the module. If going down on the opposite side this wouldn't be an issue as the module would push on the astronaut instead? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

  • Cacao Scotti

    Cacao Scotti

    4 dager siden

    Can someone explain how the engineer got stuck inside the ship?

  • Louis Rovegno

    Louis Rovegno

    6 dager siden

    I loved your reaction to the Kerbal Space Program mockup! I'll be watching this movie tomorrow night; can't wait!

  • Ventus Vero

    Ventus Vero

    6 dager siden

    It's important for me, as a consumer, that creators try to put their narratives into a context that doesn't contradict realities haphazardly. Movie science is judged by the coherence they lend to our natural experience and the simplicity with which they do so. So I love it when folks like you touch base with and incorporate from people like Scott Manley (ill never forget when, in Elite Dangerous, he was the first person to notice the earth was rotating the wrong way!!). I'll Check out the Film!!!! Congrats on its release!

  • WoodlandAsh


    7 dager siden

    Really loved the movie. It went in a direction I wasn’t expecting & that was refreshing. Also, the subtlety of the film was beautiful, especially the final scene where you see the solar flares singing the suit & then you see Anna Kendrick’s body slightly shudder as her breath fades away....set to the beautiful score it was immensely poignant.

  • Cody Mars
    Cody Mars17 minutter siden

    Uh, wow. All this time and I JUST realized I hadn't subscribed. Oh well, that's what today is for! Subscribed.

    OSTRICHMOO2Time siden

    Could they not send a smaller ship with more oxygen or the materials to produce more oxygen? You’d think they could get a fast enough orbit to catch up and dock with the stowaway ship.

  • ragntard
    ragntard2 timer siden

    Spoiler warning . . . . . While going down for the extra air canisters, aren't they dropping down on the wrong side of the module? They seem to go down on the side where the module rotates away from them, wouldn't that negate the spinning effect giving them 1g as they no longer have a floor pushing at them in the right direction. Wouldn't they free float away from it, the rop they drop down wouldn't go straight down but would be dragged after the module. If going down on the opposite side this wouldn't be an issue as the module would push on the astronaut instead? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

  • X Y Z
    X Y Z4 timer siden

    It was more of "low budget" to use such a space ship design to create artificial gravity; else they have to do fx of the floating actors....

  • Mcskittelybiscuts
    Mcskittelybiscuts15 timer siden

    so explain to me why they kept the thing spinning instead of stopping that so that I would make it infinitely less dangerous going from one end to another.

  • nuayt
    nuaytDag siden

    That was a great explanation, Scott. Too bad they didn't stress the cycler problem in the movie. It looks like many unexplained issues that arise In the viewers minds were actually addressed by someone in production but never never made it to the final cut.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel JonesDag siden

    Worth watching a second time when you can suspend all the issues it has versus reality, at least in my experience :)

  • nuayt
    nuaytDag siden

    Is it common for spaceships to have enough spare room to fit a well built man between the inner and outer walls?

  • Comicsluvr
    ComicsluvrDag siden

    I'm sorry, Scott but one and a quarter MILLION subscribers is NOT C-list IMHO.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arxDag siden

    This “cycler” sounds like a great idea - at least on paper. And the pendulum gravity method/idea is really old as far as i know; i have seen this proposed already decades ago… Congrats on being part of a movie tho, mate!!

  • vaderdudenator1
    vaderdudenator1Dag siden

    Isn’t this how the detectives ended up going to the moon in Tintin?

  • Laszlo Ivanyi
    Laszlo IvanyiDag siden

    I watched the film, it was more or less OK, but even with me having little knowledge of space travel it was obvious that things were out of proportion especially when it comes to continuity and extra resources. I'd imagine, any trip to space in general they would tend to have redundancies for every aspect especially life support. worst case scenario would be to have just enough for an extra passenger, but I can't imagine they'd sent them their way with JUST enough to survive and no means to turn back halfway.. And that bugged me all the way watching the film because it cuts into the core concept of the film. With something aiming towards realism, I had to deal with the question "why don't they have more air or a system to better recycle, etc. A trip like that would be at the bare minimum self sufficient, and resources would only been used when the regenerating systems are offline. The core concept of "barely making it to the planer with 3 ppl" was just killing the whole thing for me.. Spoiler: The final sacrifice also didn't make any sense logically. In a mission like that they'd need Anna's character more than anybody else. It would have been a no-brainer, to keep her safe. But then again, the core concept of the film is flawed. They would never send them out with soo little resources, especially since there's room for a lot more.. It's like sending the astronauts to space with just enough oxygen to reach the space station and +5 minutes of extra and nothing more. :D They usually have days of extra oxygen. the equivalent for that would have been to send the craft in the movie with enough resources for at least 2 full trips, but maybe more. I'd have enjoyed the movie more if it would have turned out that they indeed have way more resources than they need and could carry all of them but because 1 guy would be clumsy or untrained, they would gradually loose everything to the point that they would reach a crisis point before Mars.

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel MoolmanDag siden

    You know, SpaceX should do this artificial gravity thing on their Mars missions. They could send two Starships to Mars and connect them with a few hundred metres of wire and spin them up, giving them both artificial gravity. Maybe both land on Mars, but one stays as a permanent habitat while the other returns to Earth.

  • Colin Cobb Music
    Colin Cobb MusicDag siden

    Thanks for this. The cycler concept really explains the thing that was most bothering me about the launch sequence (apart from max-Q happening outside the atmosphere). I couldn't understand how they could rendevous with the hab AFTER the MTO burn, but I was assuming the habitat was in LEO.

  • Kieran Colfer
    Kieran Colfer2 dager siden

    One point on the cycler idea: if it's a cycler craft that has been in use for "maybe 10 years", then how did the guy get stuck up in that hatch and break its life support system? Surely the main life support module wouldn't be a part of the crew return vehicle that goes earth/mars-to-orbit?

  • Y Qisq
    Y Qisq2 dager siden


  • Slider68
    Slider682 dager siden

    I just watched the movie and thought the tethered cycler satellite was an awesome solution for gravity - especially for a movie set. I really don't want to be critical but unfortunately the last ~20 minutes or so, where the pair of astronauts climbed the cables UNTETHERED (zero protection from falling into space), where two scuba sized tanks filled with ~250 psi of gaseous O2 was supposed to provide oxygen for 4 people for half a year, where it supposedly required 250 psi in the huge tank to fill EACH small tank (500 psi to fill both) and where they were unable to tie a functional knot in the rope to hold onto the life saving tanks..., all of this really took away from the movie. I still loved the tethered cycler artificial gravity solution, especially considering the filming demands...

  • Ken Helmers
    Ken Helmers2 dager siden

    Congrats Scott! I'm looking forward to the movie, if it ever gets to the networks.

  • Kris
    Kris3 dager siden

    How cool that you used KSP for this! :D

  • lambo200530
    lambo2005304 dager siden

    I watched this movie....very good but the story falls apart because....the characters end up making mistakes NO astronauts ever would... No back up CO2 scrubbers? (Maybe corporate cost cutting) Not clipping off and dropping things into space? And just using a plain climbing rope? (Though I suppose this is possible with stress) But I gotta say you did good work on it 👍

  • Jeremy Holland
    Jeremy Holland4 dager siden

    Just watched the movie! Great work all around. Shadows bothered me a bit but I expected that going. Glad you could work on it!

  • Neptunian Yes
    Neptunian Yes4 dager siden

    Actually, that is not a realistic design. It is realistic if based on current physics, which is totally unrealistic when talking about stella travels. Imagine travelling for 40,000 years, just to reach Proxima Centauri...

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    4 dager siden

    @Neptunian Yes Well as soon as you discover that technology that'll be great, meanwhile space agencies have to use the technology that works within the laws of physics.

  • Neptunian Yes

    Neptunian Yes

    4 dager siden

    @Scott Manley Travel to Mars on selected window is still a 200+ days, one way trip, with limited payload from Earth surface. To send humans to Mars with survivable payloads, we would need to put modules in orbit and assemble the payloads piecemeal. The with 200+days in low gravity, the astronauts would be physically useless for a while on arrival. In my opinion, we can achieve realistic manned interplanetary travel, only if we understand and can work Gravity as we can work electromagnetic force. With that control, we can lift off with payloads from Earth without the need for oversized engines and maintain a healthy gravity environment for humans in the spacecraft. A lot more money needs to go into gravity research.. that is reality..

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    4 dager siden

    What about just traveling to Mars?

  • Marv3Lthe1
    Marv3Lthe15 dager siden

    ! 🚀 . . . . . . . . . . 💥 🌎

  • SigmaMinus
    SigmaMinus5 dager siden

    Just watched the movie, and I had a very good time! It was surprisingly scientifically accurate, and the movie really left an impact on me emotionally as well. Everyone here should go see it!

  • Örs Hunor Detre
    Örs Hunor Detre5 dager siden

    I hope Stowaway will be big success and makes a trend in scientific consultation. This is how every sci fi should be made. They cost millions to make, yet most of them lack any consultation, resulting ridiculous plot-holes and inaccuracies. Big cheers for Stowaway writers and Scott!

  • Aidan McRoy
    Aidan McRoy5 dager siden

    Good work, unfortunately it couldn't salvage what was terrible waste of potential of a movie. Could have been so much if a few plotholes had been filled, some of the characters had had better character arcs and if it wasn't trying to be sad for the sake of being sad. Overall could have been a masterpiece, but was, in the end, an absolute waste of 2 hours, another problem with the film, a boring slow paced film like this, cannot afford to be 2 hours, if an action-packed film becomes tedious after an hour and 3 quarters, a film this slow-paced should never have been much longer than an hour and a quarter, nevermind a full 2 hours. So many problems with simple fixes, and yet it seems not one of the directors even had a thorough rethink and review of the film before finishing filming, writing or editing, feels like they just decided to use the very first draft.

  • D G
    D G6 dager siden

    i'm gonna predict the movie ending: somehow everyone lives

  • Noe Schmoe
    Noe Schmoe6 dager siden

    Fianlly a movie that gets most the physics of space flight right! Gravity and Interstellar was so frustrating. This movie only took a few artistic leaps to show radiation to allow the viewer to know someone is being affected by it.

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne6 dager siden

    Now the movie is out - how about a follow up segment?

  • A Boy and his Dog
    A Boy and his Dog6 dager siden

    It just didn't make sense as to how the guy was forgotten. They would have noticed right away that one crew member was missing. I mean he had a concussion... Ok, but HE WAS SEALED INTO THE COMPARTMENT! That means someone came along and Ignored the unconsious body hanging out of the compartment and then sealed him in! Otherwise it makes no sense! However, they did point out that the rocket, at takeoff, was underperforming, which makes sense because there was another 200lbs (give or take, he's a pretty Big guy) onboard that wasn't accounted for. I liked that added detail.

  • blindekillen
    blindekillen7 dager siden

    If they had explained the whole cycler thing in the movie more I would have enjoyed it more! I really struggled to suspend my disbelief with the whole not being able to turn back aspect. But the cycler idea would have been such a good explanation to it all while also being super neat scifi. All in all it was a neat movie with an interesting set piece.

  • mbernt phone
    mbernt phone7 dager siden

    Could this tethering idea be done with two same sized Starships (for the journey to mars)?

  • Phuong Tran
    Phuong Tran7 dager siden

    I’m curious as to why they couldn’t retract the utility module and the booster to access the oxygen?

  • Phuong Tran

    Phuong Tran

    2 dager siden

    @Xander Tyrann That'll beg the question of how they'd stop the rotation when they reach Mars.

  • Xander Tyrann

    Xander Tyrann

    2 dager siden

    I thought about that too, my guess was that they used the ships rotation to push the modules outwards, and they didn't actually have any motors or anything to pull it back together.

  • ThewayICit
    ThewayICit7 dager siden

    So tell me why you would put the space station oxygen tanks perilously far away from the main body, without the means to monitor the content, let alone transfer the content?

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    7 dager siden

    It’s a rocket propellent tank. Dead weight.

  • Utahdropout
    Utahdropout8 dager siden

    I've seen the movie and the biggest hole I saw in it is an explanation of how the "Stowaway" managed to accidentally get stuck in the spacecraft before departure. It totally skip over that part.

  • J.D.U. C.V.
    J.D.U. C.V.8 dager siden

    Did you advice to have ground control ask the crew for permission to fire off the last burn as well? Like "no Wait, my shoe laces untied" 🥰

  • 77777Carlo
    77777Carlo8 dager siden

    The movie was unfortunately a total pile of crap

  • The Bob Loblaw Show !
    The Bob Loblaw Show !8 dager siden

    Clever design. The movie put me in a coma for 3 days. Boring. It’s great you were an advisor though. Congratulations on that.

  • ratedRF
    ratedRF8 dager siden

    You’re SRO!

  • Forward Unto Darkness
    Forward Unto Darkness8 dager siden

    How crazy it is as a NOprojectsr who plays KSP and discusses awesome science/rocketry/space stuff among other things to have your name in the credits of a movie now lol? :P - just finished watched and remembered this video and decided to sit through all the credits and you are indeed in there under Aerospace Engineers credits right in there with algae experts, NASA JPL, NASA Marshall space flight center, an astronaut and an expert on space tethers (wasn't aware that was a big enough field to have an expert in persay lol but just goes to show there's always a guy or girl for anything if you look hard enough for them :P) - has to be pretty awesome to have such - don't think there are too many NOprojectsrs or players of KSP that can say they got to help consult on and get credited in a fairly realistic sci-fi/space movie - pretty darn awesome if you ask me :D - (warning spoilers ahead - STOP reading here if you haven't seen yet - fair warning) Out of curiosity, since you did get to talk with them and all, are you aware of any reasons from the script or discussion as to why didn't they just leave the canisters in the fusalage and go back after the storm and why in the WORLD didn't she have the freaking tank clipped to her suit? lol - like come one - that's almost as bad as when she LET GO of the solar truss section propelling herself along there - like yeah you should be ok to do that in zero g there but like c'mon NASA training would definitely NOT train you to have zero points of contact or tethers at a given time - heck even Walmart trains their associates to maintain 3 points of contact on a ladder - just seems like they had a couple things here and there where far worse could have happened or even better they could have just all lived :P - they still had something like 15 days or more before they would be all dead for sure :P

  • Richard Burton
    Richard Burton8 dager siden

    This movie needed more help from you! Dang it could have been 10x better.

  • Adam Rak

    Adam Rak

    4 dager siden

    the scientific correctness of the movie already reached diminishing returns. So any more correct would not have actually improved the movie, it is good enough I think.

  • Beena Plumber
    Beena Plumber9 dager siden

    I was hoping for a reboot of *"Stowaway to the Moon,"* a corny TV movie from like 1975 or so where a nerdy boy sneaks into the KSC and hides in a trash stowage area of an Apollo capsule before launch. It was TV, so, like, very cheap, & the boy becomes their friend and saves the day, etc. I LOVED that movie as a kid!!! Anyone remember it? (Edit) Wow! Here it is! The original: noprojects.info/camera/video/uquhbdNubIalZZk

  • M C
    M C9 dager siden

    White did it, I saw him vent. Vote white

  • Samantha Peck
    Samantha Peck9 dager siden

    After the release of the movie I'd be curious to hear what you think about things like not tethering, how he got locked in, and why they wouldn't have back up systems for these critical elements?

  • Gavin Burns
    Gavin Burns9 dager siden

    When I first watched it I thought they had BS artificial gravity and when I continued to watch and the section they were climbing the ropes I twigged that they were rotating sections with the solar array in the middle. Very clever. And viable ship. And great to have that as a plot element. I couldn't do what needed to be done either, I am too soft and I know it.

  • David Littlefield
    David Littlefield9 dager siden

    The visual and motion details of this movie are more realistic than a lot of recent Sci-Fi flicks. The stowaway's excuse for being on board seems extremely lame but somewhat believable. The dizzying excursion up and down the exterior cables is intensified by the effects of rotational inertia and the rotating star background makes one want to hurl. Why-oh-why were the astronauts not tethered to the cables for safety and why did they let go with both hands between the next secure hand hold? Oh my gosh, what crazy astronauts! The fear factor forced me to hang on to the arm rests a bit tighter for sure. I give this movie a single thumbs up.

  • rick schwartz
    rick schwartz9 dager siden

    that movie sucked it was so bad sorry

  • matthewakian2
    matthewakian210 dager siden

    Quite enjoyed it, but I thought the end was a bit of a downer. I recognized your voice at the start.

  • Petrimal
    Petrimal10 dager siden

    Now that the movie is out, I was really wondering why didnt they... just add a couple of ropes/poles to cenntect the main tension cables, so the crew had an easier time climbing up in case of emergency? they had the gear to climb up and the booster had a door, so it's pretty clear that it was intended to be climbed up in some emergency events. I also noticed that the crew doesnt have anything actually holding them to the cables when they climb, witch would be really stupid even on space station/craft that doesnt rotate, and doesnt create artificial gravity, because if something went wrong, the astronauts would just drift into interplanetar space, with no hope of returning. All of that would really help the astronauts that day. Im open to being proven wrong tho

  • J Boon
    J Boon10 dager siden

    So, how do they get off mars when the mission is over?

  • J Boon

    J Boon

    9 dager siden

    @Inigo Montoya I guess there could be space for a cable spool somewhere in the booster, or maybe they could leave the cables and panels in orbit.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya

    9 dager siden

    If you look closely, it looks like there are landing legs on the booster. At first, I just blew this off as a design choice, but then I started thinking. Maybe the booster takes them down to Mars and back up again.

  • bridgecross
    bridgecross10 dager siden

    But you're my favorite C-list NOprojects celebrity with a funny accent.

  • Sig _nified
    Sig _nified11 dager siden

    Cool stuff in this movie but it looks like they overlooked basic details like the importance of having their visors down during liftoff and being tethered while on their spacewalk... And it's pretty unrealistic that someone would get stuck inside the spacecraft during launch and survive... Pretty cool that you were able to be a part of the production though. Thanks for the informative video.

  • Ira Levadnyaya

    Ira Levadnyaya

    10 dager siden

    and not just stuck during launch, we have to believe that a person passed out, fell into the opening, somehow got covered with the panel and the bolts magically screwed themselves in! The movies should have been released on April's Fool Day

  • Alien8eD1
    Alien8eD111 dager siden

    As small as the cdra module was why couldn't they have had a backup in storage?

  • Graeme Sandstrom
    Graeme Sandstrom11 dager siden

    I absolutely agree with your comment about the lack of tethering! Tethering is compulsory in types of amusement parks in Australia. Absolutely no evidence of tethering is ridiculous as is the lack of a tether on the oxygen tank. A stray meteor would have been better.

  • javier olguin
    javier olguin11 dager siden

    It’s crazy how well you just smacked down some easy to understand orbital mechanics on us through the premise of explaining how you helped consult on a movie lol Scott Manley, you sir are worthy of all the praise you get

  • Felipe Borges
    Felipe Borges11 dager siden

    I've seen some people asking why isn't there a replacement for the CDRA. I'm assuming it's because of the weight. Is that it?

  • Attis0609
    Attis060911 dager siden

    if they all move into one end of the habitat, the force on the cables will not equal, and the cables are connected to the habitat in the middle only, so it can not to be stable. if somebody wants to build something what will work this way, he has to build a balanced system, and attach it to the middle section with several belts. not cables.

  • Winkkin
    Winkkin12 dager siden

    Yeah, but the idea that a ground crew member could be alone in a compartment is the most ridiculous premise for a spaceflight movie. Then the crew was so inept as to have sat doing nothing for 5 of their 10 days. Nothing about that movie resembled even the fainest resemblance to reality. And what happened to the other 5 days or did they wait till the 10th day to try to save themselves. It just didn't make sense.

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams12 dager siden

    Watched it on the weekend, one thing I wanted to know is the quickness of the uv radiation literally burning up Anna Kendrick at the end . Is that on point? Or done for dramatic effect? Any help would be sweet.

  • Lucas Williams

    Lucas Williams

    10 dager siden

    @Ira Levadnyaya yeh I see now , thanks for that. Make sense. It just made me think because it was killing her so fast I wondered if it was just drama Hollywood style. I remember seeing a doco about the moon landing and they said they kept seeing flashes of light inside there eyelids even when shut.

  • Douglas Brook
    Douglas Brook12 dager siden

    I don't understand about the kingfisher - it is the rocket that launched the crew - then it detached from their capsule and docked with the main Mars ship. It provided a counter weight for the habitat. It had fuel left over from launch - was it's purpose only as a counterweight or did it have enough fuel to be used later in the mission? Or was it already in orbit and not the rocket that launched the crew capsule?

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas12 dager siden

    Is no one going to acknowledge that actor from "Lost"? Hopefully not being lost on this adventure! ;-)

  • Brammy007a
    Brammy007a13 dager siden

    I was ready to heavily criticize this film but to my surprise it was pretty plausible. The big thing they did right was to have a sufficiently large rotational radius to create usable artificial gravity. The pedestrian design of the cable crawling handles was used as a key feature of the plot but in real life would have been done in a way to (a) provide more mechanical advantage, if not simply non-manual and (b) require being always attached, thereby saving the first O2 canister. All in all, good job................. as long as you buy into the basic premise that the ground crew would not have accounted for all their people before launch.

  • Ira Levadnyaya

    Ira Levadnyaya

    10 dager siden

    not just the crew accounting everybody, what about the bolts that accidentally got screwed into the panel? Tony Colette's character had to unscrew them to get to Michael. This is insane.

  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy13 dager siden

    Does anyone know, this is gravity by centripetal forces and not rotational forces, The astronauts would have ear problems?

  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy13 dager siden

    Loved the movie 🎥 and the science 👌 😀

  • kargaroc386
    kargaroc38613 dager siden

    I mean it makes sense nowadays but I find it funny that Kerbal Space Program was used as a tool in the production of this movie.

  • José Domingues
    José Domingues13 dager siden

    The question is, the moment you couple the crew with the moving spaceship, there is a change in mass that would impact trajectory. And the moment you start the pendulum, the trajectory would be impacted even more. How do you correct the trajectory? And what would be the impact of the correction on the pendulum itself? My brain couldn't visualise this one.

  • Phil Moore
    Phil Moore13 dager siden

    fantastic physics - tksssss

  • the forlanjoker
    the forlanjoker13 dager siden

    Its shit.

  • Nathan Lucas
    Nathan Lucas13 dager siden

    Would the couple of rotations a minute be enough to keep the tether cables perfectly straight. At such a slow revolution I would expect them to have a spiral curvature to them. Obviously I don't have anything to test this at scale but if I were to tie a short piece of string to a pencil and spin it the faster I spin the straighter the string would be. The longer the string the faster I would need to spin it. Any explanation for the tethers being completely straight? Also the vision of earth in the solar bunker shouldn't have been visible the entire time (if the bunker was the axis it would of made more sense) on a 400m diameter rotation

  • Aimless Savant
    Aimless Savant13 dager siden

    C list? *BAH!* Yer A tier my friend. c:

  • Cesar Amaral
    Cesar Amaral13 dager siden

    Literally paused your video, went on to watch the movie at midnight, and now I'm back. Thanks for your videos, Scott. - A KSP player.

  • Samurai Nuts
    Samurai Nuts13 dager siden

    "Im not a rocket scientist, i just play one on the internet" is all the credentials i need to consider this man an authority on spaceflight.

  • thomasfplm
    thomasfplm13 dager siden

    I'd love to see your video about the final movie, because there are some things in there that almost made me scream at everyone except Michael but including the entire company Hyperion.

  • Greg Mach
    Greg Mach13 dager siden

    I'm going to watch it now

  • Frank_973
    Frank_97313 dager siden

    Please upload this ksp video!!

  • Caleb Tucker
    Caleb Tucker13 dager siden

    Anybody notice Scott’s email??

  • No Celebrity
    No Celebrity13 dager siden

    8:14: "Why don't they just turn around?" 🤣

  • Lytt
    Lytt13 dager siden

    Scott, i watched this last night with my dad and we really enjoyed it. My solution to the problem was, if they got the vehicle spun up into an artificial rotation...couldnt they reverse and stop that rotation so they had no gravity, in turn using significantly less oxygen so they could survive the rest of the journey....thoughts?

  • kriss2005
    kriss200513 dager siden

    The movie was rubbish. From the rocket launch to the idiotic thing that the cycler has only one CO2 scrubber. I still don't know in which way the CO2 scrubber is related to O2 reserves. This is the whole plot of the movie. Who doesn't have redundancy for life critical equipments. -3 stars from me.

  • SpectreWraith
    SpectreWraith13 dager siden

    1) Shouldn't the stars/Earth in the Cupola-style module only be moving parallel/perpendicular to the direction of 'gravity'? 2) How does the [minor spoiler] solar storm stack up to reality? Also, I spy your Expanse paperbacks - can't wait for Leviathan Falls!

  • Gerrard Stone
    Gerrard Stone14 dager siden

    Just started watching.. within the first minute already 4 mistakes.. (1) Visors are always down on lift off.. (2) Stage separation was to quick (3) The vibration would have stopped because you have main engine cut off before separation and the firing up of second stage engine.. (4) Hands moving forward to click switches.. your arms would weigh 6 times heavier because of the g force generated by the acceleration of the rocket you would have a hard time lifting your arms.. not even 2 minutes into movie and already crap

  • Gerrard Stone

    Gerrard Stone

    9 dager siden

    @Inigo Montoya Ron Howard's movie Apollo 13 managed to pull it off perfectly..

  • Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya

    9 dager siden

    The movie would definitely have been better with a full 9 minute launch, where the crew does nothing (with their visors down, of course.)

  • c704710
    c70471014 dager siden

    Stowaway: A Safety Range Officer sends a civilian into space to die of asphyxiation. You had one job SRO Scott Manlely!

  • kenji214245
    kenji21424514 dager siden

    Well, he forgot to ask about life support systems huh?? XD

  • Thomas Hood
    Thomas Hood14 dager siden

    Ok now that the movie is out can you (Scott Manley) do a physics and reality critique on it? I'm personally not getting how the arrival of the stoaway could be anything but criminal negligence on someone's part (he was in a sealed compartment)

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D14 dager siden

    What annoyed me is how the ISS design is still based around one with zero gravity. All the doors are circular and small with handles on, because you would grab the handle and pull yourself through...floating, so you don’t need to be able to stand. Whereas in this film, they have “artificial gravity” yet the ship is still the same design meaning everyone is having to crouch down to get through these small doors. It’s a detail that has really annoyed me, because there’s no way NASA would design a craft like that, if you had gravity

  • kenji214245


    14 dager siden

    well it seems it was by a company named hyperion and the "repurposed" a station for the craft. ..

  • Racing MHF
    Racing MHF14 dager siden

    I watched this movie yesterday. Pretty sad ending, I recommend to you watch and avaliate the movie yourselves.

  • Astra
    Astra14 dager siden

    I just watched the movie and knew I hear you at the start

  • FireStriker
    FireStriker14 dager siden

    FInished watching the movie and it left me with more questions then answers. idk how much went though one ear and out the other but i was disappointed. Watching it, i enjoyed it but man so many plot points

  • Zen Space
    Zen Space14 dager siden

    I wish they had also discussed the movie screenplay as well with you. The movie is bad, bad and very bad. wastage of such fine resources.

  • seagull skunk
    seagull skunk14 dager siden

    Just watched it... and damn that ending was intense. There were some quite large plot holes though... why didn't they just pull in the cables? Also thinking about it, most of the tension came from the fear of them falling of the platform... something that could have happened easily, just imagine one of them tripping. Guess that's why they wouldn't have spent a single moment unsecured in a real scenario. And I really would have liked to get an answer about how the blind passenger got there in the first place. The more I'm thinking about it now, the more fallacies I recognize but: That doesn't change the fact that I'm playing the devils advocate right now as I really enjoyed the movie while watching it!

  • Shomari Smith
    Shomari Smith14 dager siden

    Started watching the movie but The Wife can't get over the premise. Specifically how the stow away got on.

  • Shomari Smith

    Shomari Smith

    10 dager siden

    @Ira Levadnyaya my head cannon is that a few weeks after launch a few supervisors are updating their resumes. Someone might also be criminally negligent. 🙂

  • Ira Levadnyaya

    Ira Levadnyaya

    10 dager siden

    @Scott Manley What about the bolts in the panel that Toni Collete had to unscrew to get to Michael? They couldn't screw themselves in accidentally during launch. Everything looked like Michael was attacked and placed there. I understand it wasn't your idea and you probably weren't even asked about it, but this plot hole is so outrageous and it's hard to get over it.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    14 dager siden

    Very narrow launch window to catch the cycler meant they were rushing.

  • Critical Mass
    Critical Mass14 dager siden

    You are A list Mr. Scott Manley

  • Cliff Hartle
    Cliff Hartle14 dager siden

    Ok started to watch it tonight and sorry when it got really dark we had to take a pause.

  • Joaquin Ferronato
    Joaquin Ferronato14 dager siden

    I've seen it! Great movie! Can wait to watch your next video about it!

  • boyd 19043
    boyd 1904314 dager siden

    Hey I'm watching it now on Netflix but are you by chance in the beginning saying "SRO is go. We are clear to lunch" ?

  • Glenn R. Frank
    Glenn R. Frank14 dager siden

    Saw the movie last night and it was a fun film... but I do look forward to your future review of some of the scientific and especially the physics of it... because I think I saw a few things that... wold not really work as portrayed in the movie.

  • Arturo Proal
    Arturo Proal14 dager siden

    Just seen it. Well, maybe the ship is well made, but the story is disappointing.

  • Chad Faragher
    Chad Faragher14 dager siden

    I just started watching this movie and immediately recognized Scott's voice during the launch status check as the Superintendent of Range Operations reporting, "SRO is go, we're clear to launch!"

  • ratedRF


    8 dager siden

    Me too!

  • Daren Page
    Daren Page14 dager siden

    You do realise, it you would have designed it better people would have lived.

  • Scott Manley

    Scott Manley

    14 dager siden

    Yeah, but my job was to design it so the writers could tell their story.